Dress, Offered II

After last Friday’s post, you generous readers sent me a small volley of emails, wanting to offer up dresses of your own to other Team Practical members. I pondered this all weekend. What should I do? Would it overwhelm us if we gave away a dress a week for a few weeks, or would it build a sense of community? I decided that I liked the idea of giving away dresses, at least on a limited basis. I’ll give first priority to giving away the dresses of long time readers of this site, to other involved readers. We’ll see how it goes. If I get overwhelmed, I’m going to take that as a sign that you all really want a forum, and I’ll start trying to jump through the (costly) technical hoops of setting one up. Until then, we’ll give away a dress or two. Think of it as a tangible way to share within this virtual community.

From Brandi:
I’d like to offer up a discontinued Anthropologie dress that was meant for one of my bride’s women. She ended up unable to wear the dress (she was pregnant) and gave it back to me. The dress is brand new, tags still on it, it’s very flattering to most everyone. a medium size and grey.

I didn’t find Team Practical a little before my wedding, but you and everyone there helped me edit things down to that which was essential. I could breathe on my wedding day because of the words of wisdom from everyone, and I’d like to give a little bit back. This dress was meant to be a gift from me to a woman who matters to me very much. It deserves to make someone feel beautiful, and I can think of no one better than a Team member.

So, if you want this beautiful dress, leave a message as to how you would wear it in the comments. It would be lovely for a attendant, great for a rehearsal dinner, but also stunning for a evening wedding (Blush bouquet, white shoes, beautiful grey dress? Yum!) As always, comments will be open for a week, Brandi will pick the recipient, and the only request is that you pay for the shipping, and send her (and me if you are feeling generous!) a picture of you or your attendant wearing the dress.

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  • mlovesgirl

    I would love to use it for a rehearsal dinner. My wedding is in May and my mother in law has been helping me do most of the planning. I’m wearing the wedding dress that one of my good friends wore at her wedding (bought in Mexico by her sister-in-law as a wedding gift), my jewelry will be a gift from my grandparents in Honduras, and my shoes from my uncle’s girlfriend in HND as well. I’m on a very tight budget and this dress is just wonderful and perfect! I may not be classified as an active reader of your blog because I don’t post but I have used it. I bought my veil from etsy.com and I found that site through this awesome blog~

  • KJ

    I actually wore that dress (in fuchsia) to my bachelorette party last weekend! I’m commenting, not because I want it in grey-blue, but because I agree that it is incredibly flattering on everyone. Good luck!

  • I would absolutely wear this to my rehearsal dinner! I hadn’t planned on buying a new dress, so it would be really wonderful to have something (new to me) to wear!

  • lord! my heart skipped two beats when i saw those pictures!

    the thing is, i am not engaged yet. i am only a college gal, for one, and, well, let’s be honest, i don’t even know what i’m doing TONIGHT, much less… well, you know.

    but i have the world’s most amazing bf, you see. we met almost 2.5 years ago and have been dating ever since. and i’ve dated a lot of guys in the past that just never lasted, or i got bored, or multitudes of various things — but 2.5 years later he still makes my heart skip beats like that dress. and when i’m with him time pretty much melts away and we are in our own little world – it’s cliche but it happens, i swear. even when we lay on the couch and watch 4 episodes in a row of law and order. (wait, i mean, no, we don’t do that??!)

    it’s tough being long distance for such a long time but we’ve done it, and we do it every day. and for some reason it just keeps getting better and better. we’re poor, we’re gonna graduate next year — and we’re saving for a wedding and a ring. it’s true! who knows if we’ll get married in 2 years or 14 years, but he’s it. and i’d wear that little dress on a little date – the ones we never go on because we’d rather have a weddin’. i’d probably tell him for two weeks i couldn’t come see him on a weekend, then plan a whole shebang and drive down and surprise him.

    yup, sounds absolutely perfect :)

  • What a beautiful dress.

    If I were chosen, I would wear it to my rehearsal.

    I bought my wedding dress in a charity shop and my sister-in-law to be have reconstructed an old dress of a friends (never worn) for my going away dress, so to fit my theme my rehearsal dress needs to be recycled in some way too, so this dress would be perfect.

    {I also love Anthroplogie but from a distance only as I don’t think they ship to the UK}.

    I think some kind of dress giving forum is a brilliant idea. I love that this might go from an exchange of words to an exchange of goods. That is taking the ethos of this collection of women to the next stage, and I think it is great.

