50 Beautiful Small Diamond Engagement Rings That Prove Size Doesn’t Matter

Screw the ring olympics

Small Engagement Rings

Many of us already know that the modern engagement ring was an invention of the diamond industry. (I know, shocking right?!) And even more of us know that engagement rings don’t have to look like what Tiffany’s is trying to sell us. But as we’ve discussed before, knowing the history of wedding traditions doesn’t automatically mean you can extricate yourself emotionally from wanting those traditions for yourself. So while you can absolutely get engaged without a diamond, or mutually propose to each other, or propose to your male partner, or get engaged without a ring at all, I also won’t begrudge anyone wanting a traditional diamond engagement ring with a traditional proposal. I had both, myself.

That said, if there’s one engagement-related myth I’d really like to debunk (you know, after all the gendered stuff and the “it has to be a surprise” stuff), it’s the idea that there’s any correlation between how much you and your partner love each other, and the size of your engagement ring. Partly because big stones simply aren’t practical for a lot of reasons, but also because there are too many super hot diamond engagement rings in the sub-carat category to be ignored. So today I’ve rounded up fifty of my favorite diamond engagement rings that prove size really doesn’t matter. Maybe we can reverse some of this long held industry marketing and make tiny stones the next cool thing.

Thea Ring by Katie Diamond from Catbird ($2,204)

Leighton Ring by Katie Diamond from Catbird ($2,164)


Kalmia Ring by Bario Neal ($2,403–$4,514)

Atreyu Ring by Digby + Iona from Catbird ($1,200)

Cleo’s Daughter Ring by Fiat Lux ($1,620)

Hexagon Ring with White Diamond by Satomi Kawakita from Catbird ($860)

Deco Bow Ring by Erica Weiner ($3,250)

18k Gold Hammered Rose-Cut Diamond Ring by Kothari from New Stone Age LA ($1,100)

Anna Karenina Marquise Diamond Ring by Elisa Soloman from Catbird ($2,124)

Diamond Etruscan Ring by Fiat Lux ($1,360)

Split Love Ring by by T.Kahres via Twist ($2,068)

18k Diamond Slice Rings by Jessica Ranek from New Stone Age LA ($850)

Machine Age Ring by Erica Weiner from Catbird ($1,500)

The Tiniest Ring by Satomi Kawakita from Catbird ($255)


Double Square Ring by Mociun ($925)

Nestled Rose Cut Diamond Ring by WWake ($1,242)

White Diamond Mini Deco Point Ring by Jennie Kwon Designs ($430)

14k Rose Gold Trillion Diamond Ring by Vrai & Oro ($370)

Diamond Baguette Ring by Catbird Jewelry ($320)


Mini Peak with Reverse Set Diamonds Ring by Mociun ($1,590)

Gray Diamond Sotto Voce Ring by Jennie Kwon Designs ($635)


Square White Diamond Stacker by Vrai & Oro ($255)

Farm Dell Ring by Sarah Swell from Esqueleto ($1,350)

Marquise Diamond Solitaire by Rebecca Overmann from Esqueleto ($1,455)

Atomic Ring by Erica Weiner ($1,650)

.31 Carat Pink and Diamond Ring by Melissa Joy Manning ($1,610)

Coco Ring by Polly Wales from Catbird ($6,400)

Checkerboard Ring by Erica Weiner ($1,600)

Mona Ring by Katie Diamond Jewelry ($1,750)

Pave Petite Bow Ring by Jennie Kwon Designs ($440)

Allegra Ring by One Jewelry LA ($425)


Baguette Ring by Jennifer Meyer from Barney’s New York ($1,475)

14k Small Pave Cross Ring by Zoë Chicco ($475)

14k Pave Thorn Ring by Zoë Chicco ($475)

The Radial Ring by T. Kahres from Esqueleto ($1,430)

14k Pave Open Diamond Ring by Zoë Chicco ($1,010)

Rose Cut Diamond Ring by Variance from Twist ($910)

Diamond Gravity Ring by Xiao Wang from Twist ($660)

14k Pave Small V Ring by Zoë Chicco ($390)

Diamond Rapture Snake Ring by Nora Kogan from Twist ($5,900)


Triangle Rose Cut Diamond Solitare by Rebecca Overmann from Twist ($1,996)

Horizontal Oval Diamond Solitare by Rebecca Overmann from Twist ($2,476)

Guardian Light Diamond Ring by Communion by Joy from Twist ($308)

Rose Cut Gray Diamond Solitare by Variance from Twist ($1,680)

Vertical Diamond Shaped Solitare by Rebecca Overmann from Twist ($2,456)

Mimi Ring by One Jewelry LA ($345)

Lauren Ring by One Jewelry LA ($465)

Mini Straw Diamond Ring by Ginette NY from Steven Alan ($765)

Oval Rose Cut Diamond Halo Solitare by Mandrel Studio from Twist ($2,888)


Lina Ring by One Jewelry LA ($1,548)

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