Dress, Offered III

Long time readers will remember Amy’s wedding, almost a year ago, and her posts where she explained a myriad of Jewish wedding traditions. Well, I’m thrilled to be the conduit in charge of passing Amy’s wedding dress along to another member of Team Practical. Amy’s dress is the first traditional wedding dress that has been passed along, so maybe you’ve been waiting for this dress. Hopefully you have.Here is Amy’s thoughts and dress description: I’d like a picture of the dress being worn, and shipping, plus it would be pretty cool (but by no means required) if the bride who wears it would pay it forward and pass it on after her wedding. It’s Casablanca 1811 in ivory, size 14, with some slight alterations. There is a bow-shaped crystal brooch that comes with it that attaches at the hip. It was dry cleaned right after the wedding and is like new. Amy and I were chatting about the dresses that have been given away already: the grey dress that is winging its way to Walden Pond and the Blue Ridge Mountains, the blue silk dress that showed up on Jona’s doorstep, and fit her like a glove with no alterations needed, and Amy said, “I am constantly amazed at the way that the internet (especially the blogosphere) facilitates connections and life-changing stories among people who otherwise never would have met.”

So, ladies. Let’s make this happen. Please leave a comment about why you would like the dress, and what it would mean to you. Magic: Happen!

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  • Another amazing giveaway- I love this community!

    Amy, it might be helpful to list your street size, since wedding dress sizes aren’t usually true to regular sizes. Just a thought!

  • Thanks for the suggestion, Lauren! This particular dress was actually true to street size. I’m really tall though (5’11”), so it can accommodate or be altered to fit a wide range of heights.

    Thanks again, Meg, for doing this!

  • this dress is gorgeous! i would totally go for it, but i’m not a size 14 at all.

  • Anonymous

    I am a size 14 (in wedding dresses), I am 5’8 (barefoot), and let me tell you why I would love this dress (other than it is gorgous!)
    In the last four months, I have:
    -Lost my job
    -Been forced to push back my wedding
    -My best friend died
    -Have been having trouble paying my mortgage and keeping food on the table at the same time

    I need something good to happen for me. Plus, this could be my ‘something borrowed’ since I absolutely would pass this dress on. Actually, the day after I get married and get it back from the dry cleaners, you will probably see it back on this blog as a giveaway again.

    You can contact me at ohmetafilter@gmail.com

  • Oh, how I would love this dress.
    This is exactly what I had my heart set on for our ceremony in March- we are actually renewing our vows in a very traditional wedding like ceremony. We had a very tiny jp ceremony first time around, and this time for our 10th wedding anniversary we’re going all out and including our children and all those special to us. I’ve quickly found that I have champagne taste on our very beer budget when it comes to my dress.
    When I opened up my blogs this morning I gasped when I saw this dress- when I continued reading I got so excited when I saw that it would fit me!
    I can’t express how much I would love to wear this dress when I recommit myself to my husband.
    I can assure you that I would totally pay it forward- kindness such as this needs to be passed on!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this giveaway and for considering me.

  • Hi Amy,

    I don’t envy the choice you have to make with this, and even if I don’t receive the dress, it’s so good to know there are people in this world who want to give back. I hesitate to even post a comment since I’m only 5’4’’, but if you think the dress could be shortened, I’d love it very much. We’re on the smallest of shoe-string budgets, and considered a courthouse wedding for months. In the end we decided it was very important to us that our friends and family be there to celebrate. Our ceremony and potluck style reception will be in a garden on a historical property (with an amazing Victorian house), that we managed to afford as our wedding is in October and on a Sunday. We’re DIYing the stationary, centerpieces, and bouquets (my aunts are planting flowers) and hoping the gorgeous scenery of the woods and garden take care of the rest. I’m really hoping the word “charming” will come to mind when our guests see it.

    I’ve been planning on renting my dress from a local shop, just hoping and praying that there will be something there I like. My wedding is in 5 months and I’ve put off going because I’m afraid I’m going to be let down. If there really isn’t anything there, I’ll be headed to the internet or David’s Bridal during a $99 sale, which I won’t lie, breaks my heart a little bit. A plain dress is not what I have always dreamed of. I can’t believe your dress has a scalloped edge on the bodice (there’s no way I could tell you just how much I love that look), AND that’s it’s ivory, AND then beyond all reason, in my size. It’s everything I’ve torn out of magazines. I’ve never wanted to buy a beautiful dress and then keep it in a box in the back of the closet forever, so this dress would definitely be passed on, as would a dress I would buy elsewhere if I didn’t rent one.

    Sorry to ramble on and on. I appreciate so much what you’re doing here.


  • Rianna

    Hi Amy,

    What a lovely gesture, your dress is beautiful and you’re doing such a beautiful thing.

    I don’t need a dress but I just wanted to add my support – I love the idea of dress giveaways, and Meg I love your blog for (among many other reasons) providing such a cool forum for this.

  • Wow! I can’t believe she would want to pass it on. I still have my dress after 26 years. What a nice gesture!


  • April

    What a lovely, lovely gown! I am not in need of a dress, but just want to say in the spirit of community, how very cool the Dress Offerings part of this blog are.

    I’m feelin’ all warm and fuzzy!

  • What an amazing give-a-way! Just wanted to say that I thought it was such a special idea! not in need of a dress…but i Love this!

  • JessicaW

    Well, I don’t have some incredibly amazing or heart-wrenching set of circumstances to go along with the request, but I’m giving it a go because as soon as I saw the picture, before I even knew the post was about a dress giveaway, I said to myself, “oh man, I want that dress.” My fiance and I are getting married next May and I’ve just started trying on dresses. I’ve found it a depressing task in many ways. I think just about all dresses look the same on me, I haven’t fallen in love with a single one (on or off the hanger), and the idea of forking over hundreds or thousands of dollars for a dress that is going to be made in China and shipped to me in the wrong size so that I have to pay for alterations is getting me down. There are lots of deserving people out there and regardless of whether or not I “win,” you’ve totally inspired me to pass on my future dress in the same fashion.

  • Amy,

    My name is also Amy. I have been dreaming of my wedding since I was 12. Little did I know how hard and pricey it would be to pull that off. I’m not one to give up though. I started learning how to be practical and crafty. The majority of my wedding details are all DIY, and I’m loving it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. With each project, my dream becomes more of a reality to me. I feel like my wedding has become my little baby. One that I loved from head to toe. I love the idea of passing the dress on. I’m also a huge fan of wedding blog. Without it, my dream wedding would not be so easily achievable. Thank you what you are doing. It make such a big different for bride like me.

    P.s is my perfect size =D
    P.P.s I’m using my fiance blogger name, bc I don’t have a blog YET.

  • Meg

    Hi Amy,
    I’m sorry, the dress already got given away! Keep your eyes on the blog though, we do this from time to time.