The Dreaded Shoe Post (Sort of)

I have, up till now, refrained from writing the traditional wedding blog shoe post: because oh-dear-god-why? But all good things must come to an end, so here we go: The Shoe Post.

I, despite everyone’s best efforts (which for the record, I really appreciated), wore shoes I already had. Clarification: I wore fabulous shoes I already had. My shoes were broken in, I knew I liked them, and they were shiny. What more can you ask for?There is a picture from the wedding morning with my legs kicked up on David’s lap and you can see the bottom of my shoes, and they are all scuffed up. I love that shot – it feels grounded and real. It feel like, “Hey, we’re getting married, but we’re showing up as ourselves. Our most fabulous selves, but its still just us.” And that was more or less our MO on our wedding day.

Two weekends before the wedding, we drove up to Petaluma to visit a friend we’ve known since we were 15 and 16 respectively, to have her take in my last-minute dress. We were sitting in her sewing room chatting away, while she sewed on the dress, and I started listing my something old (my dress), something new (my just made hair flower and, uh, my hot pink bachelorette lacy boy-short underwear, obviously), something borrowed (my grandmothers pearl earrings), and blue (my passed-away grandmothers handkerchief). Suddenly our friend jumped up, and dived under a pile of fabric and started wiggling around. Up she came with a empty play-dough jar, from which she pulled….

A silver sixpence. A silver sixpence for my shoe.

I carefully worked that sixpence under the lining of my shoe, and you know what? Those shoes have felt new ever since. After saying my vows in those shoes, cutting our cake in those shoes, dancing my ass of in those shoes, and making a mad getaway in those shoes – they are now my favorite shoes in the whole world. And I plan to dance with David in them for a long, long time.

Photo: As always, the amazing One Love Photo did I say amazing? Um. Yes. I did.

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  • Anonymous

    Are those shoes from DSW? I think I have the same pair!

  • again, thank you for making me feel less alone in this… the fact that i don't want to spend thousands of dollars on what i'm wearing does NOT mean i'm sad or crazy. but sometimes the pressure to live up to some bizarre standard of bridedom can get overwhelming, and i start to wonder, just a little bit, if maybe i am sad and crazy. and then i come here, and i feel better :)

  • i think it's awesome that you wore a pair of shoes you already own and love.
    also, i just have to say, that i am very impatient for the unveiling of your dress. each time you show a picture it's just a snippet of this beautiful skirt. i am eager to see this beautiful vintage dress you found at the last minute that was just right. curiosity heightened after reading all the chapters of your dress adventures.

  • K

    I wore my wedding shoes two weeks ago to brunch in Manhattan, and let me tell you, I rocked them. And, all my girls knew they were my wedding shoes, so they coo-ed at them. ♼

  • Meg

    Those are some kickass fancy shoes! They look great with your dress and it warms every last cockle of my heart to hear that they're your favorites and that you want to dance with your man in them for a really long time. I'm so glad you did post this, dreaded or not. The choices you made for your wedding day made it the incredible day that it was!

  • Anonymous

    My wedding shoes were $6!

  • Dang, if I already HAD awesome shoes like yours I'd definitely rock them for my wedding. Maybe I should re-evaluate the state of my shoe-wardrobe and invest in something fun that's not black or a pair of flip-flops…

  • If I had shoes that incredible, i don't think I would have considered wearing anything else!
    (Also, _great_ picture!)

  • Love your shoes, and love that you wore what you wanted. My shoes were $30 from DSW, were tiny kitten heel, and so comfortable that I wore them all night. When I bought them, I loved them, and showed them to my friend. The shoes are silver and the dress is kind of creamy vintagey lace, and my friend said "um, your dress has a theme and the shoes don't match." I was like, um, the theme is "I'm getting married and I like these shoes." And they were awesome.

  • Rock on in your non-new shoes!

    The only reason I ended up buying new shoes to wear for the wedding is because I had to buy a dress 10 days before the wedding (long story, if you feel the need, visit my blog) and the shoes I planned on borrowing from my sister didn't give me enough height…so I found awesome ones on clearance at Target for $5.74! And promptly took them off after the ceremony, because they were cute, but painful.

  • Sunshine

    Cute picture. And I love a lace skirt flowing into a pleated hem – I've noticed some of the new gowns have them too.

  • Sunshine

    Wait a minute. Is the hem pleated or is it tulle? Either way, that is a favorite look of mine.

  • Meg

    It's pleated tulle. Go vintage.

  • Great post!

  • April

    You shoes are effing hot and that photo just rules. As does the post about shoes. That you danced your bootie off in your shiny, silver stilettos and now have fond memories of them is even sweeter.

    It's maddening that bridal shoes are the bane of one's existence. Or at least mine. I "Lost the Plot" for a few months and went on a wild shoe hunt where I purchased (and returned) fourteen, yes FOURTEEN pairs of shoes for the wedding. They ranged in color and couture and hit every price point but they just didn't have that je nais se quois, you know?

    For a serious shoegirl like myself, it was depressing to say the least!

    I still don't have shoes and have just resigned myself to the fact I'll either wear what I currently own, or just go barefoot. Because after the first dance, shoes are coming off anyway!

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    They're perfect. Perfectly perfect.

  • wenders

    I LOVE the sixpence! I was in charge of "something blue" for my bffl's wedding, and I knit her a little silk pouch, put a sixpence in it, and pinned it to her dress. (Because she got married barefoot!) Love it!

  • Cate Subrosa

    This post was great, but that photo is amazing! And so perfect for this :)

  • I have to say that it never crossed my mind to wear shoes that I’d already owned. I can better knowing that it isn’t necessary to purchase new shoes for the wedding.

  • I plan on wearing a pair of kick-ass brown lace-up ankle boots that I bought almost a year ago and my wedding isn’t for another nine months. I feel happy knowing that my feet will be comfortable in a pair of shoes that are already well broken in. Though now that I have decided to wear them down the ail, I have cleaned them up and put them away because well, I love them so much I kind of want to wear them every day! These boots are just so me that I could not imagine trying to find a pair of “wedding shoes” that did a better job at representing who I am, so I figured I would not even try and like you said, I am going to go with my gut.

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