Dress, Given V

Remember Sarah, and the most recent iteration of APW’s long tradition of passing dresses to each other? Well. Here we go. It’s time to give another dress, which is one of my very favorite things. Sarah and I, unanimously (because the giver always picks, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a situation where the giver and I didn’t instinctively immediately agree) wanted the dress to go to Nini. To Nini, who said:

Yay for fireworks and bonfires! We’ve decided to go this route too – very excited to hear that it was a hit.  As for the dress.. I would love to be considered for it. It should definitely fit and it was exactly what I was hoping to find when I went dress shopping – classic and comfortable . . . instead I ended up being told that I was “too petite” for a dress like that and was told to get a longer dress so I wouldn’t look so short. So I went home and cried (I’m a sensitive gal) and haven’t worked up the nerve to go dress shopping again. What really gets my goat though is . . . I AM short . . . 5 feet flat . . . and I will be staying short for the rest of my life..so why should I hide it? I really wish I told that girl off that day and stuck to my guns and maybe I would have ended up with a gown a lovely as yours!

So now Nini? No more crying. No more having to stick to your guns. No more dress shopping. No more being told your too petite. Now you have a dress that’s classic and comfortable, and that bridal shop lady can bite you. Email me.

To the rest of you: don’t you want to give everyone a hug now? For further inspiration, please go look (or re-look) at Leah’s dress gift and beautiful wedding, and Sam’s re-wearing of the dress. Nini, you must PINKIE SWEAR to come back as a wedding graduate. Seriously.

And with that, we end the week. I’m busy. I have a lot of comments to read.

**Photos by Nic Benner and Shane Epping, from Sarah’s wedding

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