  • I have a handful of friends getting married in the coming months and, as they are all friends with one another, I need to stock up on about a half dozen dresses! I have a beautiful wrap in dove gray and soft corals that I wanted to match to a dress that I would wear to one of the outdoor weddings. This dress would be perfect!

  • Oh my goodness, how gorgeous. I would love to wear this dress to a wedding I’m attending on April 18th. I’ve been trying to figure out what I can wear for a month or so, I recently lost some weight so the only appropriate dresses I currently have are two sizes too big! I’m also finishing up my last semester of college right now so I don’t have the money to even dream of this dress… This looks like it would be so flattering, comfortable, and the color is just beautiful. It could definitely double up for other events too!

    Like mjn I’m a long time reader, but haven’t posted a comment before now :-)

  • liz

    Oh, that’s funny… That dress, in a slightly different shade (a purply gray), is going to be my wedding dress. It’s beautiful and comfy and does indeed look good on everyone. I don’t need another version of it, of course, but thought I’d say it’s pretty much perfect for a casual outdoor wedding. Best of luck!

  • Wow, it's beautiful! To keep things simple and easy for my bridal brigade, I've asked them to supply their own grey dresses and top it off with this Etsy seller's jacket [http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=vt_related_1&listing;_id=23170387] Currently trying to decide between mustard yellow or ivory. This dress would be perfect for one of my favorite ladies to wear underneath the jacket! Three are in grad school, and my sister is graduating without a job. It would be so nice to gift a freebie to one of them!

  • Hello,

    I would LOVE this dress for one of my brideswomen. We collectively decided that they would wear grey and they all are able to choose a dress that they thinks suits and flatters them best. Of course I’ve heard the typical, “but what about the pictures? What if the shades of grey don’t look good together?!?” It’s annoying that everyone feels like it’s their obligation to give you an unasked opinion- but it’s VERY important for my best friends to feel 100% beautiful and unique on my wedding day. Haven’t we all been in that wedding when we feel like the ugly duckling- our $300 bridesmaid’s dress didn’t fit right, and we spend the entire day feeling self conscious?! That’s exactly what I don’t want, which is why I want my greatest friends to buy a dress in their price range, that they feel stunning in.
    This grey dress is GORGEOUS and I know that one of the women in my wedding would be thrilled to sport it at the wedding. We’re Canadian and Anthropologie is pricey here- so it’s a dress that none of us could probably afford on our own!

    Regardless of the contest winner, thanks for setting this up, sharing in “real life” let alone bridal land, is hard to come by these days. I think it’s really radical to give something away when our culture is constantly telling us we need to hoard.

  • What a beautiful dress. If I were chosen I would give this dress to my MOH to wear at my wedding. I badly want her to join me on my wedding day as she is my best friend but neither of us have a lot of money to spend on her dress. As I am having 2 weddings, a Vietnamese one and a Western one, I am already buying her an ao dai to wear at the Vietnamese ceremony. I think that dress would be incredibly flattering on her and it would solve our dress problem for our Western ceremony.

  • When I was shopping for my wedding gown for my July wedding, I ended up with two choices in the end – a traditional all-lace a-line & sweetheart dress and an amazingly modern grecian empire gown. I really wanted the latter, but everybody told me I wouldn't look like a bride, and so I gave into the peer pressure. With a little bit of regret, I am now bent on wearing a grecian gown to either my rehearsal dinner or to the reception of my wedding. This anthropologie gown would be perfect!

  • i love anthropologie!
    i would wear it to the rehersal dinner.
    OR hmmmm im also having a small wedding in korea where everyone looks like they stepped out of anthropologie!
    i would wear it to the before dinner there too !

  • This is a beautiful dress! I would love to wear it for my wedding or as a reception dress! Since I currently have no date set tho, it would be perfect for wearing to my daughter’s graduation!

  • Wow. First of all, I’m a longtime reader, though I don’t comment much, but you save me from being overwhelmed by WIC. I read your blog outloud to my fiance and we both are thankful for your perspective. I love that this site could also be a place where people exchange much loved-items.

    Second, when my fiance and I starting thinking about what we wanted, for a wedding, we imagined an untraditional and informal clambake. I would love to wear this dress as a wedding dress, it’s the perfect ocean blue of my home on Cape Cod.

