Delta Grounds 40% of Flights: What Does That Mean For Your Wedding?

Coronavirus Is Here And Its All Happening

We’ve got breaking news. Sources are just releasing updates about Delta Airlines, who is grounding a lot of it’s planes, cutting significantly back on flights, and asking the government for help. You can read some of the details here. There’s not a ton of information out yet, but the company has notified it’s employees and is making huge changes on the fly (no pun intended). If this affects you, hop over to Hotline Ring and get signed up so that you can chat with a pro next week at a discounted rate. We’re here to help.

I came across something online this morning that hit me right in the gut. It said something to the effect of ‘big business doesn’t cut profits for something insignificant.’ While folks I know who live in rural parts of America are still sort of confused, and some people are posting on social media about the media hype being blown out of proportion… I don’t think this is a drill. This is happening.

Right now, one of the largest airlines in America is grounding its planes, the CEO is not taking a salary for months to come, and they are seeking government support. This is going to affect so. many. people. To fasten your seatbelts, insert the metal clip into the buckle and pull to tighten… oh, and start making contingency plans. (The pun was intended that time—we all deserve a good laugh.) It’s highly unlikely that Delta will be the only airline, the others will likely follow. We’ve all seen the images online of nearly empty airplanes on the tarmac. Businesses, their employees, the market… it’s all going to struggle.

We’ve started the conversation about how Coronavirus is affecting your wedding, and we promise we’ve got more content coming your way, but this is a big one and we wanted you to know about it as soon as we did. This could really affect your wedding. We don’t know which planes or flights yet, but we do know they’re saying it will affect flights for the ‘next few months.’ If it were me, I’d be afraid my guests might get stuck somewhere or struggle to fly at all.

As planner Jessi Rutherford of Baltimore, MD-based Sentimental Fools Events told us,

While most weddings in the US are luckily still moving forward as planned, this could be a huge set back for anyone traveling for a celebration. Delta has one of the best known rewards programs in the nation, and widely loved by frequent travelers. Grounding flights will mean more last minute cancellations, changing guest counts and potential vendor complications than ever before.

Remind yourself of where the redline is for your wedding getting rescheduled. If you are a couple unable to travel, remember this isn’t over yet. More cancellations look in the coming weeks, and checking your options now can save you a ton of time and stress as this progresses.

Silver lining is that the more folks who can’t make it to your wedding, the better chance you have of make it under whatever government-imposed guest cut-off point may be assigned to your area?

Take your wedding plans into your own hands and start making some decisions. We are so damn sorry that this is the reality you’re facing right now. We’re here for you, and if you need one-on-one help to live through this and make these big decisions if you need to talk to a wedding professional, you need the Hotline. Hotline Ring is launching officially next Monday (because we want to help all of you with pandemic wedding dilemmas, and normal wedding dilemmas). Go join the mailing list today so you don’t miss out. We’ve got a team of superstars manning the phones and ready to help.

We love you. We’re here for you. We’re so so sorry. 

Join the mailing list and follow Hotline Ring on Instagram for all the updates you need about Coronavirus and your wedding. We launch next week and we’ll be here to help with a team of professionals. GO.

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