Big News: The APW Book!!!

Dear Team Practical,

So, last month I told you that I’d quit my job to go fulltime on writing APW. Well. There was this one other small thing that I failed to clue you in on: I sold a book.

More specifically, I sold the APW book and it will be published by Da Capo Press, and imprint of Perseus Books in December 2011. (It’s actually due to the publisher on June 1st. JUNE FIRST!! Which is soon. Soon!) Now that the contracts are signed, and to the publisher, and and and (publishing is a slow industry), I’m finally FINALLY able to tell you all about it. Eeep! So let me back up, and walk you through all this.

The Book

First, what is the book, exactly, you ask? Well, when I started looking into writing a book two years ago, I was really convinced that the book that I wanted to write had already been written. I mean, it was such an obvious, sensible book, that it had to have been written, right? Well. After lots of digging around on bookstore shelves (which involved some horror, puzzled looks, and lots of hilarious laughter), I realized it really didn’t exist. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are a handfull of really good wedding books out there, but not this book.

I wanted to write a wedding planning handbook for normal people. A book for those of us that don’t have six figures to throw at our wedding and you know, have jobs, and don’t have infinite time for crafting. And I didn’t want to write a ‘budget wedding’ book, because it makes me irate to think that those of us who have worked hard for our budget (or whose parents have worked hard for our budget) are condescended to by being told that our wedding is a ‘budget wedding.’ I didn’t want to write a memoir, I wanted to write the no-nonsense, dead useful, wedding planning guide that I couldn’t find.

So the book, working title, A Practical Wedding: Graceful Wedding Planning That Won’t End in the Poorhouse or the Madhouse, is a how-to book, that walks you through planning a wedding in a super sane way. Like, for example, when you tell your parents that you’re not getting married in a Catholic church because you and your partner have talked it through and don’t believe in God, expect to cry a little, but know this is normal and good setting of boundaries. And, here are all the ways you can get an beautiful wedding dress for under, um, a grand. And here are ways to build a day-of wedding planning spreadsheet, so you know your wedding is organized and you can relax. And NO, of course you don’t have to feel guilty about not having X, Y, and Z nonsense because none of this was traditional in the first place. In fact, lets talk about what is really traditional…

Plus, there will be lots of quotes from wedding graduates, of course, so expect me to get in touch with you guys on that.

The bottom line is that blogs are good for lots of things. They are good for inspiration, they are good for community, they are a good real-time way to recommend businesses that are helpful. But they are terrible for actually helping you plan in a step-by-step way, because that’s not the way they are structured. Plus, you can’t hand a blog to your mom to calm her down when she’s freaking out about “what the books say”, and you can’t give a blog to your girlfriend when she gets engaged.

I started APW because I was planning a wedding, and I’d worked as a non-profit event planner, so I knew how to tackle an enormous event, plan the sh*t out of it, and get it to come out well on a ridiculously tiny budget. The book is my way to pass on a lot of those event planning skills to you, plus all the information I’ve learned writing APW for three years, boiled down in a way that makes sense, and you can reference easily when you need it.


How It Happened

{Valentine’s Day Weekend last year: Proposal writing begins}

I decided to tell you about the book on Valentine’s Day (happy Valentine’s Day!) because this is the one year anniversary of when I started, um, lying to you about what was going on.(I am paranoid about jinxing things, so I never want to give out information early.) Last year I wrote a post about weighing hopes and dreams, and about how we were going away for Valentine’s day weekend to do nothing. This was not strictly true. We were going away for Valentine’s Day weekend so that I could lock myself in a room and do nothing but write a book proposal.

I did pretty well, and walked away from that weekend with 25 pages of rough draft. We put in a call to an interested agent (we used to work in professional theatre in New York, which means we were still plugged into talent agents), and she wanted me to send it over.

{Editing in the park on my 30th birthday}

So I stalled a little. I freaked out. And then, on the afternoon of my 30th birthday last April, I decided enough was enough. We went to Golden Gate park, I spread out all of my notes, and I edited that proposal. On the evening of my 30th birthday I sent it to the agent, who suddenly became MY agent (crazy!)

So all last summer, when we were getting ready to go to Italy, and I seemed like a crazy stressball, and I was working 70 hours a week? The real secret is, I was revising my book proposal (on top of working full time, and writing the blog by myself, and trying to get two weeks’ content ready so we could go on vacation). I remember sitting there one Saturday, with a horrible sinus infection, with my book proposal spread out all around me, wanting to cry, and I kept thinking one thing, “If I ever sell this d*mn book, I am going to tell everyone one thing. When you look at someone and think, ‘Wow, their star is really rising!’ What you don’t know is that they are hauling up the star themselves, by hand.” And that’s great news (on days you’re not overworked and crying with a sinus infection) because it means we all have access to success.

And I think that’s what I really want to say today. Over the past year, what I learned is that luck is yours to make. I always had the perception that bloggers suddenly started getting big, and then agents and publishers started throwing themselves at said blogger, and said blogger became an adorable, talented superstar. And that’s not the way it works in real life. In real life, you decide you want something, and then you go out and you work yourself into the ground trying to get it. You ask for what you want, you get told no, and you ask some more.

So in September, the week before Mighty Summit, my agent started shopping my proposal. In mid-October, things didn’t look good (and I wrote a post about continuing to knock on doors). By mid-October plus one day, things suddenly started looking better. By Halloween, I knew the book was going to sell. By early November, there was a small flurry of interest. By the end of November I had a contract in hand. By Christmas we were in contract negotiations. And by the week of Alt Summit, the contract had been signed.

And now, every single week, I’m writing 6,000 – 8,000 words, on top of the writing I do for APW. The whole book is due, totally finished and shiny and wonderful, to my editor on June first. I am by turns elated, frustrated, rage-full, productive, and delighted. I am working hard. But I think Cate Subrosa said it best last week when she said, “whenever we really want something, it always seems that by the time we achieve it we’re so busy thinking about where we go next, we don’t really stop and congratulate ourselves properly.”

{Me at Alt Summit, shortly after signing my contract}

So now, a year after starting my proposal, three-and-a-half months after finding out I was going to sell the book, two-and-a-half months after first getting my contract, and a month after signing it, I can finally tell you: I’m writing a book. And I’d like to stop, just for a day, and congratulate myself properly. This is a big deal, and I did it. And I couldn’t have done it without you (And without all of the many ladies of the internet, who supported me every step of the way. You know who you are.)

Which reminds me. There will be a book tour in January 2012, and I’m excited to meet all you APWers in person, and thank you.

MWAH! And keep on hauling up your stars!


PS To help celebrate, I finally updated the APW about page, which now has my full bio, and full name (!), and Lauren and Alyssa’s full bios as well. It makes things seem official around here.

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  • Mary Jo

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to buy the book! You deserve to celebrate this achievement!

  • Rose in SA

    Congratulations! Amazing!

  • Well damn woman! Talk about achievement!!! Once again you keep inspiring to get my sh*t together and chase those dreams.

    Many happy congratulations!!

    And I swear I’m sending my license transfer forms to Florida tomorrow. I WILL do this.

  • Marley

    Huzzah! Huzzah!

  • “When you look at someone and think, ‘Wow, their star is really rising!’ What you don’t know is that they are hauling up the star themselves, by hand.” This is going to be an excellent book.

    oh, and book tours?!?!??! YES. a million and one congrats, Meg. this is huge.

  • Rachel

    Congratulations! This is such wonderful news, both for you, and for me! I won’t be getting married until late 2012, so I’m so excited to hear that your book will be out well before that, so I can pick up a copy for my wedding planning :D

  • Dear Meg,

    You are awesome. WELL DONE. Happy Valentine’s Day indeed!

