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APW Happy Hour

Live from TX!

Hey APW,

I’m writing this from the corner of an empty room at a conference in Austin, Texas. Often, when I’m off at conferences, they’re very high-design, high-fashion, drag-queen-dance-parties (please and thank you), confetti parades. For me they’re also hard work, and I’m there to learn and network and all the other things professionals do at conferences. This conference has less confetti and fashion (though it still looks very cute, The LINE Hotel in Austin is a stunner). But it’s a hard hitting grad-school-for-internet-content-producers conference. I’m learning a ton, trying to power through work in between moments. I’m delighted to be traveling with our new staff member Alyssa for the first time. We’re having a great low key time… and still managing to sneak out to some good restaurants for dinner. (Because if I’m away from the kids, I might as well.) #WorkingMomLife4Evar

Tonight I get to head up to see one of my college BFF’s in Houston, who’s as deep into politics as I am. It’ll be a nice moment, not just because there is so much to discuss, but also because I started my day in tears over the loss of Elijah Cummings yesterday. His loss is profound, but it also seems so symbolic in these terrible times. May his memory be for a blessing, and may we all aspire to his level of righteousness.

Meanwhile, fall feels like it’s finally here for real, and so is your open thread.


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