You Can Have Ethical, Affordable Wedding Jewelry You’ll Cherish

Ash Hilton's new collection is heirloom material

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Here’s the deal: You want to save the planet (yes!), look great (werk!), and not break the bank (cha-ching!) when it comes to your wedding jewelry. Friends, meet New Zealand-based Ash Hilton Jewellery. These folks are killing it; they’ve cracked the code on how to create ethical jewelry pieces that feel super fresh and modern, while still having a timeless style.

Handcrafted jewelry can sometimes look chintzy and definitely not like something you’d want to wear every day. But this is far from the case with Ash’s work. These pieces are a minimalist’s dream, yet they still have tons of soul and personality. Prices range from $145 to $5,800+, and custom designs are definitely an option. Ash will work with you to tweak an existing design (think: adding diamonds or engraving) or come up with something totally original (sketch of the mountain you climbed together? Badass!).

Cabbage Tree Engagement Setwedding ring from ash hiltonwedding ring from ash hiltonwedding ring from ash hilton

But how do you know if your new ethical bling is actually legit ethical? It’s all about who you work with, Ash’s partner, Laurel, says:

It’s super, duper important to us that when we say a ring is ethical, it really is. So, we took our time and found suppliers we knew we could trust.

Ash felt like he wanted the materials and process to be what drove the collection, as opposed to innovation in design. So, we took the most classic and simple engagement ring designs and made them in either 100 percent recycled platinum or our super special alluvial New Zealand gold that we get off a beach near where Ash grew up. The center stones are either diamonds recycled from old pieces or newly mined stones from the Argyle mine in Australia. We’re also super happy to use lab-created diamonds or other colored gemstones.

IMG_10102 copywedding ring from ash hiltonwedding ring from ash hilton

Ash and Laurel have built an awesome balance between work and family with their home workshop. In just a few years, they’ve totally ramped up their business while still maintaining their core values: affordable, ethical jewelry and killer customer service. Don’t take it from them. Here’s what one of their customers had to say:

Ash and Laurel went above and beyond to accommodate our requests. I knew what I wanted immediately, but my fiancé was still trying to figure out what worked best for him. Instead of pressuring us, Ash worked with him until they created the perfect design. Their approach is full of amazing customer service, but it really goes beyond that. They were personable and patient as they guided us in designing the rings we’ll love forever.

wedding ring from ash hiltonPlatinum Engagement Ring from ash hiltonengagement ring from ash hiltoncouple celebrating an engagement

Wedding jewelry isn’t just for the wedding day; it’s meant to last, and, more often than not, is the only thing you’ll wear all the time. That makes it quite the emotional investment; it needs to last a lifetime! But an emotional investment doesn’t have to be a financial burden. With rings even under $200 (yes, it’s true!), you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.

These pieces just really speak for themselves. They are FLAWLESS. And hands down Ash’s favorite part of the business? Meeting couples from all over the world and hearing the love stories that brought the couples together. Ash and Laurel love working with APW readers (here and here), and y’all really are a perfect fit for each other. So get to it: go drool over their galleries, learn more about their awesome family, and drop them a line… stat.

Ash and Laurel can’t wait to chat! contact them and find the jewelry you and your partner won’t want to take off Forever. Forever Ever.

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  • Angela’s Back

    My husband has the Savannah Oak ring ( as his wedding band and it’s really beautiful! Ash Hilton was great to work with and we both love his band :)

  • Amy March

    These are gorgeous!

  • Laura C

    My husband has an Ash Hilton ring with a custom engraving of a mountain his late father climbed in India in the 1960s. We got a box of old slides of mountain-climbing pictures from his father’s climbing partner, found a beautiful picture of one of the two most significant mountains he climbed, had the image digitized, and sent it to Ash Hilton. We got back a series of sketches to choose from, chose one, and the ring is just lovely. Exactly what we wanted as far as a simple, classic ring with a personal touch.

    It was also nice because we had a print made of the original picture and framed it. (Then we moved across the country after having a baby and haven’t had the energy to hang anything on our walls, but when we move back and get a permanent place, that picture will totally be on the wall again.)

  • Alice

    We got our rings from Ash Hilton and, three years later, we still love them to pieces! Ash did a custom design for us and the whole process was friendly and easy. The rings are also the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. I’m not a big jewelry person, and I have to wash my hands a lot at work, so that was really important to me, and these rings definitely deliver.

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