Dress, Offered

If I know one thing, it’s that kindness begets kindness. After my post last week on community I got this email from Erika, who’s wedding you’ll remember from the fall:

Cutting to the chase, I want to give away my wedding dress. I know there are a number of charities through which I could do this, or I could try to sell it here in New York, but today I stumbled upon the idea of offering it up to Team Practical.

I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy from your post today about the community you’ve helped to create, and from Cate Subrosa’s post too. And today is my six-month wedding anniversary (yeah!) and I guess all of these things together got this crazy idea in my head that maybe someone else in this community would want to wear the dress. Our wedding day was extraordinarily joyful, and so I think the dress might carry some pretty great karma too.
So, the dress is blue! I don’t know how many brides want to wear blue, but maybe someone would want it for a bridesmaid / maid of honor / bridal brigade type thing. The dress is slip-style, 100% silk in an aqua/cerulean color, halter-style bodice with straps that cross in back and an A-line skirt (all fully lined). It’s Nicole Miller, size 4 (which I find is more like a 2 in comparable brands — for instance, I wore a size 2 in a J. Crew bridesmaid dress last year). I am 5-foot-7-and-a-half, and I had it hemmed to just graze the floor in my bare feet. I’m shortwaisted, so I had to have the straps taken up about a half-inch. The dress has been drycleaned and is spotless (worn only once!) Only thing I would ask…it would be sweet if I could get a picture of the next wearer of the dress…and it would be a nice gesture if the person could pay for the shipping costs.

I know that someone out there would love to wear this beautiful blue dress on their wedding day, and share a little bit of wedding joy with Erika. So, if this is you, please leave a comment on why you’d like this dress. I’ll let Erika do the honors of passing on the blue wedding dress torch. Comments will be open for one week. Cheers to a year of community!

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