Corey Torpie Photography in New York City Pays It Forward

I dare you to look at the photos and not smile your face off

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Who: Corey Torpie Photography

Why: Because you’re sick and tired of looking at portfolios for New York wedding photographers and wondering why everyone looks so pissed off. No problem, Corey Torpie’s got you. Her work is filled with the kind of energy that makes you feel like you were actually there. Big happy grins. Lots of confetti. The good stuff. I mean, what else would you expect from someone who had a rooftop pizza party for her own wedding? And as if that wasn’t enough to put emoji hearts in your eyes, Corey Torpie is also the kind of wedding photographer who gives away a free wedding each year to a couple whose profession(s) are about giving back to their community (and spoiler alert: she hasn’t chosen 2016’s free wedding yet). In short: Corey is as awesome as her work is. And once you see the photos, you’ll understand that’s very awesome.

Where/How Much: Corey is based in Queens, but girlfriend travels all over the world—like, we’re talking a wedding in Sri Lanka here, a wedding in Switzerland there, and also covering the Tri-State area like it’s nothing. Rates begin at ,995, and Corey has a set domestic travel fee of $1,000 for anywhere in the US. Oh and rumor has it, Corey is extending a special APW-only discount at the end of this post. But you didn’t hear it from me.


My favorite thing about Corey Torpie’s work? Everything is so effortless. Because that’s the thing no one tells you about all those angry looking wedding photos. It actually takes work to stand there and look like you’re not having the time of your life. (I mean, modeling is a job, y’all.) But Corey Torpie Photography isn’t about that. Just look at the photos:


You can’t make that shit up. Says Corey:

My main goal while photographing weddings is to go with the flow of the day and capture moments as they truly are. I’m a firm believer that your wedding is an awesome celebration and not a photo shoot. With the exception of family and couples portraits you won’t hear me interjecting or asking for things to be done over. At the end of the day I want your collection of photos to reflect how your wedding really went down, with all the chaos, love, and imperfection that really goes along with that.

I especially love working with APW couples because of the recognition they have that their wedding is all about each other, friends and family and celebrating their butts off together.
I smile a lot when I’m working, because while I take what I do very seriously, being invited into such an important day in people’s lives is just the best. I have a lot of fun with my couples and their willingness to open their lives up to me on this crazy, beautiful, meaningful day helps create a partnership in documenting the day as it really was.

And it shows:
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Wedding Photographer by Day, Philanthropist by Night

While we’re on the subject of things that will make you smile, Corey is in her sixth year of one of my favorite personal projects of all time: One Free Wedding. Which is exactly what it sounds like. Free wedding photography. No strings attached. How do you become the couple who gets this awesome gift, you ask? You (or your partner) need to be in a profession that gives back to your community in a truly great, positive way. All you have to do to enter is send an email to with the subject ONE FREE WEDDING. In fact, if you get a move on it, you might be able to snag the yet-to-be-awarded 2016 spot. Corey said:

I started my One Free Wedding project in the early stages of my business and it’s led to a lot of great experiences and learning opportunities. I think it is truly important to honor the people in our communities who have made a career of giving back and enriching the world around them. I got into photography professionally because I saw it as a great way to tell a story and this project has given me the chance to tell the stories of a lot of badass couples I may otherwise not have had the chance to.

And when Corey isn’t giving back to her community with free wedding photography, she is out making it a better place. Case in point: a few years ago Corey heard that the International Center of Photography was teaching kids how to shoot photos and use a darkroom, and she immediately wanted to be part of it.  As she said:

Being back in the darkroom, especially with kids who have grown up on camera phones, is a lot of fun and very often hilarious. Watching them experience their first print never gets old. It’s always a lot of “oohs” and “ahhs” and “Oh, wow that’s how this works.” I remember having those feelings about printing myself when I learned (I think I was about fifteen as well) and it’s a really great thing to be able to share.


So if you’re looking for a New York wedding photographer who’s going to give you something different than what you’ve seen a hundred other times, and who is as passionate about your city as you are, then Corey Torpie is it.

book your Wedding Photography with COREY TORPIE before January 31, 2016, and get $350 off your wedding package! (Just remember to mention this post WHEN INQUIRING!)

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