  • I love this dress and it would be perfect for my courthouse wedding in May. I was planning a December wedding in Italy to my Italian fiance, but we recently met with an immigration attorney who recommended we get married NOW so that all of the Green Card paperwork can be done by December. The only hitch is that we won’t be able to leave the country while the paperwork is in process, so we’ve had to put the “real” wedding planning on hold until we know for sure we’ll be able to travel in December. (ps. He is here legally and is working on a valid visa.)

    This was a bit of a shock, and I’m feeling kind of sad about our “fake” wedding – do we dress up/exchange rings/take pictures/tell people? I don’t want to take away from our traditional Catholic ceremony in Italy. My parents will be coming and we’re going to have some sort of dinner afterwards. I think this dress would also help make the event feel more special.

  • Okay, heres the deal, i´m engaged to a wonderful man.
    Have been for 2 years, planning a wedding for April 8th 2010 :) which is the day before his 21st in honor of his grandfather (who died last year and did the same) so nearly a year now :)
    At this moment im 19, and when i get married iĺl be 20, im also in college training to be a midwife.
    Money is tight for us as we´re both students and we´re trying to pull it off for under £3000, im the kind of girl who wants a princess dress and a horse drawn carriage but my dreams have had to make way for reality. Our color scheme is blue-grey and white and this dress would be so perfect for my reception.
    I´ve only been following this blog for a few weeks but im so glad i found it because this is such a lovely opportunity! Thanks for listening :)_ Lizzie x

  • I would love to wear this dress to our rehearsal dinner. I am looking to find something that really shows off all of the progress I’ve made…I’ve lost 30 lbs since last August, and still losing more as I train for the triathlon that is less than a month before our July 11 wedding. A year ago, I couldn’t have fit into a medium dress, but now I CAN and think this dress would be just perfect. Also, a great dress to bring along for the honeymoon.


  • I would love this dress for my rehersal dinner. I’ve always wanted an Anthropologie dress, but because of my very strict budget(going back to college is hard on the wallet!)I have to stick with what I have or else highly discounted items. I’ve always really loved the color grey, and it does look like a very flattering style!

    april.mirabile at gmail dot com

  • OMG – a friend of mine has that dress in a different color & I wanted to get one for the rehearsal dinner. Plus, it would be so perfect for the honeymoon, too. I was pretty disappointed when I couldn't find it & even more disappointed when I looked at our budget & figured out I'll probably end up having to wear something I already have. Her's is a small so I can't borrow it & I've been scouring eBay for something cheap & fabulous but haven't had any luck yet.

    I would be deeply grateful If I were chosen but if not, I'd still like to say think you for doing this. I think it's awesome that people in the blogosphere are so generous with their time, advice, ideas & even dresses! Without blogs, I would be a complete mess with lists & timelines & all the "should's" that you see on wedding sites.

  • I would wear this dress to my rehearsal dinner and on my honeymoon. I love the Greek Godess feel to it and as our honeymoon is in Greece, I would be thrilled to wear it.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Wow, what a gorgeous dress! I know exactly what I would do if I were to acquire such a fabulous dress. Although this dress wouldn’t fit me or my bridesmaid (I am only having one), it would look absolutely gorgeous on my niece, whom I adore and consider a sister. My niece is currently in the hospital and has being through so much in the past year, so much so that I didn’t want stress her out by asking her to be a bridesmaid. However, even though she won’t be standing up for me on my wedding day, I want her to feel beautiful and special if she is healthy enough to make it to my wedding, and this would just look gorgeous on her. I would love to give this as a gift to her!

  • You may not recognize me as well as I do not comment often on this site but have found these pages to be an oasis of sanity in the last year of wedding planning. Wow, how special…This is an amazing dress…my twin sister is standing up for me at my wedding. I’ve asked her to wear a simple dress in grey or blue..but after asking her I found out she is going through financially difficult times. I would love to give this dress to my twin…and help make her feel beautiful( hopefully she would let me borrow it after the wedding:)Thanks for sharing such a special piece of clothing. It seems imbued with love. I would feel honored to use it at my wedding.

  • I don’t see my original comment posting so here goes again, and apologies if 2 posts get put up. The joys of trying to look at blogs on dial up in the country. Can you believe there is still places that can’t get high speed?!?

    I would love to wear this dress for my upcoming outdoor wedding in September. i think I would add yellow shoes and the bird cage veil i’ve been lusting over for ages. The bonus of this lovely gesture is that I now know what to look for in a wedding dress! yeay! the grecian goddess type look i was hoping for. and grey. yeay.

