Bridal Shower Favors: For When You’re Feeling Extra AF

No shame in that game

Bridal shower favors are about as necessary as flower crowns at your office coffee hour. In short, nobody expects them, but if you have them, invite me. If you’re the kind of person who likes to be a little extra when throwing a party, favors are a great way to up the ante. (Plus if you’re doing a bridal shower with a theme, favors are the way to bring that thing home.) And? Spoiling people is fun.

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So we’ve gathered the best real, usable bridal shower favor ideas: we have DIY bridal shower favors, the best Etsy bridal shower favors (because God knows you don’t have ten hours to spare finding the exact right thing in that rabbit hole), plus affordable favors, and that perfect unique thing that will make you look like you have impeccable taste (because who doesn’t want that?). Here is our list of ideas for trinkets, baubles, and cute little parcels to hand out to your people at the shower.

Our Favorite Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

  • Personalized Spa Jars
  • Diamond Wine Charms
  • Watermelon Cakes in Jars
  • Sugar Scrub Bars
  • Beeswax Fabric Food Wraps
  • DIY Bitters & Recipes
  • The Perfect Mug
  • Tea Blend Recipes
  • Tiny Bouquets
  • Rose Quartz Necklace
  • Personalized Luggage Tags
  • Signature Hats
  • Weekly Notepad Set
  • Japanese Korean Wood Spoon Utensil Set
  • Floral Palo Santo Smudge Bundle
  • “YES” Standard Baggu
  • Little Lovabel Photo Albums
  • The Future is Female
  • Red Lion Amaryllis Growing Kit
  • Custom Photo Calendar
  • Fucking Fabulous Lip Color
  • Parasols for Guests
  • Perfume Rollerballs
  • Personalized Pashminas
  • High Note Market List
  • Coconut Sunglasses
  • Letterpress Cards

Bridal Shower Favors: DIY Edition

beauty products packaged in jars and tied with bows for bridal shower favors

Personalized Spa Jars

Fill this cute-as-pie Spa in a Jar with products that match the wedding colors. Make them yourself from these DIY instructions with a free printable.

Three wine glasses with multicolored gem-shaped wine charms for bridal shower favors

Diamond Wine Charms

Wine charms personalized to the receiver will also be lifesavers when your two best friends get a little too mimosa-ed and can’t remember whose glass is whose. Source them locally or online, or try your hand at these sweet DIY jewels.

Cakes in mason jars dyed to look like watermelons, with spoons tied with twine for bridal shower favors

Watermelon Cakes in Jars

How deliciously precious are these watermelon cakes-in-jars? Check out the recipe and instructions for assembling these mason jar cuties.

Pink body bars next to a jar of rose petals for bridal shower favors

Sugar Scrub Bars

Anything rose screams “bridal shower” to me, so these DIY sugar scrub bars are perfection.

Buttoned beeswax pouch with a sandwich inside for bridal shower favors

Beeswax Fabric Food Wraps

These beeswax button-ups are a level up from the classic zero-waste DIY, beeswax fabric wraps. (Or you can always simplify your party planning by buying beeswax food wraps and adding a button and twine.) Plus, they’re absolutely adorable.

An assortment of cocktail accessories, bitters and ingredients on a wooden cutting board for bridal shower favors

DIY Bitters & Recipes

Homemade bitters favors will definitely impress. These four recipes look especially yum (with a bonus Manhattan recipe!). Hey, and you can test them out in cocktails at the shower!

tea party bridal shower favors

Three prettily painted mugs on a white background for bridal shower favors

Suite One Studio Mimira Mug

Everyone could use a cute cuppa in the morning, whether it’s for tea or coffee. Give your crew semi-matching ones, with slight tweaks to fit their personal styles.

Piles of six different tea blends on a wooden table for bridal shower favors

Tea Blend Recipes

Homemade tea blends are absolutely charming favor ideas—especially if your shower is an afternoon tea! Learn how to blend your own here.

Hand holding two little bouquets of flowers for bridal shower favors

Tiny Bouquets

The dearest, wee bouquets for each of your people. Making things smaller somehow makes things better (and more affordable).

