Dress, Offered IX

Robin has been planning to give her dress away for oh…. six months? A year now? And she finally pulled me aside at the last book club and was like, “But Meg, it has a little… stain.” And I laughed and told her it was fine. And then she sent me pictures of her dress and I just melted. I said I wanted to win it so I could pet it. I said it was the prettiest dress ever. But alas, I’m not a size 10-12, and I’m not getting married. So one of you is going to be very very lucky. The rules are the same as always: Leave a comment about why you’d like to receive the dress. Robin will selct the recipient (with occasional lobbying from me… as hard as I try not to). The recipient pays for shipping, and promises to send Robin a picture of them wearing it, full of joy. Hopefully the recipient will come back as a wedding graduate too, but that’s encouraged, not required (but we’ve never had a dress recipient grad post yet. Snifff!). Here we go:

I am thrilled to announce I would like to give my dress to someone in the APW community.  Mostly, because this really has been a community for me. At the Offbeat Bride book reading/APW meetup, another APW reader asked why people share their wedding stories, and wondered if it was a self-promotion kind of thing.  I spoke with her afterward, and shared my perspective.  I wouldn’t say that I’m shy, but I’m also not one for self-promotion.  I’m a sometimes, but not frequent, APW commenter (and tend not to share the personal, the emotional), I don’t have a blog, and I worried about being uncomfortable as the potential center of attention on my wedding day.  But I knew I wanted to share a wedding graduate post, because if there was any possibility that I could say something that would prove meaningful, or helpful, to a single APW reader, then I wanted to do it.  I didn’t have wedding elves, and I was on the opposite coast of family and friends, so I couldn’t really DIT either.  But I read APW every day, and emailed Meg to say, Getting a tent is too crazy for us!  Should I change my name?  Why the f*ck can’t we find a rabbi?  And, my favorite, from six days before the wedding “I’m (mostly) rockin’ some serious serenity.”   Since then, I’ve hung out with some amazing APW ladies in the bay area, and emailed with some other folks who went through similar engagement/relocation scenarios.

When I was planning, I would say, “I hope my wedding isn’t the happiest day of my life—because there’ so much life left, and I don’t want this day to be the best one.  ONE of the best days, but not the very best.”  So.  I was REALLY happy in this dress, but I don’t need it anymore—because I have new days, and new outfits ahead of me.  I hope someone else can find their wedding Zen, and celebrate their marriage with total joy wearing this dress.

About the dress.  It’s a Watters gown, size 12 (probably more like street size 10), Style name/number Delicias/4064b in a pale ivory.  I’m 5’3” and wore a 2.75” heel, so this would work for short ladies, or average height ladies who aren’t planning on a high heel.  There’s basically no fabric in the hem so I don’t think it could be let out.  It’s silk organza so it’s REALLY lightweight and comfy, and you could easily pee by yourself. It didn’t have a ton of alterations, mostly nips and tucks around the rib cage/bust area.  It has a small sweep train, with hooks for a simple bustle that could be changed to something else, or you could cut off the train.  Bonus for the busty—there is Velcro sewn-in to the bodice (and I had Velcro on my bra) to make sure everything stayed well tucked.   It’s kind of hard to tell in the pictures, but the detailing is made of bits of grosgrain ribbon and organza.  There is a very small, and very faint stain on the back of the dress towards the bottom.  I don’t think it’s noticeable until you’re up close (and who’s up close to the back and bottom of your dress?), but, it is there.  And the cleaners tried twice to get it out, so it’s not getting any better.

PS – Robin sent me this email a few days ago, and I asked her if I could use it, because it so perfectly summed up what The Sisterhood of The Traveling Dress is about. Plus, it made me cry:

Getting ready for work this morning, I said to Ronnen, this week is my dress giveaway.  And he got all nostalgic, and said I should keep it, and that he wanted to see me in it again…and, well if you’re not going to keep it you should sell it…and how will you know about the person who’s getting it…etc…etc

What I forgot to say in my post- but remembered to say this morning to Ronnen, is that my Nana always said, “It’s nice to be nice.”

That settled it. One, because she’s right.  Two, because I cry about her at least once a week since she died in March, and Three, because (fun-fact!) Ronnen and I met on jdate in 2005.  And it said in my profile, “My Nana says it’s nice to be nice, and I agree.”

