Book Club Location Madness!


Well, I said I was going to update you on book club locations for our bookclub meetup this Saturday, 9/11, but Emily really went above and beyond. Please click the above image (twice!) to see it nice and big, and see exactly where your local meetup is being held. We’re still waiting on locations and times for Atlanta, Australia, Cleveland, Lexington, London, LA, Portland, and Madison. If those are your locations, go check Facebook for more information. In fact, if you have any questions at all go to Facebook for more information and find your cities meet-up thread.

Now! Some people have requested that I come up with a list of bookclub questions to kick off discussion and break the ice. My brain is totally tapped out, but any of you that have read or are reading The Commitment and have suggested questions, throw them out in the comment area. Just questions though, no discussion! No fair to start that all early-like. (Seriously, I’m totally going to take down early discussion, and that would be lame, so don’t make me do it.) If we get a good batch of questions, I’ll throw out suggestions on Saturday morning.

As for the rest of you, get reading!

Bay Area ladies, I’ll see you on Saturday. Just pass me a brownie and a cocktail please. A big cocktail.


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  • Eliza

    Woop!! I’m excited!!

    I whizzed through this book as soon as it arrived in the mail, and loved it to pieces. (Nice choice Meg!)

    Some immediate thoughts for questions:

    How do you think the relationships modelled by your family of origin helped or hindered you in molding your own relationship/s?
    How do you think the relationships modelled by your family of origin helped or hindered you in deciding to get married (or not to get married, or when to get married, etc)?
    To what extent does the way that the government where you live constructs marriage make you think differently about getting married and being married? (Including but by no means limited to the issue of gay marriage.)
    Would you kill your partner if they insisted you take a cross country road trip with a small child or a dog? (Kidding! But then, not so much kidding… I am reallyreally not good with long car trips, even just by myself. I would not do so well with what they did in the book!)

    Can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with :D

    (Also if these questions are somewhat essayish, please excuse me – I’m the product of a ridiculously long period of time in liberal arts degrees…)

  • Ohhhhh! Hadley, MA is only an hour and a half away, and I would otherwise be SO THERE, but I can’t go because that’s the day some of my favorite ladies in the world are taking me out for margaritas to celebrate my 9/17 wedding! It will just cut it too close. Bummer. :(

  • There’s a small group of us in Baltimore meeting up at 7 pm at the Owl Bar in Mt. Vernon.

  • Penelope

    If the book came with an *exactly! button, which line would you choose?

    • meg

      I love this one. I know what I’d pick!

    • ooooo great question! There are so many right now – I’ll need to narrow down. ;) And I need to get to reading! I was super late getting started (just bought it a few days ago…). Hoping to finish by Saturday! Eeps!

  • Blerg! I still can’t believe these were scheduled the weekend after I left SF. I would have loved to meet you and to see Emily again!! Ah well. Perhaps I will go to the Boston meet-up. It’s pretty awesome that this is happening at all!

    • Don’t worry Steff, I’m sure there will be more after your return to SF! And when that happens, you’re in charge of food!

  • Just wanted to say that I loved the book (Meg has excellent taste in books, I intend on reading my way through all her recommendations eventually) and am gutted I can’t go to the London meetup as it’s my daughter’s first birthday party that day! Can’t wait to hear all about it though.

  • abby_wan_kenobi

    Eeeeeeee!!!! It’s wrong how excited I am, but I am so freaking excited. Can’t wait to see the ladies of NC.

    Here’s a question – Savage puts out a bunch of different arguments for and against getting married. Which did you identify with most? Was this something that factored into your decision to get married?

  • Yaaay, so glad the NYC meet up is earlier in the day, so I can go. So excited to meet everyone!

  • I can’t believe the Philly meet up is the second-earliest in the day.

    …Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just sayin’.

  • KristieB


    I am in limbo between Edmonton and Calgary these days. I am hoping I come down there this weekend so I can make it to the event. Eeeeee!

  • Alice

    Savage addresses fidelity/monogamy, and the need for couples to be up front with each other about it. Is a marriage defined by monogamy? Should it be?

    • meg

      Goooooood stuff.

  • I’m bummed I have to work & I am missing the NYC meet-up. Have fun ladies!!!

    • meg

      Don’t worry, I think we’ll do this again, judging by the totally overwhelming response :)

      • Oh, good!
        We’re having the celebration of our wedding on this side of the ocean on the 11th, so I will definitely miss this one. But I hope to be more available (and/or in North America!) for the next one!

        • meg


      • When you do, I’ll spearhead an Albany NY meetup. :)

    • KD

      Me too! I vote not on a Saturday for the next book club!

  • Vmed

    Did anyone else have trouble finding a copy of the book or is that just me?

    • Vmed

      ok it turns out I’m just inept.

      But Barnes & Noble definitely didn’t have any in stock and I think that’s dumb. For the record.

      • Jess

        I checked all my local bookstores and couldn’t find it. I had to order it from amazon. I thought it was a bit odd.

        • meg

          It’s been out for 6 years, that’s why.

    • abby_wan_kenobi

      But it’s totally available for Kindle – which is so very important to me!

  • Mariela

    Los Anegeles Ladies! We have details!!

    The Date: Sept 11
    The Time: 1 pm
    The Place: Square One Dining (

    Thrilled to be meeting you all :)

  • Rizubunny

    Something I’d like to talk about…

    How do you feel about a person who refers to his or her significant other as husband or wife when they are not married? Or referring to others who are not married as husband or wife. *To be clear – I’m NOT talking about people who DO view each other as married (whether legally or not) – but rather to the use of the term husband/wife in a much less sacred/meaningful context.

    E.g., my partner and I have a friend who, when one of us talks to her on the phone, will say “say hi to your wife.” But we’re not married yet, so she’s not my wife. Or a friend of ours who refers to someone as her “gay husband” or her “work husband.”

    What does the use of these terms indicate? Is it good? Bad? Does it matter? Does it bother you? Generally, discuss :)

    • Rizubunny

      Edit: …to the use of the term husband/wife in a much less sacred/meaningful context.

      should read:
      …to the use of the term husband/wife in what I view as a much less sacred/meaningful context.

  • I am so jealous. I do hope that I will get to join in the fun for the next book club meeting.

  • Joanna

    Hi! I found this blog AFTER the book club meet up… GRRRR. However, I also have just relocated to Reno, from San Francisco… (double GRRR) and I was wondering whether a) you are thinking there will be more meetups; and b) are there any practical brides in Reno? Because I love me a book club and I need to find some teammembers… and nothing is better than a cocktail, brownie and a good book, in my Book.