Dress, Offered II

After last Friday’s post, you generous readers sent me a small volley of emails, wanting to offer up dresses of your own to other Team Practical members. I pondered this all weekend. What should I do? Would it overwhelm us if we gave away a dress a week for a few weeks, or would it build a sense of community? I decided that I liked the idea of giving away dresses, at least on a limited basis. I’ll give first priority to giving away the dresses of long time readers of this site, to other involved readers. We’ll see how it goes. If I get overwhelmed, I’m going to take that as a sign that you all really want a forum, and I’ll start trying to jump through the (costly) technical hoops of setting one up. Until then, we’ll give away a dress or two. Think of it as a tangible way to share within this virtual community.

From Brandi:
I’d like to offer up a discontinued Anthropologie dress that was meant for one of my bride’s women. She ended up unable to wear the dress (she was pregnant) and gave it back to me. The dress is brand new, tags still on it, it’s very flattering to most everyone. a medium size and grey.

I didn’t find Team Practical a little before my wedding, but you and everyone there helped me edit things down to that which was essential. I could breathe on my wedding day because of the words of wisdom from everyone, and I’d like to give a little bit back. This dress was meant to be a gift from me to a woman who matters to me very much. It deserves to make someone feel beautiful, and I can think of no one better than a Team member.

So, if you want this beautiful dress, leave a message as to how you would wear it in the comments. It would be lovely for a attendant, great for a rehearsal dinner, but also stunning for a evening wedding (Blush bouquet, white shoes, beautiful grey dress? Yum!) As always, comments will be open for a week, Brandi will pick the recipient, and the only request is that you pay for the shipping, and send her (and me if you are feeling generous!) a picture of you or your attendant wearing the dress.

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