    Cate x

  • I was wondering when you were going to announce you were writing a book. It just seems like the logical extension of everything else you’ve built.

    Congratulations – it truly is something to be proud of. My husband is currently shopping for agents for his book, and we’re cautiously optimistic that he will a. find an agent; and 2. get the thing sold, but we also know that these are no easy feats.

  • Lor

    “and you can’t give a blog to your girlfriend when she gets engaged.”

    I have to disagree Meg, when two of my friends got engaged (one last summer, and one this Christmas) the first thing I did (after congratulating them) was to send them a link of A Practical Wedding, saying “READ THIS”. So yes, you can give a blog, I did!!

    Congratulations Meg!!

    • A-L

      Um, yeah. I have a pre-engaged friend (though we could argue if she is engaged…he technically hasn’t asked and they haven’t announced it to the fam…but a ring has been purchased for the purpose) and she totally knows about APW. Because I told her. (Unfortunately, we’re among the last of our friends to be doing the whole engaged/married thing, but anyone else I find about, I’m sending to you, Meg!)

      • Chantelle

        Yup, I’ve been handing this blog all gift wrapped and pretty to all my newly engaged girls.
        BUT, advance orders on the book please? Can Team APW get first crack at it?


    • lolo7835

      Firstly CONGRATS! And second-yea just like Lor et all, whenever a new friend gets engaged I send them a link to APW. Or whenever I meet someone asking me why I’m so zen about planning I send them to APW. Totally possible!

      But now I can give them a book! Wheee!

    • Yes TOTALLY. I have sent the link to near-strangers. If there was an APW Affiliate Program I would be on my way to Free APW For Life (err wait…)

    • Fitz

      Agreed – I “give” your blog to all my newly engaged friends. But a book will be easier to gift wrap. Congratulations!!

      • and I love gift wrapping. :)

        • enna

          My problem is every time I try and “gift” APW to a recently-engaged friend, they are already a huge fan!

  • YAY!!!!! I can already tell that this will be my new gift to all of my friends who get engaged in 2012. And I’m going to get “we all have access to success” made into one of those cheesy vinyl wall cling things and I am putting it over my desk.

  • A-L

    Congratulations on getting your book published, and all the hard word it represented. I only feel badly for the people who will become engaged and have completed most of their planning before your book hits the shelves! Felicitations!

    (And totally up for the book tour. And didn’t you mention that you were hitting New Orleans in April…of 2011?)

  • Kate

    Hooray! I have a friend (who was my maid of honor actually), who will probably be getting married in summer ’13. This sounds like a fantastic gift for her! Also, I will be living in the Austin area come January 2012, so I sure do hope your book tour has a stop there!

  • OMG THIS IS AMAZINGGGGGG!!!! I’m so glad you understand that you deserve this because it makes sharing in the joy that much more exciting. GAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    For serious, you know you just made us all feel like we won the lottery, right?

    • FYI I reserve all caps for only the *most* special of occasions. :)

  • Amandover

    A thousand congratulations, and Happy Valentine’s, Meg!

    This blog has been my bible, and I can’t wait to actually have a step-by-step physical book!
    Kudos for pulling up that star.

  • Wow. Wow wow wow. This is huge. Congrats, Meg! And congrats to the APW community. Wooooooohooooo!

  • Margaret M.

    AHAHAHA WHEEEE! This is so fabulous and wonderful and exciting! You are amazing. I feel like one of those women at my mom’s office who would see me as a teenager and say “I remember when you were a baby!” Well, I remember when APW was a baby. And I’m getting a little verklempt.

  • Incredible! Congratulations, Meg!

    And this “what I learned is that luck is yours to make” is what makes my entire world go ’round.

  • Caroline

    I actually am tearing up a little. I am sometimes concerned that my affection towards this blog verges on creepy-stalker-like affection. But I honestly do just feel proud and fortunate that I am part of a community that is helping people achieve dreams and be true to themselves.

    So the person that started it deserves all the success in the world.

    • Exactly doesn’t even begin to explain how true this is.

    • kyley

      I couldn’t agree more–both with concerns of verging on creepy and being insanely happy for Meg.

  • North Star

    Congratulations Meg! I’ve been reading APW for a year and a half & it’s been fun to see it grow! And sharing your story with us as your star is rising and your business growing is inspiring.

  • Michele C.

    Of course the best wedding planning book will come out long after I’m married… doh! J/k the book will definitely be the first thing I buy for other future brides, and I’m happy to be able to do it! Congrats, Meg! You deserve it.

  • As if you weren’t already my role model.

    Really great job Meg.

  • Congratulations! That last picture of you grinning your face off says it all I think. please bring the book tour to Scotland.

    • Whoops, just wrote basically the same thing without reading your comment first. Great minds. And I enthusiastically second the request for a Scottish tour!

  • Lily

    YAY!!! Congratulations!! You are wonderful and amazing.

    This reminds me a lot of a quote that was hanging in my house growing up (and is now in my apartment, to help me through grad school):

    “Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true”,


  • Your smile in that picture says it all. Happy happy happy. Congratulations a million times.

    If only this book had been around when I was engaged (although I did have fun reading aloud the more ridiculous paragraphs of the wedding planning books I was given, so there was that…)!

  • Congrats, Meg! That’s amazing! You should spend the whole week celebrating. That is definitely big news. :)
    I can’t wait to buy the book!

  • Lisa B.

    I don’t comment very much, but I wanted to take this opportunity to one, congratulate you on your very real and big achievement, and two, thank you for creating and guiding this community to what it’s become. I’m not engaged yet, but I’ve still been able to (with the help of APW) really think about what’s important, not just in terms of the wedding, or even just marriage, but life in general. And for that, I thank you! :)

  • Susan

    Congratulations and, as someone afraid to leap for the stars, thanks for the wise words.

  • Amazing! Congratulations!! I remember saying that you should write a book ages ago, and I got a “we’ll see” email; I had a feeling it would happen sooner or later. You deserve this so much!!

  • This is great news! I will LOVE having copies to give away to newly engaged friends :) Yey for you!

  • Congratulations! That’s wonderful news and hugely well deserved!

  • Mollie

    Holy amazing wonderful! This is SO awesome– you should be proud!! You deserve this so much.

    And I LOVE this: “When you look at someone and think, ‘Wow, their star is really rising!’ What you don’t know is that they are hauling up the star themselves, by hand.” YES. YESYESYES.

  • Julie

    That’s wonderful! Congratulations!!

  • Trudi G

    Holy shieettt! Congratulations! What a SURPRISE!

  • Congratulations! That’s fantastic!

  • Zan

    You did it, you did it huzzah!! I hope you do one or twelve happy dances today as the congratulations-we-are-so-proud-of-you-Meg! comments roll in — cos you know this is going to be a 300+ comment kind of day.

    Hip, hip — Hooray!!

  • ahhhh! YAY MEG! I haven’t even finished the post, but I’m SUPER EXCITED and had to say so right away. =D

  • huzzah and congrats!

  • carrie

    Congratulations! I only wish my wedding wasn’t before publication, but I (and we) have this here blog. And thank you for saying that bloggers getting picked up for publications haul up their own stars. I thought that they just wrote their posts and someone happened to notice it one day and POOF. Star. It’s good to know that you can make it for yourself. You’re awesome!

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Meg, you are truly inspirational! Thanks for being so amazing and giving the rest of us a little insight as to how you do it. Congratulations!

