Our Favorite Registry Picks For Entertaining Your Squad

Fancy cheese plates means everybody wins

Couple shopping at Crate and Barrel

Joanna and I like each other a lot. We like each other so much we decided to get married. We also like people a lot. (Realizing we can’t invite Joanna’s entire soccer team to witness our nuptials is still something we’re working through.) We love being with our community. In part, we owe our relationship to it. We met outside the 500 Club, a dive bar in San Francisco, Joanna walking home from dancing with friends the night of her birthday and I having a nightcap with co-workers just a few blocks away. A friend deserves all the credit for playing matchmaker that night, but it wasn’t until a queer dance party that we re-connected and something more started to build. It was among our community, our friends, where we at once felt seen and saw each other.

That was going on six years ago, and we’ve been making dance floors out of living rooms and small kitchens with our people ever since. So, when we envision our future, that’s what we see: impromptu gatherings with our dear ones, making drinks, lavish spreads, and cutting up rugs all over town.

Crate and Barrel bar utensils

Copper Bar Spoon | Carter Springed Strainer 

It seems obvious now that when we went to Crate and Barrel’s Private Registry Event, we naturally gravitated to all things entertainment. Yes, it makes sense. When we put our heads together to figure out what we could really use, we imagined our future together hosting soccer team–sized events in our one-bedroom San Francisco apartment. Well, actually, that’s a lie. Our vision board for future soirees has a spacious yard with an infinity pool and outdoor kitchen and bar setup. But until then we can still be sipping sparkling rosé from gorgeous flutes and cardamom Manhattans from martini glasses—mismatched mugs no longer!

Initially, creating a registry felt a little weird: Why are we asking our dearest ones to buy us a blender in exchange for witnessing our vows? Will I think of my Aunt Shirley every time I wipe my hands on that dishtowel? Do we really need an ombré Le Creuset set to have a fulfilling life together? Not necessarily, but two gals can dream.

couple toasting at crate and barrel with mimosas in viv champagne glasses

Viv Champagne Glass

When we got to the registry event, we were a little overwhelmed because EVERYTHING looked so fiiiine in Crate and Barrel, and we wanted it all. Imagine it. Just that morning we were eating oatmeal out of cracked vintage Tupperware and suddenly, we were sipping mimosas from high-stemmed glasses and eating freshly prepared whole grain waffles. Everyone was so friendly and there were several informative, hands-on demonstrations of kitchen appliances and tools. (Thanks Gigi for the extensive knife skills tutorial with beautiful Shun Japanese knives!) Let’s be real though, as soon as we could, we beelined it to the bar section and started loading our registry up with our entertaining essentials.


Keaton Round Copper Tray with barware and mint leaves

Keaton Round Copper Tray

We have a lot of houseplants and cool patterns in our apartment. This copper tray is a nice solid foundation to transport drinks or hors d’oeuvres without making our decor too busy.

Rabbit RBT Cocktail Shaker

Rabbit RBT Cocktail Shaker

It took us a long time to finally get a cocktail shaker, but we didn’t go for quality and the top ended up getting stuck—with our delicious concoction inside! We won’t make that mistake again, and the black on gold makes this one even harder to resist. 

Small Whiskey Rocks, Set of 12

Small Whiskey Rocks, Set of 12

I like my whiskey like I like my sea lions—on the rocks. But what’s amazing about these rocks is that they can keep hot drinks hot too!

Orb Wood Muddler

Orb Wood Muddler

This is the perfect addition to our bar. We love the sleek design and dual ends: we can crush herbs on one end and fruit on the other, with baton twirl action in between if we’re feeling flashy.

Cocktail Mixing Glass

Cocktail Mixing Glass

It’s most fun when we approach cocktail making with scientific rigor. This mixing glass is reminiscent of high school chemistry, yet durable enough to muddle herbs directly inside.

Dottie Acrylic Drinking Glass

Dottie Acrylic Drinking Glass

The design on these creates a no-slip grip—good for us and good for our friends’ kids! They’re also easy to stack and are dishwasher friendly. And when the dance party really gets going, we don’t have to worry about breakage.

Microplane Mini Flexi Zester

Microplane Mini Flexi Zester

This is a dream come true when it comes to microplanes. Even the culinarily challenged (Joanna) can use this and zest effectively. A small compartment catches the zest and easily comes apart to clean.


Slate Cheese Boards with cheese, grapes, breadsticks, utensils, and cheese signs

Slate Cheese Boards

You can never have too much cheese at your parties. And we love the natural textures and varied sizes of these slate boards. Plus you can write directly on them with soapstone chalk.

Refreshment Drink Dispenser

Refreshment Drink Dispenser

The best way to keep your guests hydrated is to make it accessible and tasty. This dispenser is gorgeous, and I can picture serving delicious cocktails or cucumber-infused water in it.

Tondo Chip and Dip

Tondo Chip and Dip

What’s a party without dip? We don’t want to find out. This set works for any combo from veggie sticks to blue corn chips, cheese to guacamole.

Footed Cake Stand with Dome

Footed Cake Stand with Dome

Joanna grew up spending summers in Montauk, New York, where her grandparents ran a guesthouse. Her grandmother would place freshly made treats under the clear glass cake dome, just like this one, every morning. This addition to our kitchen is super nostalgic, while also aligning with our current aesthetic. Cake cake cake cake!

Couple sitting with Beer Tasting Set under Hoyne Extra-Large Iron Pendant

Beer Tasting Set | Hoyne Extra-Large Iron Pendant

Our registry with Crate and Barrel really got us geared up for the many celebrations and gatherings to come after our wedding. One of our favorite parts of entertaining is right when friends are just arriving. Not everything is quite ready, and they step in to help out. Just as they are integral in our lives, they’re also a key ingredient in our entertainment manifesto. Now, we’ve got the tools to always keep it top notch. Let the classy hosting commence!

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