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APW Happy Hour

A note about book club!

Hey Apw,

It seems we’ve all been a bit snowed in by this work week (if you listen closely, you’ll hear the sounds of Meg and Maddie shuffling to get out from under their respective piles of work) so I’m taking over Happy Hour! Muahahahaha! Which is kind of fitting, since our link roundup starts with “cats” and ends in dog worship. What? I like animals.

Also, a little housekeeping about book club. We’re moving our discussion of Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind Of Girl to November 4th, so you’ve got a little bit more reading time, and I’ve got a bit more reading time. There’s also this strange problem where every time I go to pick up a book I end up holding Dragonfly In Amber instead. How curious!

With that, it’s your Friday open thread.


Highlights of APW This Week

Supporting your family while supporting yourself.

An intimate wedding in Washington, DC.

How to wear a wedding cape.

New calligraphy designs from A Printable Press!

How to throw a child-free wedding.

Millennials and marriage.

We brought back marriage as a souvenir.

How to sell a wedding dress.

Mother-in-laws: for life, not just for the wedding.

BrideSchool: a one day sanity saving workshop in Grand Rapids, for just $149.

Link Roundup

These are the worst cats.

Analyzing the term basic. Or is that the most basic move?

Why are those pictures of Renee Zellweger disturbing? And Renee addresses the internet chatter about her appearance.

Kim Novak takes on her Oscar Night bullies.

To Siri, with love.

What happens when you reply to guys on Tinder quoting the emails from You’ve Got Mail?

When women become men at Wellesley College.

Your ebola Halloween costume: a user’s guide.

Is this the coolest music video ever? (Answer: yes)

The internet: a glossary.

Am I being catfished?

Meet New York’s first and only trans woman firefighter.

Fake Sphinx, real archaeologists.

“Mr. President, don’t touch my girlfriend.”

The Burger King tweet that might be the saddest tweet of all time.

A monumental day for Wikipedia in Poland.

Dog worship day in Nepal.

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