Are You A 2020 #CovidCouple?

Your (new!) monthly open thread

For many years I worked as a camp counselor, at one of the very few remaining backcountry summer camps in the US. This means, that as teenager and young adult I took groups of kids on long hikes into the forest while they carried two days worth of supplies on their backs. What I learned from that is that the saying ‘it’s a marathon, not a sprint’, isn’t just a thing people say. It’s very very true, and how people survive. If you try to go 100% and hold yourself to the highest standards during a really long challenge, you will burn out. You have to pace yourself through tough sh*t.

I also learned that everyone needs a complaining break. On every long, hard, strenuous, and sweaty hike I would promise my campers that we would stop every 30 minutes or so and they would get some time to yell, whine, and complain.

Welp, APW #CovidCouples—this is your complaining break.

But also, this is a place to connect. With each other (Hey! You’re not the only #PandemicBride.) And with us (Hi, we love you.)

You’ve got the APW team at your back, and right now I’m 100% on deck to help you. I was a wedding planner. I did it for over 10 years, and even went to school and hold a certification in wedding planning. So, if you don’t feel like complaining but you do need to ask questions, here’s a thread where you can tap each other for guidance, and where I will be hanging out to try to help you out if I can.

Let’s go get it!


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