    Thank you so much for your generosity no matter who gets the dress. so amazingly fabulous of you! Oh and please excuse the blog at the moment…literally just threw something up so i could say i started it *blush*.

  • Mel

    I’ve been a reader/followed for some time now. I’m in graduate school to be an occupational therapist. Needless to say… I have no time to work an actual job… And my fiancĂŠ and I are feeling the pinch big time. We are already getting a little help paying for the bigger wedding items but not everything.

    I want so badly to look amazing at my rehearsal dinner. But at this point?? I really have nothing I can wear. The wedding is in October and I have just a couple of beachy sundresses and that’s about it.

    If I had the money I would run off and buy something as unique as this gorgeous dress. Which would go absolutely perfect with my greyish blue eyes. LOL..

    And no. Just because the parents have thrown in a few dollars doesn’t mean I can ask them for more. The economy sucks here in Michigan thanks to a failing auto industry. This has left many, including my father, laid off andhoping to God that their unemployment check comes in on time. It seems so selfish to ask more from those who are barely able to afford the essentials.

    It would also make me feel better about one other thing… The fact that we just can’t find a way to afford a real honeymoon. Maybe a night or two at a local bed and breakfast but thfats it. And that sort of depresses me!

    Thanks for this awesome opportunity. It will make one bride so very happy. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be the lucky one!

  • This dress would be PERFECT for my engagement photo session! We just moved our wedding to Charleston SC so my grandmother would be able to attend. Because of the short amount of time between now and the wedding, and the distance between us and Charleston, we wont be doing our e-session until right before the wedding. Never the less, we are SUPER excited to capture this beautiful time in our lives. And what a perfect dress to wear to do it! We’re on a pretty tight budget so new clothes for the photos isn’t going to happen. But this dress would be perfect for Charleston. Classy. Feminine. Beautiful. These pictures are especially really important to me. We’re going to go around the city and take pictures in places that my grandfather has restored. He passed away a few months ago, and now that we’re having our wedding in his hometown, at his house, I can’t think of a better way to honor and include him! This dress is fist class, and would be a perfect fit!

  • AM

    Hello Meg, Brandi, and Team Practical,

    I would love to wear this dress to my elopement, which will (hopefully!) take place at Walden Pond, sometime this summer or fall, and/or the post-elopement celebration of our marriage at our home in the Blue Ridge mountains. My fiance and I chose Walden Pond because (1) Thoreau’s writings, and his emphasis on self-reliance and simplicity, are at the core of the life we are building together, (2) the permit is only $17, (3) we want our marriage to take place where any loving and devoted couple may marry, and (3) other life reasons, explained below.

    I have been reading this blog since July 2008, when I got engaged to my long time beau. I was planning a spring wedding with lots of family in Nashville, my hometown. I had even found a great, old pub for the reception. My Dad wasn’t always there for me growing up, so when he offered to pay for the wedding, it was a meaningful gesture. I was also thrilled because it allowed me and my fiance to buy a fixer-upper house together this winter, since we weren’t worried about wedding expenses.

    In the middle of my plans for what I thought was already going to be a relatively practical wedding came the news of my Dad’s layoff. He lost his job in December and is now collecting unemployment. My fiance’s parents also lost a huge chunk of their retirement in 401k’s in recent months, so we’re not in position to ask them for help either.

    Given all that’s going on, my wedding needed to be a little more self-reliant and a lot more simple…so we dreamed up a Walden Pond elopement/honeymoon combo we thought Thoreau might approve of. With a $17 permit, a justice of the peace, and no more than 20 onlookers (Pond rules!), we plan to elope in the late summer or fall (if we can wait that long!) We’ll each have two witnesses/dear friends as witnesses to an utterly simple, quiet ceremony in the beauty of nature. Our reception will take place at our new fixer-upper house in the Blue Ridge mountains (which will hopefully be somewhat more fixed by then!) sometime afterwards, complete with homemade food, a bonfire, and intertubing on the New River, which is just a few miles from our country house. Guests and family will be invited to camp anywhere on our five acre backyard, to help keep travel costs low.

    The beauty of all these difficulties is that we now get to be even more creative and unconventional about the celebration of our marriage. So, in a way, these “difficulties” are the perfect excuse for letting us break rules and justify the lack of tradition to our parents…a true blessing in disguise. It would be an honor to wear your lovely dress at either the elopement itself or our homestyle Appalachian celebration afterwards, whichever is more practical!

