Dress Given, III

Annnnddddd…. the recipient of Amy’s wedding dress is Chris, who said:

Hi Amy,

I don’t envy the choice you have to make with this, and even if I don’t receive the dress, it’s so good to know there are people in this world who want to give back. I hesitate to even post a comment since I’m only 5’4’’, but if you think the dress could be shortened, I’d love it very much. We’re on the smallest of shoe-string budgets, and considered a courthouse wedding for months. In the end we decided it was very important to us that our friends and family be there to celebrate. Our ceremony and potluck style reception will be in a garden on a historical property (with an amazing Victorian house), that we managed to afford as our wedding is in October and on a Sunday. We’re DIYing the stationary, centerpieces, and bouquets (my aunts are planting flowers) and hoping the gorgeous scenery of the woods and garden take care of the rest. I’m really hoping the word “charming” will come to mind when our guests see it.

I’ve been planning on renting my dress from a local shop, just hoping and praying that there will be something there I like. My wedding is in 5 months and I’ve put off going because I’m afraid I’m going to be let down. If there really isn’t anything there, I’ll be headed to the internet or David’s Bridal during a $99 sale, which I won’t lie, breaks my heart a little bit. A plain dress is not what I have always dreamed of. I can’t believe your dress has a scalloped edge on the bodice (there’s no way I could tell you just how much I love that look), AND that’s it’s ivory, AND then beyond all reason, in my size. It’s everything I’ve torn out of magazines. I’ve never wanted to buy a beautiful dress and then keep it in a box in the back of the closet forever, so this dress would definitely be passed on, as would a dress I would buy elsewhere if I didn’t rent one.

Sorry to ramble on and on. I appreciate so much what you’re doing here.

Chris, both Amy and I are thrilled. Email me, and I’ll put you both in touch. I think I speak for all of Team Practical when I say, if you send us maybe one or two little pictures of your wedding we’d be fantastically excited. From all of us to both of you, MWAH!

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