  • Congrats! That’s absolutely amazing!! I can’t wait to read it and recommend it to others!

  • Erin

    Congratulations, Meg! This is great news! And thanks for sharing with us what it REALLY takes to do what you’re doing. Helps me remember that hard work is order in my own life.


  • Congratulations!!! I figured you must have had something up your sleeve besides site improvements when you quit your job. ;) I’m so excited to know that there will be such a great resource out there to gift to friends and my sisters when they get engaged!

  • Over the weekend, I turned to my partner and said ‘Why doesn’t A Practical Wedding have a book deal?’ and she agreed and thought maybe y’all were holding off on announcing it.

    Being right is awesome. CONGRATULATIONS.

  • Sara_B

    Fantastic! Congrats!

  • Vee

    This is so huge and so awesome and so exciting! Congratulations, Meg – you absolutely DESERVE this! Can’t wait to read it and buy it for people and all of that :)

  • Congratulations!!! Such exciting news – you really make me feel like its all possible. Which is how I want to begin every Monday, frankly.

    and BOOK TOUR!!! Can’t wait :)

  • kyley

    Wow, I am weepy I am so excited for you. Mountains & mountains of congratulations, Meg. You deserve all of this, and more!

  • CONGRATULATIONS! This is amazing, fantastic and much-deserved news, though I can’t say I’m surprised (I was pretty sure it was only a matter of time). You are just what the publishing world needs when it comes to weddings (I thought of you the other day when I spotted a book that was subtitled something like “How to be the perfect bride” – barf). Knock ’em dead.

  • Ahhhhhhhhhh. Hell yes.

  • Wow and well done Meg!

    I loved APW secretly before I got engaged and publicly after. I’m getting married in a little over two months but I am SO buying your book, because I already know I love your work.

  • Rock on! Your book will save the sanity of many brides-to-be.

  • anonymous

    delighted for you — and for us! Mazal tov on such a wonderful accomplishment. I do “give” your blog to my friends when they get engaged — and I quote you frequently to others, including but not limited to my fiance. Thanks for all of your guidance. I look forward to the Chicago stop on your book tour.

    • Heather G

      Me too!

  • Rose


  •!!!!!!! I actually started to cry reading this post because it gives me much hope for my future and all of us who are out here, busting our asses, hauling up our own stars! And you completely hit it on the head there, lady – people aren’t just suddenly successful – it takes a hell of a lot of work that at times can make you want to smack your head on the wall and land in a heaping, sobbing mess. But you don’t. You work through it and hardly sleep and work through sickness… because, damnit, you want this thing! :)

    So THANK YOU for showing that we can get this thing…. whatever it is each of us are working towards. You are such an inspiration. And someday (hopefully soon) when my business goes full-time – I will remember to stop and take a day to congratulate myself too. Hell, I’ll probably throw the biggest party I’ve ever thrown when that day comes! haha :)

    Congrats love! XO

  • I was hoping the big news was a book!! SO EXCITED for you!! And that book tour better bring you to NYC! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!

  • Ash

    “We all have access to success”

    Oh Meg I’m so proud of you! This feels like a great success in my family. I celebrate you and this community.

  • AH.MAY.ZING. A million congratulations. The world needs this! (Also, as a Person Who Wants To Write A Book One Day But Gets Scared Sometimes, thanks for showing how to get shit done.)

  • KMA

    This is FANTASTIC news. For you, for us, and the general sanity of the human race.
    Now, what can we do to *help*?

    • meg

      Buy the book! And then tell your friends to buy it. For serious, it’s that easy. I really want to write a marriage book one day (I mean, right?) and the numbers that get sold on this book control whether or not that happens.

      And come out and get drunk when the APW book tour rolls into town, but that’s obvious ;)

      • That sounds like a great plan. :)

  • Ash

    “whenever we really want something, it always seems that by the time we achieve it we’re so busy thinking about where we go next, we don’t really stop and congratulate ourselves properly.”

    This is so true I am both getting married and finishing my BA in the next few months and all I can think of is the future! Paying back student loans and where will we be in 5 years and AAhhhh etc etc. I need to take it all in and most of all stop sabotaging myself and get to work. Many papers to write. xoxox

  • Congratulations, Meg! I’ll be buying your book for every one of my friends who gets engaged from when it is published until I die or it goes out of print.

  • Heather G

    Congratulations!! It is an amazing feat, for certain. Kudos to you for your determination. IT’S A BOOK!

    Also, thank you. Picturing you working towards your June 1 deadline may just very well be the inspiration I draw upon to have my dissertation signed, sealed, and delivered by June 9.

    (Side note: THIS is why I love APW. I’m going to be engaged and married soon. I’m negotiating chores, big talks, finances, family and religion. I’m also still a woman with a career and aspirations. I can do all. Thank you for this constant reminder.)

  • Carbon Girl

    This is truly inspiring. I want to hang this up in my office so I can look to it when I am feeling frustrated working to get what I want out of life. Congrats!

    Oh and I can’t wait for the book to come out. I will buy it for my future sister-in-law ASAP!

  • Ash

    Oh and do come to Detroit on your book tour. We love you here! And Detroit love is something special.

    • tupelohoney

      Yes, please come to Detroit!

    • amy

      Here, here.



    I wish I could change the font size of this comment. I want it to be read really big.

    I mean I basically assumed you were at least in the process of writing a book, and regardless of where you were in the process, it would get published eventually. but but but contract?! BOOK TOUR. !?!


  • Congrats Meg, this is such great news!

  • TOTALLY AMAZING!!! Congratulations! I do “give” the blog to any and all newly engaged friends like others have said, but your book will be so awesome, sane, and practical, and a huge help to anyone planning a wedding!

  • Dev

    Way to go Meg! Please do take time to celebrate, this is a huge accomplishment and you should be very proud.

    And your brief stressball moments make more sense now- I’m surprised you had so few.


  • Yay! This is fantastic news, and I’m so glad you’re taking the time to congratulate yourself. I hope that also means some champagne today.
    “When you look at someone and think, ‘Wow, their star is really rising!’ What you don’t know is that they are hauling up the star themselves, by hand.”
    Yes! I’m learning this personally as I see an opportunity to start growing my own business. I see a land of possibilities, but also a land of hard, hard work and lots of metaphorical soil-tilling.
    I love APW so much, and I can’t wait to get my hands on this book, even if it’s a month after I get married. I don’t care. I want it on my shelf.

  • Congrats, Meg! This is such great news. Although I’ll be married and done with my wedding (woot!) by the time the book is out, you can bet that I’ll be buying it for any and all of my friends who plan theirs. I’m so glad your sensibility is going to be part of the wedding book offerings.

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  • Madeline

    OMG! This is so exciting!! Congrats! I can’t wait to read the book and meet you on the book tour and, and, and, YAY!

  • Kashia

    You are amazing! Congrats! I’ve already started making a list in my head of people who I will need to buy your book for. *happy dance*

  • Jen M

    If I never get married I’m still buying your book. You are such a bad-ass and a massive inspiration. Congrats!

  • L

    Congrats! That’s pretty.freakin.awesome. I mean a book, you’ll be a published author!

    Yay for pretty much everyone!

    Oh and we wanna see photos of you celebrating this HUGE achievement! ;)

    Well done!

  • LBD

    Congratulations! What awesome news!!!

  • Congratulations! SO excited for you!

    Please, please, pretty please include a stop in the Portland, Maine area on your book tour. We’re a fun little city, and I’ll totally buy you a drink and show you around.

    What? That’s worth a trip across the country, right?

