APW Happy Hour

And what a week it has been

Hey APW,

Wow. Last week I was out for early for the weekend to spend some time away with family (in a tiny, outdoor way). As I laid down in bed on Thursday night, I opened my phone to the news that POTUS and FLOTUS had tested positive for COVID. 2020 is a fickle beast with surprises at every turn, which means it hardly feels shocking when literally everything changes politically (and otherwise) from moment to moment. It seems like every second since last Thursday evening (and just every moment of this year) has left us on pins and needles. Then, two nights ago, we were graced with the VP Debate. A lot happened on that stage… but my favorite takeaways are @MikePenceFly and, as always, the fact checks. And as of yesterday morning, POTUS (actively fighting COVID) has said he won’t participate in next week’s debate if it is virtual.. which, of course, it should be. So, this coming week is bound to bring more drama. *buckle up*

Hey, while we’re talking about it… have you received your ballot? Ours arrived Tuesday (here in Sacramento, CA). Do you have a plan in place to vote? I’ll be carefully filling mine out at home and hand delivering it to a ballot drop-off location (because that’s just what feels good). If you don’t have your plan in place, check out VoteSaveAmerica.com and make a plan.

In other news, I get to go back to my roots (as a wedding planner) and help coordinate the teensiest little outdoor elopement this weekend for some dear friends. They had a huge shindig planned, but have had to adjust. I feel honored and excited to get to be the one to help put out a few decorations and make sure their elopement is just as magical and special as can be. (Don’t worry, I’ll ask for the photos for APW.)

Are you also planning a wedding right now? Big, small, or anywhere in between—you should know about an awesome event happening (virtually) in just a week. Wedding Crashers Week is an online wedding fair that is chock full of panels, professionals, and couples just like you who are going to share all the secrets and information about planning a wedding in the time of COVID. Each day of the week (Oct 19-24) has a theme. There will be a focus on: Planning, Fashion & Wellness, Design, Photography & Music, Food, and Venues. They are truly covering it all. Take a look at the schedule and go snag your tickets, so you don’t miss out. (Plus: you can take $10 off the whole event with code APWeek or get a free pass on Monday with APW!)

What are you up to this weekend? I hope you have plans that bring you joy and relaxation. Here’s your happy hour.


P.S. We wanted to take this moment to say a huge THANK YOU to our Patreon supporters. Ya’ll have made such a difference in our 2020 lives and we are forever grateful. If you aren’t already a Patreon member, we totally recommend joining. We’re partial to the ‘Community‘ level membership because it means you get to join us for our monthly zoom hangout! (Our next call is on October 27th.)








This Happy Hour is brought to you by an event that you SHOULD NOT MISS. jam-packed with information and inspiration is an event jam-packed with information and inspiration. You’ll find out how just how creative you can get with your wedding in the time of Corona—from drive-by weddings to drive-in receptions because love isn’t canceled. This online wedding fair is based in Brooklyn but will have information for everyone who’s planning a 2020-21 wedding. 

Grab your tickets for #WeddingCrashersWeek, taking place October 19th-24th ONLINE. Use code APW for a FREE pass to the first day OR use code APWeek to take $10 off the whole event! 🎉   You’ll get expert advice on *micro weddings *virtual ceremonies *small event inspo *venue bookings *honeymoon planning *relationship and self-care tips *bridal and groom style trends. You’ll also hear from real couples and event pros about the best ways to celebrate your wedding right now. Grab your tickets, today!

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