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The 10 Best Ideas to Steal from Our Instagram This Month

Subversive cross-stitch and glitter chocolates


I’m not shy about how much I love Instagram (seriously, if you haven’t gone down the Feminists of Tinder black hole, you should). However, for APW purposes, it’s also one of the best places to find what’s new, fresh, and fun (or alternatively, old and awesome) in the wedding multiverse. I basically get to spend part of each day sifting through piles of flowers and sequins and cake (SO. MUCH. CAKE.) to find the coolest ideas. Which reminds me, if you aren’t following us on Instagram yet, come on over and let’s be friends.

So, here’s what’s on our radar this month—starting with the above DIY-friendly #putafloweronit cake decor for the #lazygirl. For tips on using edible flowers, check out this roundup here. (Photo and cake by Alanna Jones Mann)


Want a pop of color in your forest/camp/outdoor wedding that’s both easy and eco-friendly? Ta da! Ombre flower petals. (Photo by Chaz Cruz on Instagram)


If APW were a chocolate, it’d be these. When I first scrolled by this bounty of color and glitter, I thought it was really pretty… and then I realized it was edible. In fact, I’m planning to buy a pile of these for the holidays. I’m stepping up my chocolate game, you guys. (Photo by Stephanie Yonce of Bedazzle My Bonbons)

I have huge curly hair, so dainty little crowns are often useless on my head. I also read The Fader often, because most of the staff are badass women-of-color whose style and cultural critique are on point. So when they ran this photo of the perfect way to use big curls to ante up the flower-in-natural-hair situation, I was all in. (Photo by Natalie Keyssar for The Fader)

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 12.24.02 AM

I know there’s a lot to look at here: flower embroidery that looks not-cheesy! Flower crown the size of her head! Epic veil situation! But really, you guys, those earrings could take even a white shift dress up to mega-glam level. You know, we love to #oneanddone. (Photo by Naeem Khan on Instagram)

This ain’t your mama’s cross-stitch, that’s for sure. Perfect registry item, no? (Photo by Subversive Cross Stitch on Instagram)


There’s nothing quite as special as the guest who takes selfies while you’re saying your vows. That’s why you planned the entire event, right? Obviously, your wedding is just an elaborate selfie backdrop. KIDDING. So, here’s a sign that should stop that sort of smartphone dumb antics in their tracks. (Photo by Aya Sato, sign by Wonderstruck Event Design)


This is the best wedding RSVP we’ve ever seen. End of story. (Greeting Card by Emily McDowell Studio)


This is a dog. A very adorable, smoosh-faced dog. And this dog is wearing a collar. A dapper collar. And on that collar there is a bolo. A silver tipped bolo. I have to break it down like this, because there’s a lot of wonderful going on and I would hate for you to miss any of it. This is why #weddingpetwednesdays exists, you guys. (Photo by Wild Whim Photography)


I cannot with how much I want to get married JUST so I can wear this shirt while I get ready. What was that about wedding day spirit? (Photo by Two Spoon Photography, shirt by Stone Fox Bride)

For more of our faves on the daily, you should probably come find us on INSTAGRAM. And if you want us to find you, just tag your shots #apwwedding. Let’s be friends. 

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