  • Kate

    I’m so happy for you . . . and so happy I’m not getting married until June 2012!!!! Can’t wait to buy it! Get ’em girl!!!!!

  • Holy FUCK I haven’t made it past the first paragraph. But Holy FUCK.

  • Kim

    Wahoo!!! So proud of you! And so grateful I’ll be able to pass along your book to engaged friends and mothers of the brides.

    If you need any help in the organization section, let me know! There’s nothing a good spreadsheet or powerpoint can’t fix, to make people feel more in control and pulled together.

    I’ll be smiling all day, after hearing your exciting news. Its not like we’ve ever met, but I do feel so proud of you and your rising star!

  • Catherine

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to buy it for myself and engaged friends, I only wish it had come out earlier! p.s I hope you follow up with a marriage book, those are the posts I love the most.

  • LPC


  • That is so wonderful! Congratulations on your hard work and congratulations on your hard work paying off! I wish I could be using it now to help me with wedding plans, but the blog has done so much for me. Instead, I’ll pay it forward by giving a copy to every newly-engaged friend I have from the time it’s published forward!

  • congratulations.

    and, lucky brides.

  • Congrats! What an amazing resource for brides. Can’t wait to start handing out copies.

  • m

    Awesome, can’t wait to gift it to my friends when they get engaged!

  • Natalie

    Congratulations, Meg! You should bring your book tour to Baltimore.

  • abby_wan_kenobi


    That is so awesome. In my mind I’m already re-wording my frequent sentence-starter “My favorite blogger recently wrote this thing I loved…. ” to “My favorite *author* recently wrote this thing I loved….”

    There is no way to oversell how important and impressive this is. You effing earned it and everyone here knows it. My everlasting thanks for all the sweat, late nights, stress and commitment that brought you here so we can all celebrate your success. Nobody deserves it more, lady. I will definitely be toasting to your achievement tonight. Bourbons all around, amiright?

  • Class of 1980

    CATE WROTE: “Whenever we really want something, it always seems that by the time we achieve it we’re so busy thinking about where we go next, we don’t really stop and congratulate ourselves properly.”

    I am guilty of this 10 times over.

    Meg, I’ve been wanting to ask if you ever took a day and just let it SINK IN that you quit your job and now run a blog full time. Something like sitting overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and just thinking about it with no distractions would be in order.

    And NOW, I have to congratulate you on a book! CONGRATULATIONS!

    That’s another thing to think about while gazing at the bridge. ;)

    • meg

      Only sort of. Funny thing, I woke up sick this morning, like my body was like OK WE’LL BE SLOWING DOWN NOW THAT THE NEWS IS OUT.

      So. Maybe some sitting is in order. Thank you.

  • Jen

    this is HUGE!!! Congratulations!!!

    Book Tour!!!! ahem…the Midwest loves you!

    I’m overlooking my excessive use of exclamation points for the occasion.


    Congrats on the book deal, I was thinking how I would love an APW magazine on the shelves to combat all the crazy wedding magazines out there. Its so true about the need for a tangible source to point at to alleviate parental concerns, thanks for the ammo!

    Yay for celebrating your success!!! Its great to be reminded that we need to celebrate our achievements before moving on. Thanks for all the life-enriching words.

  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This makes me happy. :)

  • Emilie

    OH. MAN.
    AAAAAAAAH!!! Congratulations and best wishes and happy dancing in the living room on your behalf today! Absolutely amazing news and such well-deserved success… This IS a big deal, and you DID do it. Celebrate that awesomeness.
    Also, BOOK TOUR?!?!!? YIPPEEEEEEEE!!! That picture of you smiling your face off really does say it all… I am so proud of you for working hard, forging ahead despite the “nos,” and making time to encourage all of us to do the same (I applied to an MFA program in creative writing… and yesterday, I got in!!!).
    “In real life, you decide you want something, and then you go out and you work yourself into the ground trying to get it. You ask for what you want, you get told no, and you ask some more.” Exactly.
    You “hauled up the star [yourself], by hand,” and we are all SO PROUD of you–Rock on.

    P.S. PUBLISHED AUTHOR!?!?!?! Hells yes.

    • meg


  • Tori

    Hell yeah, lady! You did the damn thing and this is only the beginning.

    P.S. I’ve given your URL to anyone I know who gets engaged….

  • Congratulations! No one could deserve this more. You’re an inspiration to all the hard-workers and movers&shakers out there. I cannot wait to see the finished product (and yes, have something AMAZING to hand to engaged friends). Thank you for everything you do, and best of luck with the writing!

  • Cristina

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to buy your book for all of my engaged/soon-to-be-engaged friends!

  • N

    Congratulations! This is almost-perfect timing: I wish the book had existed in time for me to read it while planning (though I did have the blog, why am I complaining…) but it will make an excellent engagement present for several friends who have engagements on the horizon! Yay!

  • AmandaT

    Way to go, Meg! You’ve earned every bit of success!

    I am so proud of you!

  • YES! I had a sneaking suspicion/hope this would be the news when you mentioned it on Twitter. Congrats, Meg! What a huge and wonderful thing. So so thrilled for you.

  • Congrats!! I love your whole take on success. How right you are. ‘When you look at someone and think, ‘Wow, their star is really rising!’ What you don’t know is that they are hauling up the star themselves, by hand.” ‘

    I feel like I could borrow several of your words for my statuses and tweets as they seem so very relevant to where I am at right now.

  • Amy

    Congratulations! This is amazing! I’m still in the pre-engaged stages, but I can tell you with certainty right now that yours is going to be the first wedding planning book that I buy.

  • CONGRATS! I’m very much looking forward to the book and hopefully meeting you on the book tour!

  • Sarah

    When you say big news, you really mean BIG NEWS!


    I’m so, so thrilled for you! And for all the lovely baby brides (and grooms) who will be getting this as a gift. Lucky ducks. =)

  • Morgan

    Yay yay yay congratuluations!

    I knew it – I remember the post about the weekend writing, and I remember you telling someone in the comments that it had nothing to do with weddings, and I was like, “um-hm, right.” This is going to be such a helpful book – congratulations!

    Awww, I’m all smiling and happy now. Such a great start to a Monday.

  • Congratulations, what an inspiration!

  • schmemily

    BIG TIME CONGRATULATIONS. And thanks for the extra wisdom. And I love your western boots!

  • Kristina

    Yay! This is great news! I’ve been reading APW casually for about a year but just recently became engaged. I’m really looking forward to reading the book once it comes out and putting it to good use. Here’s hoping a Reclaiming Wife book is next on the agenda!

    • meg

      If we sell enough of the APW book, you bet it will be. And I’ll remind everyone of that a lot, never you mind ;)

  • Luna

    “In real life, you decide you want something, and then you go out and you work yourself into the ground trying to get it. You ask for what you want, you get told no, and you ask some more.”

    I needed this today. From one lady who is working hard for what seems like something that is going no where now, but I know deep down inside is worth it and it is going to work out in the end, thank you. For making me raise my head from the daily grind and realizing that there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

  • Marguerite

    Congratulations! It’s richly deserved! And I love the quote about hauling up your own star by hand.

  • Ali

    How absolutely and undeniably exciting for you!! I have to admit I’m a twinge bummed that it won’t be out for my planning period but my cousin is getting married next year sometime so guess what she’s getting for Christmas! (it’ll be out by then?!) I also want to thank you for your opinion on “budget weddings”! So tired of being the poor soul who has a $5000 budget when it’s really the poor souls who get sucked into thinking they need to spend tens of thousands on things they are convinced by the industry they NEED when really all you need is a partner you love and cherish and some equally loving and caring family & friends. Weddings should not be restricted to the elite.

