4 Tips To Avoid Financial Wedding Drama

Meg tells Yahoo! Finance how to deal with complicated family $$$ dynamics

When I stumbled upon APW when I was planning my wedding a million years ago, ahem, in 2011, it was a lone shining star of practicality (duh!) and permission in a wedding world otherwise filled with sparkly pipe dreams and fear-mongering. Meg has always stood firmly by the idea that you don’t have to have All the Things, and instead you should prioritize your wedding budget based on what really matters to you and your partner—and negotiate with your parents (or others who are contributing to the wedding) accordingly. A decade later, everyone else has finally caught on, and now she’s giving that same advice on TV! The benefit of my partner and I paying for our wedding ourselves was that there was no one to argue with us over having a brick oven pizza truck or spending how much?! on a photographer, but if there’s any hint of money drama in your wedding planning process, this is the video to send to any parent who might have sparkly pipe dreams. Because if they don’t think APW is legit, Yahoo! Finance must be, right?

(Also, this is how Meg’s voice sounds, when she’s being pretty serious. Don’t you always wonder how people you read online sound IRL?)

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