Photos by: Larissa Cleveland

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  • What a beautiful dress! Wish I hadn’t already gotten married. :) Dress, Given, is one of my favorite things (and there are many) about this site!

  • ddayporter

    aahhhh!! my first thought at seeing Robin’s grad post was holy eff that dress is amazing. obviouslyyyyy I don’t need a dress but I just had to say thank you for sending this beauty off into the world again!

    I’m sorry that your Nana is gone, she sounds like a really sweet lady. that email made me cry too!

    oh and ps. velcro??? why didn’t I think of that??

    • duly noted…. although right now, the dress is not in need of velcro, i am like a little sausage in a case.

    • robin

      I can thank the brilliant alterations ladies for that. Though I think I terrified them by telling them 2,000 times that I was VERY concerned about not revealing too much. :)

      • ddayporter

        well you have to be adamant about that these days, bridal alterations people apparently think all women want their boobs popping out of their dresses!

  • I will write a wedding grad post with the dress! But you, like me, will have to wait until after next September :)

    This dress is gawgeous too, of course. APW ladies have style.

  • Chelsea

    Am I allowed to have a favorite dress that’s ever been given away? Because I think this is it.

    My husband, too, is more nostalgic about my dress than I am now that the wedding is over. The way he explained it is that, while I got choose and hold and wear the dress for MONTHS before the wedding, his wedding-day anticipation was very much tied to finally seeing my dress and me in it. I think the dress represents a little bit of the wedding-day magic for him, and holding onto it is a way of holding onto all of the things that only existed for that one day.

    • Hee, mine too! I changed into a dress I already had for the dancing portion of our reception, and my husband was like, “Where did your dress go?!”

  • I just LOVE these posts. I’m getting married next February and already have my dress, so I don’t need this one, although it is LOVELY! I’ve been debating about giving my own dress away after my wedding. Every time I read a dress given post I feel inspired to do it. What a lovely gesture to make, and most likely to a complete stranger.

    • becky — seems like no one in this community is a *complete* stranger. ::grin::
      robin — you rock. to want to share such a beautiful gown makes it (and you) even more gorgeous!

  • Jen

    What an amazingly nice thing to do, your nana would be proud!
    I’m a relatively new follower of this blog (I started following after the Offbeat Bride reading in SF) and I’m happy to have found it. Like many other women in San Francisco I moved here from the East Coast and have tried to create a life here for myself. I have a new career, a great fiance ( wedding planning in full effect for 5/21/11!), and an amazing new city. I’m not commenting because I want the dress, as I have already purchased mine, I just wanted to say thank you for the blog. Thank you for allowing real people to post inspiring stories that reassure me that I don’t have to be someone I’m not in planning our wedding, and that give me hope that there is an amazing life ahead of us even after the wedding is over.

  • Gorgeous! If I were getting married I would SO put my name in the hat. Your Nana would be proud, plus her quote is apropos for today’s Facebook-induced-Anti-Bullying-wear-purple thing. Lovely post. Lovely lady. Lovely dress.

  • I love this wedding dress! Thankfully, not more than my own wedding dress to be worn in January :-) The dress giveaway is so awesome & I hope to follow in the gracious footsteps of giving my dress away. Good luck ladies!

  • Dream

    This is BEAUTIFUL!! I’m already married. Bummer.

  • Mallory

    I saw your graduate post this morning and my first thought was “that dress rocks!” and then I read a bit of the story and my second thought was “oh my gosh she’s giving away that gorgeous dress!” and the I scrolled down to a picture of you standing with with your husband and saw how adorably tiny you are!!!! And conceded to the truth that that beautiful dress would not even reach my ankles… :-( Anyway just wanted to say that your dress is stunning and I bet it will make another bride-to-be, who is undoubtedly shorter than myself, very happy.

  • Frugal brides everywhere should always check out Freecycle.org
    I gave away an expensive never worn gown because I changed my mind about the style and the purchase had been long enough ago to be non-returnable. Even if you don’t see anything offered, gals, put in a “request” post and see what happpens.

