5 Ways Basic Invite Makes Your Invitations More Special

Over 180 ways to customize each invite, plus get samples of your actual design before you buy!

wedding invitation suite from basic invite

I try not to trade in wedding regret. But if I had to pick one of my worst planning snafus? Making my own wedding invitations. It’s not that DIY wedding invitations can’t be done (Meg made her own and did not hate herself for it). It just turns out that I didn’t actually have any desire to DIY my wedding paper. I wanted options, and I couldn’t find them, so I went for the next best thing. (Note to self: Rubber cement in un-ventilated rooms makes for a rough time.) The good news is that wedding invitations have come miles and miles since I was wedding planning, and now you can get super customized wedding invitations for about half of what it cost me to make my own, and they look twice as good. And few companies give you as many of those customization options as Basic Invite. (Don’t let the name fool you. Their designs are anything but basic.) Here are just a few ways they make it easy to make your wedding invitations special without making you break a sweat:


Almost Unlimited Colors: Most wedding invitations you can buy online offer a few variations on color, but they’re usually pretty limited (option A, B, or C). Basic Invite offers over 180 different color options (not a typo, y’all) on pretty much every element of every invitation design, and they even let you preview the changes instantly. So, let’s say there’s an invitation design you really love, but you’d rather have blue flowers instead of pink and green text instead of black. Just click a button, select your preferred color, and the preview will update automatically right on your screen. So you have full control over the entire design, not just option A, B, or C.

wedding invitation suite from basic invite

Try Before You Buy: So it’s one thing to create custom wedding invitations online. But then you get your order in them mail and realize, whoops, that pink was a little bolder than you anticipated. Well, Basic Invite is one of the only wedding invitation websites that lets you order a printed sample of your actual invitation so you can see exactly what you’re ordering, from color to paper quality, before you go drop a couple of Benjamins on them on your invites.

wedding invitation suite from basic invite

Over forty Different Colors of Envelopes: It’s not just invitations you get to customize with Basic Invite. They also offer over forty different envelope colors, which is the easiest way to get#lazygirl impact without actually doing anything. But the best part? All of Basic Invite’s envelopes are peel and seal. Did you hear me? PEEL. AND. SEAL. Aka you don’t have to lick 125 individual invitations. You’re welcome.

wedding invitation suite from basic invite

Introducing foil and wood invites: Basic Invite recently introduced not one, but two new kinds of invitations to their arsenal: foil invites and wood invites. And y’all, they are so cool. I don’t even think I have to say anything else. Just look:

wedding invitation suite from basic invite wedding invitation suite from basic invite

Everything in one place: Basic Invite doesn’t just specialize in great custom wedding invitations. You can one and done all your wedding paper in one stop: from things like save-the-date magnets to bridal shower invitations, they’ve got it covered. (Bonus, they’ve even got free printables.) And everything comes backed by Basic Invite’s “love it guarantee.”

wedding invitation suite from basic invite

So if you’re looking for a solution to wedding invitation tedium, Basic Invite might just be your answer. They’ve got over two hundred wedding sets to choose from, which include everything from wedding invitations and enclosure cards to wedding menus, wedding programs, and even matching thank you cards. Plus, you can take advantage of their free address collecting software and free envelope printing. And did I mention the peel and stick envelopes? Because you’ll thank me for that one later, I promise.

Click here to browse Basic Invite’s invitation designs and start customizing your wedding invitations today!

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