Book Tour By Amtrak: Boston to NYC

BOSTON! Holy Moly, Boston, you were incredible (and yes, pictures and more coming tomorrow). But now, I’m on Amtrak (God bless them) on the commuter train (yeah Acela!) to New York. And I’m having champagne. On the train. Because that’s what you do when you just finished your first ever national NPR interview (listen to it here). I mean, talk about having something to celebrate! In Boston I had two NPR interviews, my first TV interview, a completely packed book event where the books sold out before I started speaking, and a national interview on Talk of the Nation. Rather clearly, I need a nap. Which I get, courtesy of Amtrak’s relaxing hum and riding in first class (Amtrak, I love you), which means free ponies food and drink. I just ordered the short rib. What??

Seriously, I’m swimming in gratitude for all of you right now. And shortly, I’ll be swimming in dreams. I’m typing this up for you fast because you and I both know that I’m going to fall right asleep in five seconds, which, really, is the whole joy of the train. Years ago, I used to take the plane from New York to Boston or New York to DC. I hated it. It was stressful, I had to run to the airport, run through security, run on the plane, take off, land, get a cab back to the city, blah. And then one day I added up the time it took, and realized that all in, flying took four hours out of my day, and I could have taken the train. During which I could have been asleep. Because that is How I Do on the commuter train.

So off I go, toasting, eating, and then sleeping. See you soon, New York City! I’ve missed you.

Pictures from Instagram, where I’m documenting the trip. Follow me on Twitter for more. I’ll do a proper photo round up at some point, never fear.

**This post was made possible by Amtrak, who is sponsoring my book tour. Thank you Amtrak!**

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  • maura

    boston was SO much fun! we loved seeing you… and most of all, i think we all loved hanging out with each other!

    enjoy nyc!

  • That photo of you in the booth is too much. So exciting. See you Saturday when it’s our turn to toast you!

  • I listened to you live! It was awesome! Congratulations!!!

  • Congrats! Acela from Boston to NYC is worth every sanity saving penny when I’m on the East Coast. Glad my old home treated you right. And I heard you met two of my BFFs. YAY! Now sleep! (oh and the NPR interview was great!)

  • Mandy

    Grrr, missed the interview but woke up today thinking, ‘today’s Meg’s big day!’ So proud of you lady! I’ve been lurking in the shadows ever since our 2009 wedding but I’ve SO enjoyed watching all the big moves & shakes. Congrats (and bubbly!) to you, my dear!

  • carrie

    You were fantastic! Swelling with pride today for you and the APW community! See you Monday!

  • i already said it on twitter, but anyway, boston loved having you! your talk was great and it was super awesome to see you in person! thanks for coming and thanks to lauren for the tasty cookies. enjoy your train ride!

  • Meg, you have a beautiful voice! Can you make an audio version of the book? ;)

  • Julia

    I caught the Talk of the Nation interview live and you were lovely! So fun to finally hear your voice! (Despite literally driving through Porter Square last night I wasn’t able to make it to the reading.) Congratulations on all of these great thing coming your way, from a long time if rather silent APW-er!

  • Fermi

    You sound different than what I imagined, but still love it!! I’m listening through your link since I couldn’t listen at work! Congrats!

  • Just listened to it – AWESOME job, Meg! Can’t wait for the LA (well, Pas) book signing!

  • NPR! Go you!!!

    And I’m totally digging the cross country Amtrak adventure thing. The hubster and I imagine ourselves traveling and going on funky adventures WITH kids and babies some day. Amtrak makes me think we can really make that happen.

  • Sarah

    I got in the car this afternoon, turned on the radio and heard… a practical wedding with Meg Keene. You were fantastic! Congratulations!

  • Kelly

    Just listened, you were wonderful! APW and NPR are two of my favorite things, so it was such a treat to hear you on the show today. Congratulations!

  • I am soo happy for you. Can’t wait to get home (at the end of the day) and listen to you.
    Hugs to you, congratulations… and more joy to come.

  • Emily

    I’m in the middle of planning our wedding, and We’re flying home for a whole slew of appointments at the venue etc… Both my mom and I have been a tad stressed about “all the things we must buy” in anticipation of my visit, so I didn’t have high hopes when she called me right after I left work yesterday. To my great surprise, she was was bubbling over with excitement after having heard you on NPR. We don’t NEED chair covers! No one will care if there is no champagne for the toast! We don’t NEED fireworks and a 100 member marching band to play your song and a horse drawn carriage! So thank you again, for telling her on live radio what she couldn’t hear from me no matter how many times I said it. Oh, and you were fabulous. Well done!

  • Elizabeth

    You were awesome last night!!! I was driving home (from DC to Maryland on 270) so I couldn’t call in (though I’m not planning a wedding), you were just so awesome!

  • Harriet

    I just love these train travel stories. I have to travel from the Midwest to Louisiana this spring, and you have inspired me to take Amtrak. I was dreading the prospect of multi-stop flights, and now I’m really excited about the trip. So thanks for sharing your journey with us, Meg!

  • Allie

    Just listened to the interview- LOVE it!

    And I had to comment because, if for no other reason, champagne is why one should ride the rails. I live in Europe and frequently opt for train travel (last year saw London to Tangier for a long weekend getaway) and there’s always at least a mini bottle of champers tucked into my bag… :) It’s the only civilized way to travel!

    Enjoy the remainder of the trip!

  • Rachel

    When are you coming to Minneapolis?????? Please!

    You’re the only wedding blog I still read since getting married 1.5 years ago, and it would be an honor to have a book signed by you!

  • Meg, I love this blog and your book and you and what this all stands for, you know that.

    I do have to say though I feel a little judged by the fact that my guy and I plan to have a wedding with many, many guests, a gust list of around 250 including babies. Our wedding party is small 1-3 people standing with each of us and we don’t necessarily consider ourselves traditional wedding folk. We are fortunate that there is a large family on my mom’s side that we are happy to include. I have fantastic memories of being at and in my older cousins weddings, and I want to share that feeling with others at this big party celebrating our love. I’ve never met his mom’s friends, but she is important to us and they are important to her, of course we will include these soon to be new friends. So our wedding might be 250 people and be edging closer to 20k than we originally imagined but it’s still a practical, unique, budget conscious, sane, and what we envision.

    I will clarify that these families are very fortunate to have a sane, social, loving, hilarious interactions where no one is there to make the day all about them instead of making a great memories of the day.

    I’d love the hear how other feels a large wedding guest list fits into the Practical Wedding idea.

    (I’m listening to the KQED podcast now, and I feel this is a little less of an issue as you share your family is 70 on its own.)

    • Oh look at that… right at 33m (on QKED story) a whole section on if your guest list is important!

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