  • Meg

    OK, I never imagined myself throwing my name in for a dress. I’m not technically even engaged yet. But the reason I’m not engaged yet seems to really gel with Robin’s post, and so I figured, what the heck.
    Because, the thing is, my boyfriend’s family tends to be a little (OK, a LOT) over the top. He and I have our eyes on a date for the … ahem … whole wedding thing in about 14 months. But I’m holding out for a short engagement to improve my own wedding Zen and to keep the over-the-top-ness to a minimum. I want to increase my chances of having a practical weddng, ya know? Of course you know.
    I’d love this dress not only because it’s flippin’ gorgeous and I’m also a 5’3 size 10/12, but because I also believe my wedding won’t be the happiest day of my life, and I don’t think it should have a budget to reflect such importance.
    I’ve also been feeling the slightest bit panicked about the thought of wedding costs – I work at a newspaper and worry daily about whether I’ll have a job tomorrow, let alone in a year. I’m also planning on having just my sister stand up for me, wearing a bridesmaid dress she already owns and loves. However, it has a train (I’m not really a train person) and so of course, my sister suggests I get a dress with a train. You see the parallels.
    Anyhow, that was jut a really wordy way to say, what a gorgeous dress. I’d love it if you’d consider me, even though I don’t have a diamond on my finger.

    • Chelsea

      Don’t sell your self short – if you’ve decided to get married, you’re engaged! The diamond, who other than the two of you knows about it, whether you’ve started planning the wedding… all inconsequential.


      • Meg

        Wow. Oh my God. Thanks! Man, I just started crying. Wasn’t expecting that!

        • Meg, I’m in the same.exact.boat. Good to know there are multiple of us out there :)

          • Meg


        • Meg, I don’t think that it takes a proposal either. The first time my now husband referred to me as his fiance was in a letter to a scumbag contactor that was screwing us over. He didn’t propose for several more months. We also told my mother-in-law that we would get married “in tow years” and that became our wedding date.

        • I guess, just to chip in, it seems like you two are privately engaged. And he can propose, or you can propose, or you can just decide that you are officially “engaged” at some future point, I think that’s totally allowed. But enjoy this time of knowing that you are getting married, that you are engaged! And then enjoy it again when you are out to the world. Why not celebrate a million times over?!


          • Meg

            Thank you! We are both thrilled, even more so now that we’ve actually come to realize (thanks to you wise community members) that we are engaged. We are really basking in this time of knowing we’ll be together forever, without having ANY pressure whatsoever from anyone about wedding stuff. That’s the beauty of only a few people knowing so far.

            Thanks again – and who knew this would be a topic that resonated with so many!

      • I agree! I was just writing about that this week… Last year, my now-husband and I were planning our wedding but I didn’t consider myself engaged because we hadn’t done the proposal part yet. Long story, short: I let myself miss out on part of the engagement experience because of my own ideas about How It Should Happen. Anyhow….engagement is about the commitment and the intention to marry, not about a ring or proposal or changing your Facebook status. And atypical engagements are just fine! :)

        • I guess I’m engaged then… :) Me and the guy have a ‘when you know you know’ thing going on. We’re both very sure. And we’ve talked about flowers, dresses, venues, all of it…
          But I’m not actually calling us engaged and don’t plan to for a while. I want that proposal. Not because I really care but because in my family the normal thing is to date a guy for FIVE years before you get married. Which I’m not doing. But I figure I have to wait for us to pass at least the year mark for people to be on board with us, instead of thinking I’m impetuous and crazy and barely know him and etc etc etc.
          And until that happens we can’t really hammer out dates and therefore I can’t actually hire people or anything. lol. But I can look and write down ideas and etc..
          But thanks. I’ve been circumspect with saying ‘my guy’ instead of fiance on here, and have been telling myself I’m an outsider here. But apparently I’m not. :)

          • Madeline

            Pamela – my fiance and I got engaged after around 10 months of dating. Even I thought it seemed a tad crazy and impetuous, and some of our friends were amazed that it happened so quickly, but our everyone was happy for us, especially our families (my mom happy-cried in public when I told her). I know all families are different, but I say just be engaged already! That way you can set a date, etc. And if anyone comments on your crazy impetuousness, I think you already have the perfect response: “When you know, you know.” Because it’s true. You just know.

          • We got married almost exactly a year after we met. Did it seem crazy and impetus to our extended family, yeah, probably. Our close family and good friends on the other hand, were not surprised at all, and were thrilled with the news. For us, it was very much a “when you know, you know” sort of thing.

