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APW Happy Hour

Shiny new things!

Hey APW,

We spent most of the short week in the studio making our very first video content. It’s something we put off for a long time, because it seemed complicated and hard, and like we were not going to be good at it right away. Well, guess what? We weren’t good at it right away and it was totally fine. We got the hang of it right at the end when we made you this (first ever) Happy Hour video. Because writing about making videos seemed silly:

You can see what we created as we slowly upload it over on our YouTube channel, follow us over there and be the first to see videos as they drop (they’ll get better and better we promise). Plus we’ve scheduled a date in December to re-shoot everything and do a second draft, and we’re just so excited to be learning and making things happen.

Which brings me to a brand that we’re SO delighted to be launch partners for: Yours, Mine & OursYou hopefully read about them on APW earlier in the week, but TL;DR: they are a bunch of womxn divorce attorneys, who wanted to build a platform to help couples develop all the skills that they need… before they end up in family court. Since APW has been passionate about creating strong egalitarian relationships since… basically forever… I was over the moon when Ours landed on our doorstep. Finally: that secular pre-marital counseling or just regular old positive couples coaching I’ve always recommended people get, but never had an easy or affordable way to suggest how to get it done. (I mean: do you have a budget? Have you talked over issues of faith? How is your communication? Perfect and done or are you um… human like the rest of us?) So if you haven’t taken their relationship quiz, you should totally do it now. In the next few months, we’ll be suggesting specific questions for discussion over date nights, and reporting the results of our doing it ourselves. But why not give one of those conversations you really need to have a go over a whiskey or dessert tonight?

And with that, here is your open thread! Enjoy (possibly the last) weekend before the holidays hit. I’ll be trying to get as many tasks done as possible before it gets for REAL REAL.


This Happy Hour is brought to you by Yours, Mine & Ours, where power couples are born. A platform of education, action plans, and professional advice for modern couples. Ours will help you identify what’s important in your relationship, provide you with custom advice, and then turn that advice into action. First comes love, then comes real life, then comes Ours. With the help of Ours, you can tackle the tough stuff, and keep the love alive. Be your own #relationshipgoals.

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