    Ok, there’s my piece. Thanks again for contributing to the revolution of realistic weddings and CONGRATULATIONS on the book!!!

  • Oh, I am so proud of you! Very, very well done!

    This is my favorite part of this whole exciting post: “When you look at someone and think, ‘Wow, their star is really rising!’ What you don’t know is that they are hauling up the star themselves, by hand.”
    That’s how I respond to people who say “Oh, you’re SO lucky to be doing [that cool thing]!” I say, “Thanks, but actually, it’s been a lot of hard work. I was lucky enough to be given certain opportunities, but I’ve put in major effort to make it happen (mostly) how I wanted.”
    So good for you for recognizing what you wanted and for working your butt off to make it happen!

  • Congrats, lady! That is amazing and you should be so proud of yourself.

    I’ve read APW for a long time now. We’re in the middle of a very long engagement (for budget reasons, mostly) and in the beginning, it was so easy to get sucked into what a lot of other wedding blogs are feeding brides. I love details and all, but I especially love the focus that you put on the concrete things, not just the frivolities. I also love that you’ve created such a great community of women here that isn’t dependent on the wedding, but rather extends to the marriage.

    Thanks for all your hard work! Can’t wait to read YOUR book!

  • Amy

    I know everyone has said it, but congratulations! That is huge. How cool to watch someone achieve all that you have already and will in the future! Can’t wait for you to swing through DC in January 2012!!!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is so awesome.

  • Faith

    I think we may have been on to your little secret last summer…


  • Sarah M

    Congratulations Meg! That’s great news– can’t wait to read it! You are right… this book NEEDS to exist.

    For anyone out there that needs practical advice before the APW book comes out in 2012, I found Bridal Bargains to be really helpful for planning on a budget:

    It does NOT delve into the meatier topics that makes APW so near and dear to my heart (the secular ceremony, the same-sex ceremony, how create and maintain an emotional budget, etc), but it is a much better source for budget-minded folk than all the WIC nonsense that’s on the shelves now.

    Counting down til the book tour!

    • meg

      Yes, my book will be nothing at all like that book, since it’s not a budget book. So maybe you should all buy that anyway :)

      • Class of 1980

        Bridal Bargains has been on the shelves since the early nineties; they just update it. It’s a worthwhile book for giving specific sources that save money.

        Meg, I figured you were going to write something completely different.

        The way you know something is a good idea is if it’s something you wish had been available for yourself . . . but wasn’t.

  • sophia

    HOLY CRAP! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing news!

  • WOO, congrats! :)

  • Congratulations!
    So, when we read this one for the book group will it just be us all sitting around going EXACTLY!

  • Congratulations! This is exciting, inspiring, amazing and wonderful news! Also, I have loose plans to get married a the end of 2012 (if the world doesn’t end, of course) so this will be published just in time!

  • Liz K

    Many, many congrats :)

  • Congratulations Meg – on your book of course, but also on your outlook towards success and sharing that with others – Amazing!!! And yes, I guess the suspense was a little bit fun. Hopefully I will run into one day in SF, and can properly congratulate you with a bourbon. Yay to you and all your HARD WORK!

  • hoppy bunny


  • Holy crap this is so exciting. I will totally read the crap out of this book even though I’m already married. But seriously, this site got me through the hard times of planning my wedding and is still one of the first things I read when I need a break from work.

    Congratulations Meg, your hard work paid off. You’re definitely an inspiration. :)

  • !!!!! Congratscongratscongratscongrats!!!! This is fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. I don’t know how you were able to hold still to take that post-contract-signing photo of yourself; I would’ve been jumping up and down and screaming uncontrollably. :)

    And book tour! BOOK. TOUR. I can’t believe you left that for the very end of the post. I was thinking that in my head as I read everything – “Will there be a book tour? There has to be a book tour. There’s going to be a book tour!” I will buy you a drink when you come to Texas. You deserve about a million after all the work you’ve done (and continue to do).

    • meg

      Oh yes. Mind you, I’ll be paying for the book tour out of pocket, since that’s how they work these days, but there will be one :)

      • Just please come to Canada! Everyone always forgets us!!

        • ANDREA

          Also voting for Canada stops. Oooh and tour fund = “buying the first round of drinks”.

      • N

        You pay for a book tour yourself these days? Man, publishing industry. That seems wrong. But SO glad you are doing it anyway!

      • abby_wan_kenobi

        Is there a way for us to donate to your book tour? I would totally buy your book and donate a few extra $$ to your cross-continental publicity extravaganza.

        *Think* about it.

        • meg

          Oh, that would be kind of adorable! And yes, I suspect I will stay with some near strangers… and then a hotel now and then so I can have some quiet time.

          And I think there will be voting on where I go, based on turnout.

          • I am sure you know a ton of people in NYC (and there are quite a few APW ladies – we met up on Sunday and wore sequins) but if pennies are getting tight on the future amazing book tour, we have a guest room in the Bronx. But of course, I mean, it is in the Bronx.

      • I’m sure we can arrange for Meg-hosting, if staying with mostly-strangers doesn’t weird you out. :)

        (I wouldn’t be against contributing to a Book Tour Fund, if it would help.)

  • Ariel L-S


    What a wonderful gift to the world that book will be.

  • Benny

    Immediate Thoughts:

    1. This is most excellent.
    2. This made me so grateful that we are still 1.75 years away from being married, and I will be able to read this while I’m still (somewhat) planning and engaged
    3. Compared to academic publishing (which is my current work) DAMN that timeline is fast! as slow as it might seem to you!
    4. You know how babies have security blankets? This book will be my engagement blanket. I plan to carry it everywhere for comfort, naptime, save-me-from-family-drama time, etc.

  • Serena

    Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!!!! I will be buying the book in bulk to give to every single engaged friend I come across! So happy for you!

  • Congrats to you! You deserve it!

  • “When you look at someone and think, ‘Wow, their star is really rising!’ What you don’t know is that they are hauling up the star themselves, by hand.” – Meg

    Loveeeee this!! One of your best quotes by far :)


  • Goose

    Holy cow! Congrats, that’s an amazing achievement!!!

  • ka



    I also will be buying it by the case, just to have on hand for anyone I ever encounter who is engaged. Has a wedding book ever been a NYT bestseller? Because, uhh, let’s change that!

    And the story of how you did it is such an overwhelming example of how the world can align when you just take a step, then another, then another, and another. Seriously, I’m so totally overwhelmed by possibility I’m going to cry.

    • meg

      AW!!! Lets…eeeeeee!

  • Jo

    Just making all sorts of silly noises over here: YAY MEG!!!!

    I guess those drinks I want to buy you will happen soon!!

  • Congratulations Meg! You deserve much success & happiness!!! This blog was my sanity-saver while planning my wedding & I’m still coming back after my wedding. I will buy your book for every single one of my planning clients & for every engaged friend to read. Best wishes~

  • JT

    Congratulations!!! I feel so lucky to have you and your blog in my life, helping me maintain my sanity while I plan my wedding… and I’m more than a little bit jealous of all of the ladies who will have your book as a resource too!

  • Alexis

    Congratulations!! APW has kept me sane during the past 6 months of wedding planning and so glad there will be a APW handbook:) It will be a gift for all future engaged friends!

  • Congratulations Meg! I’m so excited for you. And I’m so looking forward to the book. It may be too late to get it for my wedding, but I’m looking forward to giving it to everyone I know who’s getting married.

