How To DIY Simple Cocktail Stirrers

DIY charm in under thirty minutes

There are plenty of ways to jazz up cocktails, but I think one of the most fun ways is with cocktail stirrers. And what’s better than a DIY project? An easy DIY project—these cocktail stirrers are simple enough that you can do them right before your party, and no one’s the wiser. Plus, they’re the perfect way to add a little color to your drink/bar area. Now, thanks to Tabitha’s excellent centerpieces and place card settings, you’re all set for your next holiday shindig.


  • 6 iced tea glasses
  • 1” gold vinyl letters
  • 3/4” x 3.5 piece of poplar (home depot)
  • A scrap of wrapping paper
  • Gum balls
  • Wood skewers
  • Nail
  • Painters tape

Cost Estimate: $20

Time Estimate: Thirty minutes for twenty-five stirrers and the display.

To Create the Stirrers:

1. Cut your skewer to 3 different lengths (full length, minus one inch, minus two inches).

2. Use your clean nail to start a hole in one side of the gum ball.

3. Shove in the pointy or cut/ugly side of the skewer, being careful not to shove it through both sides of the gum ball.

4. Voila, drink stirrers!

To CReate the Display:

1. Use painters tape to mark the place on your glass you’d like your letters—we did 3.5” from the top of the glass.

2. Stick one letter on each glass, making sure you like the position before you really press it down firmly.

3. Cut your wrapping paper about 4” shorter than your wood and wrap it around the middle, securing with tape on the underside.

4. Line up your glasses, and fill ’em with stirrers.


1. Change the color by picking different gum balls. Or use the display for any stirrers you can dream up—tiny pinecones, jingle bells, whatever you want to put on sticks really.

2. Change the word or use a different color vinyl.

3. Use different glasses, jars, or containers—maybe something you already have in your kitchen.


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