  • amanda

    I am new to the site but I just fell in love with the dress which is shockinly my size, I would like to know where I could apply to possiably win the dress!

    I am a Boston girl who is paying for her own wedding of 200ppl on a $12,000 budget.

    So far in the almost three months of being engaged my fiance and I have been doing a fabulous job of keeping under budget, until two weeks ago.

    One of the biggest cost savers thought was going to be wearing the same dress that my mother and grandmother both wore for there wedding at the same church on the same date (September 4th) It was my dream growing up that when I got married I would wear the same princess dress that they both wore. So two weeks ago I finally took the preserved chest down from the attic, it had been 30 years since the chest was opened.

    I took the dress out, it fit like a dream! Then the unthinkable happened, my mom noticed that the cake topper, the original bra, and shoes were not in the box as she had requested of the cleaners, but I said it was ok as long as the dress was ok and I did a little twirl, thats when the unthinkable happened……the back of the dress was shredded beyond repair I broke down in tears everything was going so well until then, the one dream I had gone in a matter of seconds.

    My Grandmother turned and said it was ok that it was meant to be that I should have my own dress and not her old one (She later on admitted how disappointed she was).

    I am at a loss the dress has been brought to seamstress after seamstress and everyone says the same thing it is unrepairable.

    So I am now bringing myself to terms that I must find my own dress, but my heart was lifted a little when I saw this GORGEOUS dress that Robin is passing onto another bride, a GORGEOUS dress that is my size.

    Please let me know if I am repsonding in the right area!

    Thank You All!

    • Benny

      This is unrelated, and I apologize- but I’m so curious where you’re holding your wedding with that budget and guest list? Would you feel comfortable sharing with a fellow Boston gal??

    • Kristen

      Try to think of some ways that you could maybe use parts of this dress to make a new one. You’re in Boston! I’m sure you can find someone who would be willing to maybe use the skirt and make up a new top inspired by the old one. All is not lost. Keep working. And, if you get to a point where the working is getting you worked up and miserable, take your mom and grandma dress shopping.

  • Allison T.

    Hi! I started reading APW about month before my sweet fiance and I were actually engaged (in June)and this site has really help me frame the importance of the engagement time. I was engaged ten years ago, but that wedding never happened (called off two weeks before the date). And that engagement was all about planning a wedding, but nothing at all about planning a marriage and life together.

    When I accepted my fiance’s proposal, I knew that I wanted our wedding to be different than my previous experience (understandably!) with the focus being on us and our life together and the friends and family who will be helping and supporting us in our life together. We sat down and made separate lists for what we wanted the wedding day to be like and at the top of both of our lists is that the other person is happy with the day. At the end of the day we will be married. The details will come together and I am hoping that this dress giveaway is one of those details!

    I started reading APW for the bridal ideas but then figured out that this site is not really about bridal ideas, it’s about marriage ideas. And I love this site for that reason. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see the pictures because wedding are so much the same (bringing together people to share in love) and so different (seeing all those fabulous styles that I could never pull off). But the beauty of this site is community and support of (all) marriages.

    I am not so fortunate to live in a large metropolitan area with lots of APW readers. Although I hope I am not the only reader from way down south in Alabama. I do appreciate the online community on this forum and the focus on the marriage rather than just the wedding. I think that the sharing of the wedding dress is really a sweet way to pass along the good feelings of the special day.

    I love Robin’s dress and I really can’t believe that I am 5’3′ and the same size. I have read comments during past dress giveaways and thought, “How can they be exactly the right size?” And here I am, all 5’3″ of me saying “I am the exact size!” I dread dress shopping and this dress would be a gift to save me from that task! I am looking forward to marriage, but not some of the wedding day details like dress shopping.

    Robin is an absolutely beautiful bride and the bride lucky enough to wear the dress next will be too — but not because of the dress because of the spirit of the dress. Thank you for being nice, Robin, and thanks for considering me to possibly wear your beautiful dress when I see my fiance on our wedding day. Best wishes to you and new family!


    P.S. I love that there is a stain on the dress so that “I” would not the be the one to get a stain on the dress! Yet another burden would be lifted!

