How To DIY Geometric Block Centerpieces

A holiday idea that you can use for years to come

by Tabitha Johnson of Winston and Main

Last week, when we showed you how to make geometric place card settings, I was dying to give you all the details about the matching centerpiece that Tabitha, the talented wedding designer behind LA based Winston & Main, designed. Because guys, this is one of the most versatile centerpiece ideas I’ve seen in a long time—and it’s nearly as easy the tutorial for the place cards. Not only that, but the options for customizing this centerpiece are pretty endless, from color options, to whether or not you’d like to spell out words (and then which words), to your choice of decoration on top. Seriously, I want at least twenty of you to make this and send me photos of how you made it your own, because I know each of them would probably be unique.


  • Six 4×4 wood blocks
  • 2” vinyl letters
  • Painters tape
  • Pattern tape (1/8″ and 1/4″)
  • Acrylic paint (magenta, pink, gold)
  • Paintbrush
  • Ruler
  • Pinecones (optional)
  • Spray painted gourds (optional)

Cost Estimate: $45. This accounts for all the supplies, so your cost will decrease if you want to make a second or third set, because you’ll have leftover tape, paint, etc.

Time Estimate: An hour to an hour and forty five minutes, plus drying time.


1. Tape off a line 3/4″ from the bottom of your blocks with painters tape.

2. Center your vinyl letter on the block, using the painters tape as a guide for the bottom of your letter.

3. Add one or two 1/4″ stripes with patterning tape.

4. Now add more 1/8″ stripes with pattern tape to create triangles.

5. Use the back of your paintbrush to really secure the tape where it overlaps other pieces of tape or the letter.

6. Paint a few triangles each color—magenta, pink, and gold.

7. Let dry, then peel off tape and you’re done!

8. Optional step: add pinecones, or spray painted gourds! Or, top your blocks with whatever you choose.



1. Change the word you’d like to spell, or make table numbers, if you’re making these for a wedding.

2. Change the color combo—choose a few colors and a metallic, go for a single color in multiple shades, the choice is yours!

3. Use different wood blocks, or stain your wood for a darker background color if you’re using lighter colors.

4. If you want to churn out a bunch of these, save money by buying a 4×4 piece of wood and having it chopped into blocks. Also, check Etsy or eBay for precut blocks.

Tips & Tricks:

1. Assembly line this project and it goes by super quick! Apply all the tape, then all the letters, then all the pattern tape, then paint all the pink triangles (on all six blocks) then all the magenta, and I’m sure you see where this is going.

2. If the paint bleeds, or you want to clean up your lines a little bit you can use an X-Acto blade or a little piece of sand paper.

3. And if you’re a crazy perfectionist and it will drive you nuts if every line isn’t perfect, you can spray your cubes with a clear matte acrylic sealer before you begin the project.

The Info:

Photography, Design, & Styling: Winston & Main | Table Settings: Borrowed Blu

Tabitha Johnson of Winston and Main

Tabitha is an art making, food loving, DIY obsessed party designer & stylist. After twelve sleep deprived years in the film industry, she is finally launching her own business to design modern parties & weddings full of bold colors, handcrafted decor, amazing flowers and magic. She stands by her decision to swap naked celebrities for real folks in LOVE. (mind out of the gutter kiddos- she designed costumes!) She loves a good cup of coffee. Or a Manhattan. Her other interests include old things, gold things, cat cafes, beautiful light, books, bicycles, travel, exploring DTLA, her cute boyfriend, her furry family and you! Part-time Francophile, full-time bonne vivante, you can check out all her adventures over on her blog Winston and Main.

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  • With putting vinyl letters on EVERYTHING being such the thing right now, I like that these were made by taking the vinyl letters OFF instead.

    And I love the gold gourds on top!

  • notquitecece

    I feel like if we did this for our wedding, all our friends would rearrange the letters into inappropriate words. (which sounds kind of hilarious)

    • Meg Keene

      They’d have to have enough letters. I do that all the time and it’s tricky.

    • KateS

      i think i like your friends. :)

  • Lauren from NH

    Love the gold and white and wood paired together. There is just so much you can do with this! Great ideas APW :D

  • KateS

    versatile, almost impossible to screw up, not terribly time consuming – THIS is the type of craft i might actually do. love the gold and white kind of a lot…

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  • KC

    Just a note for anyone who goes the “buy a 4×4 at lumber place; cut into blocks”, y’all probably know this, but 4x4s are not actually 4″ by 4″, so to make cube-ish things, you’d need to have it cut into something like 3.5″ sections. (look up a table of nominal vs. actual measurements of lumber if you’re actually doing this to double-check my math, though. Or take a tape measure to your board, I suppose. :-) )

    • TeaforTwo

      I definitely did not know that.

      • KC

        Hooray! My comment has not been in vain! :-)

  • Kendra D

    And now I can’t wait to move so I can make these for our house somewhere.

  • Ecksand Ecksand
  • Hi there,

    It’s a nice blog and really innovative centerpiece. Especially the golden centerpiece looks so superb, we can put this kind of centerpiece on the party table also and on the wedding you can message your guests thanks.

    And I also do thank you for serving such a nice blog.

  • Jess

    I think… I’m going to paint the blocks gold and silver, then do the lines, then paint in white and maybe some burgundy. Because more gold = more better.

  • FancyPants

    Yay!!! Glad to see the letter block tutorial. Doin’ it. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea, Winston and Main and APW!

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  • Jaimie

    I thought the C might not be filled in enough, but when it’s next to everything else it works!

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