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APW Happy Hour

Coming up for air, briefly!

hey apw,

With the holidays bearing down upon us, everyone at APW is in head-down-get-shit-done mode. We’ve got some killer content coming up for you for the holidays, and personally, I’m already pretty excited for the New Year too. But before I get too far ahead of myself and spoil all the surprises, happy Friday! We’ve got a great link roundup, and I think there’s a glass of wine calling my name. Better go check on that.



Highlights of APW This Week

“Some days, I had to remind myself that I didn’t have to be happy to feel useful.”

How to make parent albums in 5 easy steps.

What if photographers shot grooms the same way they shoot brides?

Five tips for getting your guests to RSVP to your wedding.

Our wedding wasn’t just another party.

The making of a food truck wedding.

What’s not red and green and Santa all over? These 21 winter decor ideas.

Do I have to register for wedding gifts?

Introducing sane wedding planning in Michigan and the Upper Midwest from J. Eliza Events.

How to plan a small wedding when you have two huge families.

How do I keep from screwing up as a stepparent?

Link Roundup

How love and integrity made Welcome To Night Vale a massive success.

Illustrated movie titles with one letter removed.

Women rejecting marriage proposals in art history.

Paternity leave: the rewards and the remaining stigma.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Science says lasting relationships come down to, you guessed it, kindness and generosity.

Is it time to reappropriate pink?

Bookish millenials make memes worth reading into.

Thanksgiving in a bucket will be your new favorite tradition. (Or not.)

Lil ‘Ye and the Hip Hop Hoorays.

72 things that are better than Oprah’s 72 favorite things.

Egg freezing parties. Hmmm.

Ayn Rand, girl power icon?

Lorde, killing it in London.

Sexist casting calls.

Mom puts herself back into family pictures in a bold, daring “Domestic Bliss” photo series.

Why I ended a perfectly fine relationship.

How baby boomers ruined parenting forever.

Taylor Swift on 1989, Spotify, her next tour, and female role models.

Ryan Anderson tries to move forward after his girlfriend’s suicide.

All the things we project onto Kim Kardashian’s butt.

Kim Kardashian doesn’t realize she’s the butt of an old racial joke.

Can this woman save your wedding?

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