Book Tour By Amtrak: Atlanta to New Orleans

Good morning y’all. And by morning, I mean afternoon, because I slept in. I’m in New Orleans right now, facing a weekend of mostly-not-working. I’ve got Amtrak to thank for making that happen in the least stressful way possible. Yesterday, Maddie and I (along with Claire… yes, an APW reader decided to book an Amtrak trip already) hopped the train in Atlanta. Maddie and Claire had breakfast together (On the New Orleans line they serve sweet potato pancakes and grits. I know.) while I napped on the enormous couch in our bedroom. Then Maddie wandered back to the room… and I napped some more. We pondered working, but instead the day ended up being a giant slumber party where we both caught up on much needed rest.

And then, rather suddenly, we were in my (second) favorite city in the United States, just in time for Krewe du Vieux. And all I’m saying is that you should pay very close attention on Tuesday morning because we might be hosting an exciting Amtrak and New Orleans related…. something. I can’t say more than that because I have to go test out the city for you and just make sure it’s not broken. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it. So far, I’ve stuffed my face, and danced till midnight in the middle of the street to an amazing brass band. But really, I’m just getting started. After weeks of working insanely hard on the road, I’ve decided that New Orleans is my reward. In fact, New Orleans might just be a giant comic reward for all of us. I’d type more, but NOLA calls. Let’s meet back here Tuesday and discuss. Hint, hint, get excited.

Pictures from Instagram, where I’m documenting the trip. Follow me on Twitter for more.

**This post was made possible by Amtrak, who is sponsoring the book tour. Thank you Amtrak!**

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