Blue Wedding Dress, Given

The lucky recipient of Erika’s beautiful blue wedding dress is….. Jona! Who said:

What a sweet gesture, Erika…I’ve been drawn to this blog for ages, and I’ve quietly admired your dress from afar. I’m planning my Indian-American wedding in a practical, no fuss, organic way–most of which I attribute to the community of brides and others I’ve found through this blog.

Indian weddings are large, lavish, and sometimes over the top…ours will be small, simple, green, at a small museum outside Boston, with lots of colors (which I love). In our culture, white is worn during grief, and bright colors and silks(blues, greens, reds) are worn at weddings.

I have a red and gold sari to wear during the ceremony, but I’m still torn about what to wear for the reception. I would love to wear your dress, with some of my mother’s Indian jewelry. My favorite color is blue, and my engagement ring that my fiance and I designed together is a greeny-blue sapphire. It is gorgeous and I’d be absolutely honored to wear it on my special day. Thanks again for your kindness, generosity, and wedding inspiration…

Jona, send me your address, and I’ll pass it along to Erika. And remember to send us pictures of the wedding (pretty pretty please!) Cheers, you guys. Cheers.

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