August 2021 Wedding Planning Open Thread

Time For A Mask Graphic Again?

Hey APW,

Time is flying, and somehow we’re in the eighth month of 2021. How is that possible when I’m pretty sure we just celebrated the start of 2020? (I mean, take me back.)

How are you all feeling? Are you holding up okay? I mean…  really.  I know that I’m feeling pretty damn burnt out. This feeling of traveling back in time, pandemic-wise, is hitting hard. I mean… headlines are talking about overwhelmed hospitals and the never-ending conversation around masking, and I’ve just sent my stepson back to school in a mask with my fingers crossed, just hoping for the best. The seven-day average of new cases is at the same level it was in November 2020. Honestly, WTF?

I feel so lucky to have squeezed our tiny pandemic-adjacent wedding when we did, and I know just other folks aren’t so lucky. So, I’m here to check in with all of you. How are you, really? Where are you at in this wedding planning process? What questions can we help with? If you’re staring down some new barrage of questions about your upcoming wedding, this is the place for you. You’ve got the entire APW team and all the brilliant readers who are in the same boat behind you. So, friends… this is your open thread, get to it.

Happy (and hopefully minimally stressful, but also lets be real) wedding planning, to you.


Wedding planning is a Mess of stress in normal times… And maybe for a minute life felt like normal times… but what now? This is your open thread to vent, ask for help, and share what you’ve learned.

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