Book Tour By Amtrak: Boston to NYC

BOSTON! Holy Moly, Boston, you were incredible (and yes, pictures and more coming tomorrow). But now, I’m on Amtrak (God bless them) on the commuter train (yeah Acela!) to New York. And I’m having champagne. On the train. Because that’s what you do when you just finished your first ever national NPR interview (listen to it here). I mean, talk about having something to celebrate! In Boston I had two NPR interviews, my first TV interview, a completely packed book event where the books sold out before I started speaking, and a national interview on Talk of the Nation. Rather clearly, I need a nap. Which I get, courtesy of Amtrak’s relaxing hum and riding in first class (Amtrak, I love you), which means free ponies food and drink. I just ordered the short rib. What??

Seriously, I’m swimming in gratitude for all of you right now. And shortly, I’ll be swimming in dreams. I’m typing this up for you fast because you and I both know that I’m going to fall right asleep in five seconds, which, really, is the whole joy of the train. Years ago, I used to take the plane from New York to Boston or New York to DC. I hated it. It was stressful, I had to run to the airport, run through security, run on the plane, take off, land, get a cab back to the city, blah. And then one day I added up the time it took, and realized that all in, flying took four hours out of my day, and I could have taken the train. During which I could have been asleep. Because that is How I Do on the commuter train.

So off I go, toasting, eating, and then sleeping. See you soon, New York City! I’ve missed you.

Pictures from Instagram, where I’m documenting the trip. Follow me on Twitter for more. I’ll do a proper photo round up at some point, never fear.

**This post was made possible by Amtrak, who is sponsoring my book tour. Thank you Amtrak!**

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