Classic APW: David’s Only Guest Post Ever

You know how you guys are always begging for David to do a guest post? Well he did one. Once. Two years ago. I know that by now we’ve trod back and forth over these ideas for a bit, but it’s DAVID, and you get to hear him in his own words, instead of through my (rather substantial) filter. So I figured that was the best Friday present I could give you. And now I’m going to go back to prepping Wedding Graduate posts until my fingers fall off. And drinking. But now, David himself:David here, the “better half” at chez practical. I have been asked, well maybe more persuasively requested, to write a guest blog from the other-gendered point-of-view. I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with something to write for this first guest blog and decided that it may be best to use my insights into the male mind to aid you all along in the happiest day of YOUR life.

Which brings me to my point: It’s not the happiest day in your life. There are many reasons for this. First, I hope to God, for the sake of each and every one of you, that your wedding does not end up being the happiest day in your life. Children, grandchildren, promotions, hell, even a great vacation – these should be the happiest days in your life. The point – they’re well ahead of you, perhaps somewhere around the age of 45 (and if you ARE 45, let’s say 75). Most importantly, though, and I know that the industry is myopically unaware of this fact, there is another person there: Your Groom (my apologies to my LGBT friends for this gendered post).

I know, sometimes he doesn’t seem to be listening as you tell him about the great dress you just saw online. But let me just remind you that sometimes you do this in the middle of something he’s watching on tv. But trust me, he’s interested. But here’s the sticky part, he’s not interested in every detail. Think “He’s just not into you”, with “you” replaced by fill-in-the-blank (flowers, placecards, centerpieces). Let me repeat this for the back of the room, he’s not interested. No, this doesn’t mean he secretly-has-an-opinion-but-he-
is-afraid-to-say-it. I have this conversation all the time with Meg – sometimes my mind is a blank slate of opinion.** No amount of sitting down and reflecting on my feelings is going to change that. It’s done. There’s nothing there. Live with it.

But just because he’s not interested in all the details, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about the wedding reflecting both of your tastes. For example, I put down my foot: No Pastels! I can’t stand the flowery, poofy, pastelly “romantic” look. And you know what? If I really can’t stand it, it shouldn’t be in the wedding. I want to be able to look back at pictures of my wedding day and think that the lack of pale blue/light pink color combinations was because it was OUR wedding, and not just my partner’s.

So just like you need to sit down with your parents and ask them what they feel is important (because it’s not just the collective YOUR day, it’s partly their day too), ask your partner. If it’s only one thing, your job is easy. If it’s more, listen to the reasons. If there are no reasons, don’t push. Sometimes there are no reasons. The male mind is one big Id sometimes, and that’s ok.

**Note from Meg: It’s just that I can’t imagine not having a opinion about something. Heck, if I don’t care, I make up a opinion just so I can have a point of view. One of the many reasons I’m a DELIGHT, I tell you!

Picture: What David secretly dreams our wedding will look like. Or did he say it was his nightmare? Can’t remember.

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