  • Mandy


    this dress is gorgeous. and i so want to be zen on my wedding day. i feel like this dress would carry a lot of good energy with it. and i’m in need of some good energy.

    i’m getting married the end of january. i do not have a dress picked out. i haven’t even shopped yet. since becoming engaged i have gotten pregnant, miscarried, and then learned this week that i will no longer have a job by the end of the year.

    and yet i still feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

    and at the same time… i feel like a bit of a lost soul. i am in love. but holy crap – i am anxious. a friend introduced me to APW and it has quite literally kept me sane over the past two months. that post on the road not taken? SO what I needed.

    i find myself saying how much i can’t wait for this wedding to just be OVER. and that makes me sad. i don’t want to wish this time in my life away simply because there’s been a few bumps in the road. i just need a little boost, that’s all.

    and this dress would totally be that boost.

    also? i promise to write a wedding graduate post. i’ll even use proper grammar and capitalization. :)

    • mandy

      i found a dress! so i am pulling my hat *out* of the ring. i look forward to finding out who the lucky winner is!

      actually, this post and all the comments inspired me to get my butt moving and muster up some excitement… so thank you all!

      • KD

        Congrats on finding your dress!

        Just know that even many of us who aren’t going through any of what you are have days of thinking “I just can’t wait for this planning business to be over with” I think that’s all part of the process and isn’t always a bad thing. Good luck!

  • Amy

    I have to say, when reading your post one of my first thoughts was “what a gorgeous dress!”. I’m already a married lady, but just wanted to tell Robin how gorgeous she looked!
    And for any NYC-area brides who are looking to donate their dresses, I donated my gown to a shop called the Bridal Garden. Super sweet ladies who were thrilled(!) that I actually cleaned the dress myself saving them the cost of doing it. All proceeds from the sales go to NYC charter schools. I swear, I don’t work there, but having a mom who was a principal and a teacher for a MOH it was an easy choice for me to help out kids in this city with a dress I knew I wasn’t going to be wearing again.

  • Michelle H

    I’ve been reading APW for a long time, but I’ve never commented before. I guess it’s because I’m shy, feel a little young (22), and feel that I would benefit more from soaking up everyone’s wisdom rather than chiming in myself. I have so much to learn!

    I will graduate from college in December, and my partner, who graduated this summer, is an entrepreneur. He and a friend of his have already started a company, and have a few customers, but it’s not even close to being new-family-sustainable. I am ridiculously proud of him. I can’t wait to graduate so I can get a full-time job and put money in our little nest egg. And as insane as it sounds, we don’t want to wait to get married. We want to rock this crazy ride hand-in-hand.

    It gets a little more complicated when neither sets of parents can pay for the wedding in its entirety, so we will pay for the bulk of it ourselves. And we want ALL of our family to be there. So when I think about a wedding dress, my thrifty inner self says that of all the things to go, a fancy dress is first. And if I had to choose, I would prefer to feed our guests and walk down the aisle in jeans.

    But, Robin, your dress is perfect. When I let myself peek at wedding dresses, that style is what I return to again and again – feminine, flowery, and something I don’t need help peeing in. A dress that has history and lots of love (and leaves evidence of that love in the form of a stain). And whether you pick me or not, thank you so much for your graduate post and your willingness to give your lovely dress away.

  • Dress giveaways are the best! I love reading about the lovely ladies who don’t always speak up in the comments. It’s a reminder that there really are nice people out there. Sharing makes the world a better place :)

  • Okay, I’m not throwing my hat into this race, but I’m just so excited about this particular dress giveaway for so many reasons. (1) Their wedding photos are by my photographer, which makes me thrilled to pieces because I love Larissa. (2) That beautiful dress is for a size 10-12 short person (like me!), and every bridal salon experience I’ve had so far has been so painful because nothing has fit or flattered. (3) It IS always nice to be nice. So, yay!

    • robin

      We love her. She is amazing. Talented, of course, but also SO nice, and has such good energy, that she is just the kind of calm you want around you on your wedding day.

      • We spoke a lot on the phone and via email, and then met with her for coffee when we decided to hire her. We loved her so much that we invited her to stay for our whole reception, even though we were only hiring her for 4 hours of photography.

  • Katrina

    I would like to throw my hat in the ring for this dress, as well. Like many of the girls above, I have been a long-time reader of APW, but never brave enough to comment on anything.

