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Being There, And Seeing

You guys. We’re two weeks out. I’m working nonstop (hellloooo 18 hour days, lovely to meet you) and we’re running around trying to finish up all the last wedding chores. Some of them are silly little things, and some of them are bigger. Like, you know, like getting my dress altered, and um, figuring out the last details of my outfit.* Right.

BUT! People keep saying things to us like, “I’ll see you in two weeks, but I won’t SEE you.” or “You’ll be too stressed to talk, but I’m excited to be there.” or “I’ll see you from afar, but you won’t have a minute to talk,” or, or, or…. and all I can think is if we don’t get to hang out with people over the weekend of our wedding, if we don’t have chats, if we don’t have gossipy drinks, if we don’t have teary hugs, and excited arm waving conversations, if we don’t really SEE people, then… this is one over-priced party.

So, sanity check, my wedding graduates. I suspect that, if you put your mind to it, you will actually see people at your wedding, and actually enjoy time with them. It’s like remembering your wedding… if you want to, you will.

So, lovelies, could you lend your wise words of wisdom? For me, and for everyone else….

*Proof positive that you do not need to order your dress nine months out. Though um, maybe you’d like to get it sorted out earlier than I did. Or maybe not. It’s living on the edge, the bridal edition.

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