Blonde woman wearing rose quartz necklace for bridal shower favors

Rose Quartz Necklace

Pretty and versatile, these rose quartz necklaces will also give your crew all kinds of calming energy.

Bridal Shower Favors: etsy’s best

Light pink leather luggage tags and stamped with fun phrases for bridal shower favors

Personalized Luggage Tags

Personalized luggage tags with witty sayings are ideal for making bags stand out while traveling to a destination wedding.

Sun hats with the words "life's a beach" on them, on a table with tropical-themed favor bags for bridal shower favors

Signature Hats

Say it right with outspoken sun hats to wear to a beach wedding or bachelorette weekend, like these cute babes. DIY and make your own, like we did here, or look to Etsy for tons of super cute options.

Weekly notepad with leaf design for bridal shower favors

Weekly Notepad Set

Actually functional, adorable, and in a muted color? These mousepad-size weekly notepads have it all.

Bamboo utensils and printed carrying pouch on a napkin for bridal shower favors

Japanese Korean Wood Spoon Utensil Set

Keep the zero-waste gifts coming! And these cute little sets of utensils come with a sweet pouch.

unique Bridal Shower Favors

Bundle of florals and palo santo tied with twine for bridal shower favors

Floral Palo Santo Smudge Bundle

These pretty smudging and palo santo sets will put your squad’s vibe in order for the wedding day.

Woman in white holding reusable orange bag with the word YES on it for bridal shower favors

Standard Baggu

We say yes to eco-friendly, reusable bags—and so will everyone else. Especially when they look as good as the newest Baggu.

Four brightly colored photo albums on a table for bridal shower favors

Little Lovabel Photo Albums

Your crew can use these pretty little photo albums to store their memories from the wedding weekend—or, you know, anything else they want.

An art print saying "the future is female", held up by a hand for bridal shower favors

The Future is Female

We love the idea of small, kick-ass art they’ll actually want, like this fierce-AF piece.

Red amaryllis flowers for bridal shower favors

Red Lion Amaryllis Growing Kit

So hear me out: I got these amaryllis bulbs for Christmas and they were a total delight. Like getting flowers, but you grow them yourself (they’re super easy though!), which seriously gives me so much joy. Pass that joy to the couple’s best people.

Arrangement of photo calendars for bridal shower favors

Custom Photo Calendar

A whole calendar of cute/cool photos made by you is equal parts a great gift and creative masterpiece. This is best for a small bridal shower full of beloved-to-you guests, because it’s gonna be a little time-consuming.

Red lipstick on white background for bridal shower favors

Fucking Fabulous Lip Color

This fire-hydrant-red, ultra-fierce shade is called Fucking Fabulous. ’Cause all your folx are.

cheap Bridal Shower Favors

White parasols in a basket for bridal shower favors

Parasols for Guests

Pretty (and majorly Instagrammable) parasol accessories for the wedding and beyond.

Assortment of seven NEST brand perfumes in front of box for bridal shower favors

Perfume Rollerballs

Pocket-size fragrances in different scents to match your squad’s personalities? Love.

Stack of purple pashminas for bridal shower favors

Personalized Pashminas

These pashminas (in the wedding colors, of course) double as wraps on the wedding day itself.

Colorful notepad with market and vegetable designs for bridal shower favors

High Note Market List

A cheerful market pad is basically universally useful. Bonus points for fun colors and a magnet for the fridge, like this happy little one.


Coconut cocktail–shaped sunglasses for bridal shower favors

Coconut Sunglasses

I know I could always use another pair of novelty sunglasses—especially when heading to a destination wedding in the tropics.

Three cards in a variety of colors on a white table for bridal shower favors

Letterpress Cards

Sweet stationery, like these cool letterpress cards from Heartell Press. Gift your people a full pack each, dole out in one or two customized choices, or drop one in each favor goody bag.

Who’s planning a bridal shower (or having one planned for them)? Are you doing a theme, or keeping it really low key? If you’re tempted by favors, share what you really want to get, or receive, in the comments.

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