  • Hey Team Practical…

    I’m actually a PW Grad, I’ve been married since 14th Feb and me, he and the two Beagles are all going pretty good.

    My hubs, the architect, found out the week we married that he was losing his job. Yay credit crunch, as we call it over here. And since my own freelance stuff has kind of dried up, things are pretty tough.

    So I guess you could say that the dress would be a way of remembering the idiotic, hopeless optimism of being a newly wed whenever things look overwhelmingly bleak…

    Best of best wishes to all you Brides to Be: enjoy it and find one moment to be completely alone with your Hubs xxx

  • I will keep it short. I am having a simple outdoor wedding in August. My little sister is 19 and does not have much money. I think she could really rock this dress!

  • I’ve been reading for a month or so now, and I must say I love your blog!

    I just want to say I love that dress! My best friend has a wedding coming up in May which is taking place on my birthday (Best Birthday Ever, right?) and I was hoping to get a new dress for it (seeing as I own exactly one dress) and I would LOVE to wear that one!

  • Elissa

    It’s a beautiful dress. I’d like to wear it as my wedding dress, with soft pink flowers and a satin ribbon in my hair. We’re having a casual, outdoor, evening wedding in early summer. Imagine fairy lights, tulle, a picnic and swimming under the stars. Me and the boy dancing through flowers with our nearest and dearest. I would happily pay for all postage and shipping costs and send you copies of all my very best photos.

  • I don’t want to be entered into the drawing b/c I don’t think a “medium-sized” dress would fit me. :-( But it is very pretty. It caught my eye because of what you wrote about it – grey dresses, white shoes, and blush bouquet. That’s what we’re doing for our 10/2009 wedding. :-)

  • Oh I love this dress. I remember trying it on at Anthropologie but putting it back on the rack to use my money for more practical (wink*!) things instead. I’d love to wear this some summer night to a romantic dinner with my boyfriend. I’m certain a proposal is in the near future and maybe this dress (matching my eyes!) will push him in that direction. Thank you!

  • What a beautiful color! I would wear this to my best friend’s wedding in June. she told us to pick anything in the blue family that is comfortable. This wonderful definitely meets that description and more.

  • I would love to have this dress – I am having a lesbian wedding, and would have one of my girls wear it. My wife-to-be and I are having six bridesmaids, 3 on each side, and that dress seems so flattering – perfect, really!

    I’ve been married before, but I have to confess, paying for our own wedding (this time) and marrying the woman (and gender!) of my dreams is something I never imagined possible.

    Our union won’t be legal, but it means more to me than my previous legal union.

    I’d also wear the dress to an event on the honeymoon, providing the bridesmaid let me have it after she wore it! It’s a stunning gown!

  • I have been lusting over this dress since I saw a friend wear a teal version of it at her wedding. I think that is universally flattering and also looks like it provides a lovely bust area which is always helpful for us ‘nearly a B’ ladies.

    I think this dress would be absolutely lovely for our rehearsal dinner. We are getting married in Tybee Island, GA in September and it is supposed to be humid and hot then, so I love the look of this cotton dress with a flower in my hair.

    As of right now we are currently paying for our own wedding so any penny pinching helps. But I can promise you that I will pass along the good karma and donate the dress again after I wear it. It would be a lovely cycle to continue.

    Thanks so much for your generosity!

  • This dress is beautiful, and I'd love to wear it to my rehearsal dinner. I'm getting married this August to the love of my life.
    Money is definitely an issue, as my fiance is currently out of work, but I know that everything happens for a reason, and someday we'll be able to look back at this time in our lives and see how strong it made us.

    You can see wedding info, and stories about my fiance & me at our wedding website: kayteandjim.blogspot.com

  • After racking my brain, I could not come up with a story that would top all the rest of the stories!!! How could I think of anything better??

    I guess I could tell you that I have a beautiful german shephard who will be walking down the aisle for me, and that I would love to have her wear this dress…but that’s not true! ha ha!

    Anyways, I just love anthropolgie, and love the style of dress. And although my story is no better than anyone else’s I would love to wear that dress to my graduation. :) May 3rd baby!! And then to many of the little events before and after my June wedding. So being a recent grad and no job lined up, I am like most of the other bloggers…poor. And I would love to win the dress, but I would also be very happy if one of the other bloggers recieved it. :) Anyone would love it!

    Best wishes in your difficult decision. And thank you for your generosity – It is a beautiful thing…