Dress, Offered

If I know one thing, it’s that kindness begets kindness. After my post last week on community I got this email from Erika, who’s wedding you’ll remember from the fall:

Cutting to the chase, I want to give away my wedding dress. I know there are a number of charities through which I could do this, or I could try to sell it here in New York, but today I stumbled upon the idea of offering it up to Team Practical.

I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy from your post today about the community you’ve helped to create, and from Cate Subrosa’s post too. And today is my six-month wedding anniversary (yeah!) and I guess all of these things together got this crazy idea in my head that maybe someone else in this community would want to wear the dress. Our wedding day was extraordinarily joyful, and so I think the dress might carry some pretty great karma too.
So, the dress is blue! I don’t know how many brides want to wear blue, but maybe someone would want it for a bridesmaid / maid of honor / bridal brigade type thing. The dress is slip-style, 100% silk in an aqua/cerulean color, halter-style bodice with straps that cross in back and an A-line skirt (all fully lined). It’s Nicole Miller, size 4 (which I find is more like a 2 in comparable brands — for instance, I wore a size 2 in a J. Crew bridesmaid dress last year). I am 5-foot-7-and-a-half, and I had it hemmed to just graze the floor in my bare feet. I’m shortwaisted, so I had to have the straps taken up about a half-inch. The dress has been drycleaned and is spotless (worn only once!) Only thing I would ask…it would be sweet if I could get a picture of the next wearer of the dress…and it would be a nice gesture if the person could pay for the shipping costs.

I know that someone out there would love to wear this beautiful blue dress on their wedding day, and share a little bit of wedding joy with Erika. So, if this is you, please leave a comment on why you’d like this dress. I’ll let Erika do the honors of passing on the blue wedding dress torch. Comments will be open for one week. Cheers to a year of community!

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  • WOW, Erika – you are wonderful!

    I LOVE this dress, and it sounds like it is just my size! Might have to get it hemmed a bit, as I’m a measly 5’3…

    I’ve worked really hard over the past two years to get into good shape, and have lost over 30 pounds. More than that, I’ve gained back my self-confidence! My favorite feature is my strong back muscles, which I could totally show off in this dress!

    While I already have my wedding dress, I’d love to possibly wear this for my Rehearsal Dinner, and then bust it out again for one of our fancy-schmancy honeymoon cruise ship dinners!

    See, already I can think of TWO occasions for this beautiful dress to come off the hanger. A pretty dress like that deserves to be WORN:)

    THANK YOU for your generosity!

  • What a sweet gesture, Erika…I’ve been drawn to this blog for ages, and I’ve quietly admired your dress from afar. I’m planning my Indian-american wedding in a practical, no fuss, organic way–most of which I attribute to the community of brides and others I’ve found thru this blog.

    Indian weddings are large, lavish, and sometimes over the top…ours will be small, simple, green, at a small museum outside Boston, with lots of colors (which I love). In our culture, white is worn during grief, and bright colors and silks(blues, greens, reds) are worn at weddings.

    I have a red and gold sari to wear during the ceremony, but I’m still torn about what to wear for the reception. I would love to wear your dress, with some of my mother’s Indian jewelry. My favorite color is blue, and my engagement ring that my fiance and I designed together is a greeny-blue sapphire.

    I’m happy to pay for shipping costs and/or pay you for the dress…its gorgeous and I’d be absolutely honored to wear it on my special day. Thanks again for your kindness, generosity, and wedding inspiration…


  • I want to complement you on both your generosity and your choice of gorgeous non-white dress. The first thing I did after my engagement, by accident, was to buy the first dress I tried on, a midnight blue cocktail dress. And ever since then, despite hating the idea of wearing a white dress, I constantly feel second thoughts about my choice. None of the wedding blogs that I surf every day (except this one) show non-white wedding dresses. No matter how gorgeous the dress is, if its anything but white, it is relegated as a bridesmaids dress. And I never see any brides in those gorgeous colorful dresses. Until today. Thank you thank you thank you for not wearing white to your wedding. And I sincerely hope that whoever you choose to give your wedding dress to, that they wear it for their wedding. Not the rehearsal dinner (sorry Emily) and certainly not as a bridesmaids dress.

  • Shanna

    What a sweet and thoughtful offer! It will certainly help someone greatly. No more worries about something blue ;-)

  • Meg

    Hey Sera,
    Go play around in my archives. I do have a lot of brides wearing white, but I definitly have some brides NOT wearing white (not so many as offbeat bride, but some for sure).


  • Erika, that is the sweetest thing. You’re so lovely, for not just thinking about it, but going ahead and doing it.

    And it’s a beautiful dress. And blue is *so* chic for a bride.

    Gah, I just love this.

  • Sera,
    Thanks for the sweet comment. I too had second thoughts about wearing a blue wedding dress after I bought it. But I am so glad I did. It was so “me” – as many people told me at the wedding. I’m sure you’ll be gorgeous in your blue cocktail wedding dress.

  • What a generous bride! That’s really sweet, and I can’t wait to see the pics of the gal who gets it :)

  • *sigh* I really love this little blogosphere word of independent, fabulous, practical brides. The dress isn’t my size (hopefully soon) but I just wanted to say how wonderful it is that you want to do this. I’m sure you’ll make someone very happy.

  • Princess Amanda

    Here is an idea… When is everyone’s big day? Maybe each of you could have a turn wearing it…. It could be sisterhood of the traveling dress! No reason to think that it can only be worn one more time!