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APW Happy Hour

New Nav, Miley, and Firefly


Hey APW,

Mercury is no longer retrograde! Happy day! (Najva joked with me the other day that every time she comes to San Francisco she learns about which planet is ruining her life.) But seriously. Enough was enough. And just in time for us to launch our new navigation! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes making things more organized and easier to find, and even added a few new pages that should help guide you through the planning process (including our personal tips for writing a ceremony, finding invitations, and figuring out flowers). We’ll be adding more stuff in the coming weeks. But for now enjoy hopefully actually being able to find all of the content we’ve been producing lately. (Related: If your navigation bar looks weird, hold down shift and then refresh the page and it should fix itself.)

In other news, here are some personal thoughts from the week:

  • I’ve been re-watching Firefly and nearly forgot that every episode is, like, my favorite episode ever. It’s just the best show.
  • File under cool things I’ve discovered while researching Pride Week: This bow tie collaboration (featured above) might be my favorite OINTB-related thing ever. (I haven’t watched the new season yet, so no spoilers!) They’re part of Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s collaboration with The Tie Bar, of which $20 of every $25 tie purchase and $25 of every $35 cufflink purchase gets donated to

And with that, I’m about to hop on a flight to New York for my official un-bridesmaiding adventures. Wave to me if you see me at City Hall. Now it’s your open thread, so get to it.




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