    When you look at someone and think, ‘Wow, their star is really rising!’ What you don’t know is that they are hauling up the star themselves, by hand.”

    Also, this –
    “When you look at someone and think, ‘Wow, their star is really rising!’ What you don’t know is that they are hauling up the star themselves, by hand.” And that’s great news (on days you’re not overworked and crying with a sinus infection) because it means we all have access to success.”
    needs to be printed out and put on my mirror I think.

  • Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you! And, I can’t wait to buy it even though my wedding is long gone. I’m prepared to buy multiple copies to give to all of my future engaged friends.
    Plus I understand the jinx thing. I haven’t posted in a long time because I’ve had so much crazy stuff going on in my life that I felt like I couldn’t say any of it.

    • meg


    • I’m prepared to buy multiple copies to give to all of my future engaged friends.
      Yup, me too. :)

  • Tara

    Wow, congratulations Meg!!! I look forward to seeing the published book!


  • Rizubunny

    Congratulations! So, so, awesome. And I do already give the blog address to everyone I know who gets engaged, as well as to people who think about stuff. Oh, and to a woman I met at my church who was having baby family/boundary struggles with her husband and mother-in-law. I can’t wait to read the book and give it to people!

  • G

    Congratulations Meg!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Woohooo! Congratulations! I can’t wait to buy the book.

  • Congratulations!! I especially liked what you said about stopping and congratulating yourself. People always seem to be afraid to celebrate their own accomplishments, which is silly. Well done, this is great!

  • Aparna

    That is really exciting! Congratulations.

  • Marchelle

    Celebratory rum cocktails, on me. :)

    • meg

      How does September work for you for those rum cocktails?

      • Marchelle


  • renee

    Congratulations! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stared at bookshelves in the wedding section, trying to will a book like yours into existence! Haha, you’re much more pro-active than me!

  • Bloody marvellous! I have some tears in my eye and some goosebumps on my arm.

  • Camille

    Such exciting news! You deserve much congratulation and celebration…. I’m already impressed with all you do with the blog and your dedication to the readers, and now you’ve been sneakily working at a book as well! You have a huge fan club and support group in all of us readers… can’t wait to hear about progress, and hopefully you can turn to us with any questions/ issues just like we all turn to you!! Best of luck.

  • I’m jumping around in my little heart for you. This is so big and amazing and I want to give you big supportive hugs. I’ve been reading this blog for a long time and I knew you had the determination and tenacity to write a book (and sell it). I’m so excited to buy, read, and give it out to all my future engaged friends. And hopefully meet you on the book tour.

  • Congrats. You’ve earned it, a thousand times over. I don’t know HOW you exactly survived enough to earn it, with the presumed lack of sleep and all, but I love that you did. Congratulations, and the wedding book world will be a better place for it.

  • YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Congrats, Meg!

  • Tessa

    Yay!!!! The world could use a sane voice in hardback. This is so awesome!

    • meg

      Actually, it will go straight to paperback. More affordable that way.

      • Rymenhild

        Sweet. All the better to buy extra copies for friends and family.

      • N

        So practical! True to form, as always, Meg.

  • Wahoo! And, can I say, I’m a bit jealous. I just proposed to my boyfriend (and am now waiting for his counter-proposal — he is old fashioned and embarrassed I beat him to it, and he wants to propose to me before he tells anyone he knows). We are planning a Christmas 2011 wedding, which means that I can’t hand your book to my mom when I run into the issues that I’m sure will come up. So I am so super proud of you, and excited for you! But know that my excitement is tinged a little with jealousy of future brides who will benefit from your book. But I am so not willing to put this off any longer (I wanted to get married last year but decided to be patient and put in good work on our relationship). So I will look to the blog for leadership.

    And do let us know if there is something (or many somethings) we can do to support you through this process.

  • Rebecca

    6000-8000 words a week? On top of everything else? When you’re done, wanna write my thesis? You are a machine!

    Congratulations – well earned! And once again, you inspire me to go forth and work my butt off for the things I want in life (actually, to go figure out the details of what some of those things are – and then work out how to get there).

    • meg

      Is that a lot? Maybe that’s why I’m tired. But your thesis is probably more researched. I can talk about the 10 best ways to buy and affordable wedding dress off the top of my head at this point.

      • Carreg

        Er yes it is a lot. Don’t be disingenuous :-) But I don’t doubt your book is researched — you’ve been doing the research for years by the sound of it and storing it in your head. Still, I shall stick a ‘Meg writes 8000 words pw’ sticky note on my computer when it comes to dissertation time. (And thesis time, and funding proposal time again.)

        • meg

          Seriously though, it’s about 4 posts, so it feels crazy to me that it feels so hard some weeks. Blogging puts a very different spin on what a lot of words are, trust me.

      • Rebecca

        Yes. You are awesome.

        And I promise the research behind it wont be all that different – I am very sure that the amount of time you spend blogging/community-building/thinking and working weddings and wifeliness is equal or more time than I spend in the lab and in the library!

        Gold star for you, miss. And I hope come June you have a chance to sleep a bit.

  • Kristen

    Colossal congratulations! In all of the obvious ways but also in being able to finally be out in the open about it. I’m sure it was really really hard to be working your face off, wanting to just crawl under the covers and sleep while having to keep it pretty quiet.

    Also, thank you. You’ve been through a hard year and I hope you know how much you’ve helped a lot of us through our own hard times. Whenever I get some form of wedding insane from sobbing my heart out because one of the photographers I contacted sent a megabitch reply to when I’m working on my wrinkles looking at wedding porn and wondering just how in the heck people think some of this stuff up, nevermind execute it, to when I’m terrified of being thought of as a bridezilla for sticking up for myself in a totally normal way, I turn to APW for sanity. I know I’m not the only one. I only wish the book had been available when I started this. It always seems so easy from the outside – get a dress, some food, some music, and call it a party. Easy, right?

    So while I’m sure you have loads of Seattle area people you actually know offering a place to stay on your tour, consider my services officially offered also – from chauffeuring to buying you dinner to getting you more Sharpies for all of those autographs.

    • meg

      Thank you, for reals. It has been a very hard last year.

      And we’ll do a big Seattle dinner, for sure.

  • Maria

    Congratulations!!!!!! This makes me so happy and proud of you and excited! … and almost made me cry at work :)

  • Congrats!

    And wow, the publishing industry works so differently for these kinds of books than for poetry. It always amazes me how different it is from one genre to the next.

    I look forward to giving this book to all my engaged friends.

  • Dana


    I can’t wait to read it!

  • Congratulations Meg :)

  • I really, really, really cannot wait to see the book, and give it to all of my engaged friends! Congrats, Meg!

  • Wow, huge congratulations Meg!

  • So happy for you Meg! Your hard work has helped and inspired so many others; I’m so proud of you!

  • Meg

    Congratulations, Meg! I just started reading your blog in the last month or so and have never commented, but I just wanted to say how helpful your site is to someone in the initial planning stages. As someone who comes from a family who has had “practical weddings” for the last few generations, it’s wonderful to know there will be a book resource for people with this ethos. (And would you mind sharing the info about options for wedding dresses under $1000?) Congratulations again from another Bay Area Meg!

    • sophia

      Etsy is one place with dresses under 1K. If you’re looking for long white dresses (no train) nordstrom and jcrew have some options also.

    • meg

      Number one tip: bridesmaid dresses in white. You can even get a Vera Wang dress this way, half the time. So pretty, and so non-froofy. Shhh… don’t tell the future book buyers.