    My boyfriend and I (to the frustration and chagrin of my family and friends) are not engaged just quite yet, although the proposal is definitely imminent. We both graduated college two years ago, and while I was lucky enough to find a job right away, it took a year and a half for my boyfriend to find a teaching job. We’ve been struggling to make ends meet for awhile, and as a result our plans for getting engaged got delayed. But, in our hearts we know that we are ready for this commitment, even if there’s not a sparkly ring on my finger to announce it to the world.

    I was incredibly lucky to stumble upon APW. The first post I ever read, Sharon’s undergraduate post, “On Choosing,” popped up in my recommended list in Google Reader. As I was reading, I couldn’t help but shout out loud, “Oh my god! YES! THANK YOU!!” I sat down that weekend and pored through every single APW post ever written. It may sound cheesy to admit this, but I was so happy, I cried. I felt like a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulders, and I was liberated.

    I also immediately went and cancelled my subscription at The Knot’s website. (BTW, they make that *incredibly* hard to do!! I had to email the webmaster three times and tell them that my engagement had been called off before they would delete my account!)

    Since that day, I’ve started my own little APW inspiration journal. Every time I come across a post or a phrase that strikes a chord with me, I copy and paste it into a document. Occasionally, when things get tough, I go back and re-read through the posts that have truly touched my heart.

    I think what I love most about this blog is that it transcends the wedding planning process. It has been exactly what I needed to get my life on track and build my self-confidence. Since graduation, I’ve felt adrift, wondering if I chose the right career path. (Is this REALLY what I want to do for the REST of my life??!) I have felt like no matter what I did, I could never measure up to other people’s expectations. Every day I read this blog, however, I grow a little bit stronger with being happy, content, and unapologetic about who I am. I truly believe that this process of self-discovery will not only help me keep sane during the course of planning my wedding, but is also pointing me in the right direction towards building a deeper and lasting relationship with my husband-to-be.

    I would be incredibly grateful if I was chosen to receive this dress. It would fit perfectly – as part of my “self-improvement” project, I started exercising (I ran my first 5K earlier this month!) and eating healthily, and I have never been so happy with the way my body looks and how I feel. Also, the idea of the dress having a stain on it makes it all the more appealing to me. I’m sure that no one else will notice, but I will know that it’s there – a little secret between me and Robin, and a reminder of all the fun that she had at her own reception.

    Also… today is my 24th birthday, so I think I should get extra bonus points for that! ;)

    • cancellation of the knot membership: desperate times, man. you did what you had to do. ::grin::

  • Caily

    Oh, my. Oh, my. Well, here is my pitch. First, practically speaking (pun intended), I am a short (5’2″) lady, street size 10, with large-ish tatas. Your dress is so very simply elegant and lovely – and perfect to rock with a pair of velvet purple heels (i.e. the only wedding outfit decision I have been able to make to date). Oh, and peeing indepently is an absolute requirement.
    On a more emotional level, I confess that the DRESS has been the most scary, hardest, stomach flipping part of planning our spring 2010 event – it has come to symbolize all of my insecurities and fears, all of my hesitation in being the centre of attention, and all of my indecisiveness. It is my roadblock. Giving me your dress would release me from my own wedding insanity. And I love the idea that it would come imbued with all of the happiness and love of your event. For ladies with little to no family heirlooms, this is like a borrowed piece of community history. And it would be an honour to wear.
    Oh, and my fiancee is 6’7″ (see my height above) so you are bound to receive a bunch of wacky, full length photos of the dress with my fiancee sitting on a chair/bench/rock. Fun for all!

  • Well, my heart jumped when I first read the post because I loved the dress, and I’m a size ten! But then, oh then, I am about 7 inches too tall for this lovely dress. (Not too tall for life, just for the dress — I love my height!) And I was sad until I read all the comments; it seems like there are a lot of very eligible women with brave stories who would rock the dress. I can’t wait to find out who the lucky lady is!

  • Class of 1980

    I think the Traveling Dresses are my favorite thing on APW. I was doing fine reading the requests until I got 3/4 of the way down the page – then the tears came up.

    Also, that is a very pretty dress.

    • meg

      Yeah, me too. I got really weepy about that point at work, and then I emailed Robin from my top-secret-work-email-account, and was like, “Are you crying yet?” And she totally was.

