Book Tour By Amtrak: New Orleans to Houston


This morning, when I got on the train in New Orleans, it suddenly felt like I was on my way home. Maybe it was because West Coast trains (west of New Orleans and Chicago) are different, and I was suddenly back on my old friend the double decker train. Maybe it’s because in exactly a week I’ll be heading into San Francisco. Maybe it’s because Maddie left this afternoon for the airport. Maybe it was the wheels whispering “home, home, home” to me. But suddenly it felt like the last leg of the tour was upon me.

Mostly I’ve worked like a crazy person all day today, preparing the exciting surprise coming at you Wednesday, thanks to Amtrak. But I did take a few hours to stare out the window. I saw small towns, fishing boats, levees, and houses on stilts. And in Louisiana, people in small towns look you in the eye, grin at you, and wave as the train goes by. It’s sort of magical. Then I read a chapter in my book (the first chapter I’ve read in a month). And I decided to take all my meals in my room… just because I can, and because it’s cozy in here. For lunch I had red beans and rice, and bourbon and pecan pie. For dinner I’m having fried chicken. And yes, they are as good as they sound.

I’m excited for my final book events in Austin and LA. But I’m really thrilled to take some proper downtime on my last and longest trip of the tour, later this week. And to see my family and my husband in LA, and to go home. Because coming home, change forever, is the best part of adventures. Thanks, Amtrak, for getting me there with grace. And see you tomorrow, Austin.

Pictures from Instagram, where I’m documenting the trip. Follow me on Twitter for more. I’ll do a proper photo round up at some point, never fear.

**This post was made possible by Amtrak, who is sponsoring my book tour. Thank you Amtrak!**

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