  • beth

    Meg, congratulations!! Your site and your example of owning your feelings and hopes and expectations has helped me not just with my wedding, but with my life. Sometimes I think that planning a wedding is a microcosm for our lives, which is why it’s so intense. We’re dealing with big-deal things like family, our relationship with traditions and culture(s), and learning to be true to who we are (+1). I guess that’s why I keep reading even though the wedding was in June. I’m happy for you and glad you shared your celebration “process” of stopping and acknowledging a) how hard you’ve worked to make this happen and b) pausing to let it sink in.

  • Irene

    Yay! This is awesome, Meg, and you are totally right to celebrate. Good luck with the rest of the writing… I can’t wait to see the final result!

  • amy

    I look forward to this book being the ONLY wedding planning guide I a., purchase at all, and b., purchase after my wedding.

    Next you should write, “A Practical Book: How to write one, on deadline, without having a massive nervous breakdown.”

    • meg

      Writing a little about that on Wednesday. Mostly, give yourself a deadline every week, so you just have a mini-nervous breakdown once a week….

  • So so so so so so soooooooo many congrats! After all you’ve done for the APW community and how hard you’ve worked you deserve this. We’re behind you all the way and I can’t wait to buy my copy and suggest it to every bride I meet! :)

  • BEX

    Yay, congratulations! I’ve always thought APW should be a book. Can’t wait for the book tour too. Well done!

  • Congratulations! I love this very straightforward narrative. It’s a great lesson in working hard too! Love the line, “When you look at someone and think, ‘Wow, their star is really rising!’ What you don’t know is that they are hauling up the star themselves, by hand.”

  • Julia

    I love this. I have posted “keep hauling up your star” inside my tiny, dank cubicle to remind myself that there is no one but me to do the hauling, and that I am more than capable.

    Please come to Chicago on the book tour.

    • meg

      Oh, Chicago is definitely on the list, duh. SO MANY OF YOU THERE.

  • Sara

    congratulations, Meg! As everyone has been saying, you really deserve this (including all the congrats) for all the work you’ve done.

    And, yes, totally about hauling up your own star by hand! And, why stop with that one, right? Once that’s hauled up there, reach for others around it and gather them together to make a big bright bundle of brilliance!

    • meg

      Mmm…. Big bright bundle of brilliance.

  • Congratulations!!!!! yes, that needed five exclamation points. and from a selfish standpoint, I am SO EXCITED to have a book that I can give to friends & wedding clients in the future. I’m just bummed I have to wait a year.

  • This is so awesome. I can’t wait to buy a copy – make that copies! Congratulations, you’ve earned it.

  • WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!! And you’d better come to Ohiah, ’cause I plan on pre-ordering that sucker! Many, many congratulations.

  • CONGRATS! That is AWESOME. Even though I’m already married, I might buy the book anyway because a lot of the advice will apply to life in general. Can’t wait to read it!

  • Class of 1980

    I saw a quote by Lucille Ball that seems to apply to your news, Meg.

    She said . . . “You’ve got to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

    She would have known. She battled to have her show filmed using quality film and took a cut in pay to manage Desilu Productions herself. She had a vision no one else shared.

    • meg

      Love that quote.

  • Maria

    I am so excited for you! Congratulations!!! I’m already planning on who I can give your book to! :D If you’re still planning on coming to New Orleans this April, I would be so happy to meet you! I’m so excited! This news has made my day!

  • Kayakgirl73

    Congrats. So glad you’re doing this, it really fills a void out there. I wish the book had been around two years ago. I’ll definitely recommend it to friends who get engaged although most of my friends are already married. I’ve recommended the blog to two friends at least. Heck, I might buy it just to get your numbers up so that you can write the Reclaiming Wife book. Onward and Upward.

  • Loz

    Oh wow oh wow oh wow! I’m SO excited for you!

    And please tell me your book will be available in Australia. I will buy it for every new bride I know.

  • Congratulations!!! And I love that your celebratory picture for signing the contract looks like you are standing in a closet. :)

    Writing a book is on my life list. So I greatly admire you for doing so.

    • meg

      I AM standing in a closet.

      • Class of 1980


  • Congrats!!!!

  • Rymenhild

    Oh, perfect. I’m not engaged yet, and don’t know exactly when I will be. So with that timeline, the book should be out decently early in my wedding planning process, and I can get an extra copy and give it to my mother!

    I’m sure you’re already planning something of the sort, but can I request a chapter or some sort of discussion somewhere of marriage equality, the various challenges and joys of same-sex marriage, and the ways in which same-sex couples adapt and recreate wedding ritual?

    Congratulations and best of luck as the writing continues!

  • Jo

    Hey, very well done. Excellent news, I’m sure it will be a great resource to future brides. I’ll certainly recommend it, without even reading it!

  • Janey

    Congratulations, Meg!!!!

    So VERY excited for you!!!

  • I tweeted my congrats when I saw the announcement this morning but it just doesn’t feel official enough like a comment is so many congratulations on the contract and getting on this road!!

  • angela

    Yes! Congratulations! Last night I dreamed there was an APW book, and it was so pretty and purple, and I wanted it so badly I STOLE it from another woman and immediately read the whole thing. I had chills reading this post!

    One thing I’ve really been learning this past year (thanks in part to this blog) is that one woman’s success is good for all of us. I feel extra inspired to work on my dreams and plans today. :)

    • meg

      Oooo…. please keep me posted on any other dreams you have about my future, just so I know what’s coming!

      • Class of 1980

        But is your book going to be purple?

        • meg

          I hope so, but I’m not in charge of the design.

  • Mel

    MEG!!! I started planning my wedding in late 2008, and found your blog via Offbeat Bride. I didn’t quite ‘fit’ with Offbeat Bride (though far more than I did with the crazy Knot-type websites) but found my niche with you immediately. You and ‘$10,000 only’ made my journey sane. I’m so excited for you, an Author! p.s. That’s Mel of the-proposal-before-the-cricket, and re-proposal-to-him-a-year-later and Peonies-is-photographing-my-wedding-in-England-! emails :) p.p.s. like many many others, you’re the only one I’m still reading five months into marriage

    • You know what’s awesome? You’ll still be here almost two years later. And the content will still be relevant.

  • You’re not “writing a book,” you’re just letting the rest of us finally know when we can read it for ourselves. You’ve been writing a book for more than a year, and I expect you had one in you even before that. Congratulations on this HUGE, MONUMENTAL achievement, and yeah, you hauled your own star by hand (and are adorable and talented to boot). May this be one in a long line of many successes for you!

  • p.s. It almost makes me want to postpone the wedding for a year so we can read the book first. Almost! Ha ha. :)

    • meg

      HA HA HA. No don’t. ;)

  • CONGRATS!!! This is so wonderful. I am not personally a wedding book person – I bought one big book that just outlines the basics and some advice, but I LOVE the idea of one written by you. I swear by this blog; it’s one that I read every day, and I even read it out loud to my fiance. If anyone should write a book, its you! CONGRATS!! Looking forward to it because we’re getting married in October 2012 and January is probably about the time I will start panicking! :) So excited!

  • yay meg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I bet it will come out right around the time I will be getting engaged! perfect. perfect. perfect.

  • Rachel

    Oh. My. God. I cannot send enough congratulations your way. You deserve this success and you DESERVE to celebrate!!!!! Pat yourself on the back for at least 10 days, preferably 2 weeks. I cannot wait to buy about 15 copies and save them on a shelf for all my friends who get engaged over the years. And hey – maybe the ones who’ve already gotten married, like myself (by the release date anyway) just so I always remember how much of a difference this blog made in my planning. Congrats again and 10 more times!