      • robin

        Still am. I am really overwhelmed by everyone’s kind words, by the stories on this page, and by the strength of this community. Feeling lucky and grateful to be a part of it. xo

        • I certainly don’t envy you for having to select: so many beautiful stories to chose from! Good luck on giving away an exquisite frock.

  • After experiencing all of this – I’m TOTALLY giving my dress away on APW. This is inspiration, right here. Watch out ladies with hips – cuz I’m comin’ for ya.

    • I picked up my dress from the dressmaker today for our wedding in 2 weeks, and she was talking about how to store it.
      I told her I wasnt planning on storing it – I was planning on giving it away. In about a years time though, of course. :)
      (Of course, I’m hoping to be the first Southern Hemisphere / South Pacific dress, given giver too…)

    • Jessica

      love your last line! :)

  • You guys are amazing and I want to hug you all. I’m so moved by all of this post, and especially by Robin’s Nana, and the stains on the dress, and everyone’s comments, and just, all of it. You guys are amazing.

  • Robin, you look so awesomely blissful in that first picture. I love all of the dress given comments, it’s definitely one of my favorite APW features.

    After hearing how many 5’3″ size 12 girls are dying for a wedding dress I am starting to think perhaps I will donate mine after our wedding this weekend. Although it has long sleeves so I have this fear that it’s just too old fashioned or something and am sorta terrified to wear it in front of all of those people on Saturday. I’m crossing my fingers for wedding bliss to start soon!

    • Meg

      Sleeves!?! I bet the comments will stack up for that one. Good luck Saturday! Best wishes.

    • Brenda H

      Just a quick reply: sleeves, from my browsing while we figure out the proposal (complicated story) are hard to find, I’d definitely say you’ll get tons from ladies looking for them.

      Good luck on Saturday – I’m sure your wedding will be wonderful. :D

  • Oh my word, Robin! Good luck deciding! I’ve been crying reading these. I want to pick everyone!

  • I am so inspired. I can’t wait to see who wins! I will absolutely be giving my dress away on APW. (But only members of the IBTC need apply. Not all of us can be amply endowed!)

  • Bari

    Today is my first day on the APW site. Robin is my sister and she has, in fact, been talking about giving away her dress for months. While I have been outwardly supportive of this, there has been this voice in my head that has not completely understood this (my own dress hanging waiting for I don’t know what in the future). I have not understood this fully..until now.

    Reading the posts from all of you is really inspirational. What I can tell you about this dress is that you are all right. This dress is spectacular. Robin had a VERY clear vision of what she wanted for her wedding dress. This dress was not it. However, she tried it on anyway. I was busy looking on the rack at other dresses and she called me to get my attention. I turned around, took one look and burst into tears. A reaction that surprised even emotional-prone me.

    So I have not only accepted the impending departure of the dress but am looking forward to hearing the next chapter in its life. It had a great premiere. I hope that one of you feels beautiful in it as you start your next great adventure as a couple. With any luck, you’ll have as good a start as Robin and Ronnen have had.

  • alicepub

    The backless applique wedding dress is just what I want. There are a lot of flowers around the bodice and the back, in addition to the ruffles and floor-length. Just look at the bride’s silhouette, the dress makes the bride look slim and curvy.

  • april

    Gorgeous dress and I just *heart* the dress giveaways here on APW. Makes me all misty! And I just gotta give a little bit of love for seeing another size 10-12 dresses made for the busty. Not discriminating! Just sayin’… nice to see. :-)

  • V Gibson

    Hi Robin,
    I was wondering if you have chosen the lucky girl to receive this amazing dress. I am in love with this dress. I tried it on a couple of months ago and fell in love to find out that I can not afford the price tag. I was really upset but decided that I would look elsewhere and hoped to feel that WOW feeling in another dress. Unfortunately it hasn’t happened yet. I always come back to the way that dress made me feel. I walked out of the dressing room feeling like a million bucks. It made me feel pretty and beautiful and not fat. It was amazing. I know that you must have felt the same way because your smile in the pictures says it all. That is the way I want to feel when I walk down the aisle in July to marry the most wonderful man in the world (or at least I think so :)).

    Please let me know if there is anyway that I could be so lucky to wear such an incredible gown.