Dress, Offered III

Long time readers will remember Amy’s wedding, almost a year ago, and her posts where she explained a myriad of Jewish wedding traditions. Well, I’m thrilled to be the conduit in charge of passing Amy’s wedding dress along to another member of Team Practical. Amy’s dress is the first traditional wedding dress that has been passed along, so maybe you’ve been waiting for this dress. Hopefully you have.Here is Amy’s thoughts and dress description: I’d like a picture of the dress being worn, and shipping, plus it would be pretty cool (but by no means required) if the bride who wears it would pay it forward and pass it on after her wedding. It’s Casablanca 1811 in ivory, size 14, with some slight alterations. There is a bow-shaped crystal brooch that comes with it that attaches at the hip. It was dry cleaned right after the wedding and is like new. Amy and I were chatting about the dresses that have been given away already: the grey dress that is winging its way to Walden Pond and the Blue Ridge Mountains, the blue silk dress that showed up on Jona’s doorstep, and fit her like a glove with no alterations needed, and Amy said, “I am constantly amazed at the way that the internet (especially the blogosphere) facilitates connections and life-changing stories among people who otherwise never would have met.”

So, ladies. Let’s make this happen. Please leave a comment about why you would like the dress, and what it would mean to you. Magic: Happen!

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