  • Many, many congratulations, Meg! I’m raising a glass of wine to you from Iowa!

  • HUGE congrats, Meg!! It’ll come out just in time for us to plan our wedding! (Chris proposed over the weekend…eeek!…but, we both want a super long engagement…so we’re right on track for the release of your book!! omg – “your book” how freakin’ insane is THAT?!).

  • Yay, yay, yay! Congratulations, Meg. This is a big accomplishment and good for you for stopping to recognize that. Will you tell us when it can be pre-ordered? ;)

  • That’s so exciting! So happy for you, and proud of you (in a non-condescending, coming from someone you haven’t actually met way)

    Yippee! I can’t wait to own it, and I might even spring for it at full price, so I don’t have to wait for Amazon to deliver.

    Inspires me to get kick started on my own project (so expect a vendor inquiry from me soon!)

  • That’s so exciting! So happy for you, and proud of you (in a non-condescending, coming from someone you haven’t actually met way)

    Yippee! I can’t wait to own it, and I might even spring for it at full price, so I don’t have to wait for Amazon to deliver.

    Inspires me to get kick started on my own project (so expect a vendor inquiry from me soon!)

  • I have one thing to say: IT’S ABOUT FUCKING TIME! :)

    Ahem. That is all.

    • meg

      Awwww. Whatever, when is your NEXT book coming out already? :)

      • When books start paying as well as online publishing. :)

        • meg

          Ha. Also file under: sigh.

  • redfrizzz

    AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please publish this soon so that I may use it (in addition to your fantastic blogforumlovefest) for my impending nuptials!!!

  • tirzahrene

    This is going to sound goofy as heck, because I don’t know you, we’ve never met, never talked, and I’ve only barely even been reading APW for several months…

    …but Meg, I’m so stinkin’ proud of you. I am.

    Congratulations. And thank you. And kudos on hauling that star up the long, long flight of stairs.

  • Rad – celebrate so much! Thanks for sharing the fantastic grounded perspective on hauling stars as well – you made both my day and my husband’s.

  • april

    AAAAGGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!! Congrats, Ms. Meg – that is RAD-TASTIC news. So fantastic, I read the post and may have whooped and even thrown an Arsenio Hall fist-pump. Yep.

    WAY. TO. GO. MEG. You’re brilliant and you rock.

  • Congratulations Meg.
    “In real life, you decide you want something, and then you go out and you work yourself into the ground trying to get it. You ask for what you want, you get told no, and you ask some more”

    Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes “Luck is easy. If you want more luck, take more chances, be more active, show up more often.”

    Can’t wait to read the book, perfect for my late 2012 wedding :)

  • YEA!!!
    As a long time reader here I’ve passed on links to this blog to lots of people. It’s very exciting that I’ll be able to tell them (maybe gush is a better word) about the book when it’s released.

  • Way to haul that star up!

    Even more than being a wedding planning guru, you are well on your way to being an inspirational speaker! Congratulations, Meg!

  • V

    Meg, you’re a bigger inspiration than you realise. I’ve had the outlines of a book proposal scribbled in my notebook and sitting at the back of my head for months. But I’ve been too scared to write, edit and start sending it out.
    Today, I plan to finish work a little earlier than usual, go down to a cafe and take another bash at it. Thanks.

  • This is great news – for you and for anyone involved in a wedding who is lucky enough to read your book (which I already know will be great by the way). Congratulations! I sent links to APW to my intended when we started planning our wedding but I really have no idea if he’s looked at the site. A book though, your eye just can’t help falling on a book and being hit square on by those particularly apt phrases that jump out at you. I’d have liked to have a book to help me get over some of the ideas about getting married that have been kicking around my thanks to APW.

    Best of luck, Meg.

  • Carreg

    Hoorah! I was thinking, when’s she going to publish a book then? Excellent. A book gives the reader a sort of unified view in the way a blog doesn’t. Congratulations! 6,000 – 8,000 words per week? Plus the blog? Definitely something to aspire to. When can I pre-order the book?

  • Angela


  • FK

    Yay!! This is so inspiring, I love it! And, damn I wish I’d had those spreadsheets for my own wedding. Congratulations, and I think it’s so true about the hard-ass work. Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration!

  • You. Are. AWESOME!!!! Way to go!!! *happy dance*

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  • Vanessa

    So excited for this! I work for Perseus Books Group, and I can definitely say that Da Capo is awesome, and you are in fantastic hands.

    I can’t wait to get out and sell this!

  • The biggest congratulations from the other side of the world, Sydney. A huge achievement and I hope you HAVE stopped to big yourself a whopping pat on the back. Utterly well deserved and I can just the cats at Amazon rubbing their hands together at the pre-orders alone!

  • Erin

    Oh my goodness – congratulations! Keep us all posted on your tour schedule – I want to know when you’ll be in and around NY!

  • You are truly powerful and an inspiration. I love reading about your process and know that it doesn’t truly reflect all of the sweat and tears that go into what you do. Every new bride I know is automatically linked to your site and now I can buy them the book. I’m so proud of all that you have done, sounds cheesy, but you’re a role model.

  • Tracy

    Yayayayay! Congratulations!!!! I’ve been a reader of APW for about 3 months, and engaged for about 3 weeks (to my boyfriend of 5 1/2 years…it’s still too weird to call him my fiance). We are very excited to get married, but wedding planning is less than fun, and DAMN could we use your book right about now!! Best wishes to you as you finish the writing process. In the meantime, I will continue reading your blog, planning my October 2011 wedding, and will probably buy your book anyways and wish I had it sooner….cheers!

  • Lauren



  • Congrats, Meg! The first time I read APW, I thought, “Damn! This woman should write a wedding planning book!” And you’re right, there is nothing out there for those of us on “budgets.” Your blog is amazing, life-changing eve, so I am confident your book will be too- I will be buying it even though it will be published after my wedding and you can count on it being a gift to every bride-to-be I know! Come to Canada on your tour!

  • jen

    i’m just coming across this, and as i was just wondering last week, self — when the eff is meg going to get a book deal, she so needs to write one — this is a BIG FUCKING DEAL. !!!!!! it’s thrilling, i can’t think of anyone better to pen the world’s sanest best-ever wedding book, and i will now have to keep blogging just to plug the shit out of it.

    all your hard work and big dreams. you are such a talent, serious — thank you for the inspiration to keep plugging away. xoxox!

  • N2

    SO AWESOME! Looking forward to reading it!


  • N2

    PS. I checked out your blogroll on Wedding Books and I just wanted to say a) I LOVE Elizabeth Gilbert and Anne Lamott and b) I just read How I planned Your Wedding (Susan and Elizabeth Wiggs)- just came out this Feb. I wrote a mini review on my blog but the gist of it was that I highly recommend it. I picked up another copy to gift to a friend who just got engaged.


  • nicole

    Yaaaaay book! I’m a bit behind and catching up on my APW but congratulations!

    And although you say “you can’t give a blog to your girlfriend when she gets engaged”….. Since I found APW & regained my sanity after the initial freak out about how the hell I was going to plan/afford a wedding, your blog is the first thing I’ve told to every one of my friends who has gotten engaged. Well, you know, after congratulations and some girly “squeeeee!”-s and jumping up and down, that is.

  • Congratulations. That’s really wonderful. I am so glad that it’s going to be coming out before I have to do some of my own wedding planning…because I have been searching endlessly for THAT book. I just didn’t know yet that it hadn’t yet been published.

  • Alexandra

    Hurrah, congrats!!!
    Will definitely keep this in mind when I hear of new engagements in the future. ;-)

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