Dress, Given V

Remember Sarah, and the most recent iteration of APW’s long tradition of passing dresses to each other? Well. Here we go. It’s time to give another dress, which is one of my very favorite things. Sarah and I, unanimously (because the giver always picks, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a situation where the giver and I didn’t instinctively immediately agree) wanted the dress to go to Nini. To Nini, who said:

Yay for fireworks and bonfires! We’ve decided to go this route too – very excited to hear that it was a hit.  As for the dress.. I would love to be considered for it. It should definitely fit and it was exactly what I was hoping to find when I went dress shopping – classic and comfortable . . . instead I ended up being told that I was “too petite” for a dress like that and was told to get a longer dress so I wouldn’t look so short. So I went home and cried (I’m a sensitive gal) and haven’t worked up the nerve to go dress shopping again. What really gets my goat though is . . . I AM short . . . 5 feet flat . . . and I will be staying short for the rest of my life..so why should I hide it? I really wish I told that girl off that day and stuck to my guns and maybe I would have ended up with a gown a lovely as yours!

So now Nini? No more crying. No more having to stick to your guns. No more dress shopping. No more being told your too petite. Now you have a dress that’s classic and comfortable, and that bridal shop lady can bite you. Email me.

To the rest of you: don’t you want to give everyone a hug now? For further inspiration, please go look (or re-look) at Leah’s dress gift and beautiful wedding, and Sam’s re-wearing of the dress. Nini, you must PINKIE SWEAR to come back as a wedding graduate. Seriously.

And with that, we end the week. I’m busy. I have a lot of comments to read.

**Photos by Nic Benner and Shane Epping, from Sarah’s wedding

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  • liz

    i can’t wait to see pics of nini in sarah’s dress. whether she looks short or not.

    at least she didn’t act like your “shortness situation” was unredeemable. reminds me of my bridal shopping days when someone told me i “don’t have a waist” and that no dress was going to be able to fix that for me. did wonderful things for my ego.

    meg- i want you to write a response post to that ridiculous 600comment thread. because it’s obviously a conversation that should continue. but it’s just getting hard to follow over there.

    • Katelyn

      I did my best, but had to quit around 450. It’s just such a universal, personal subject that everyone was inclined to share their story. Lots of readers coming out of the woodwork ;-)

      • meg

        Yessssss Liz. As soon as I, you know, readthemall.

    • I second that – a response post, please! :)

  • Jennifer

    Yes, I do want to give everyone a hug now! Yay for Nini and for Sarah’s lovely dress!

  • Erin

    To Nini, I was a short bride, and I also wore a tea-length dress — insisted on it, actually. It rocked, and man could it dance. I only looked short when I stood next to tall people. Enjoy!!!!

  • Tricia

    I’m short too, and there is nothing you can do about looking short when standing next to tall people (like my FH), but that is okay with me. I’m short and I like it. Rock whatever your are (short, tall, skinny, plump, doesn’t matter). Love yourself and everyone will think you’re gorgeous, especially on your wedding day.

  • KristieB

    I must comment on this.

    I like me exactly as I am. A bit round (especially around my no-waisted middle), a little on the short side with a mess of disastrous frizzy hair. This is who I have been my entire life. From the beginning, I knew that I would a) not lose weight for my wedding b) wear tall shoes and c) try to “do” anything with my hair.

    When it came to finding my dress, I was deathly afraid of heading into a bridal salon to have someone pick at the way I look and my choices (no veil, beading, lace, etc). I was so afraid of this (like break out into sweats afraid), I ordered my dress online. I prayed it would fit and not look terrible…and it is perfect (because I know myself).

    I feel for you, Nini. Being short is awesome. It is something you should embrace about yourself. AND if anything, your look on your wedding day should reflect who you are for, uh, the rest of your life (pre and post wedding). You should look exactly like yourself.

    Nini, you are going to look awesome and short in Sarah’s dress. I’m so excited to see your wedding graduate post!

  • Yay! So glad this dress is going to someone so deserving. My bridal salon experience was so awful that I (a) had to hide tears as I left awkwardly and went in search of my beloved and comfort food and then (b) gave up trying to find a wedding dress altogether and bought a pretty evening dress instead. It’s not white, it’s not remotely bridal, and it’s not from a bridal salon. Mean people suck.

  • Nini

    Oh wow, this is amazing. I’m very surprised! I was like, ‘wha – there’s my name! Meg is writing my name!’ So, thank you so very much, Sarah! I am truly honoured that you have chosen me, and I’m extremely happy and very much looking forward to showing this dress a good time! Hopefully it won’t mind another round of fireworks :)

    Also, Meg, I pinkie swear to return as a wedding graduate! (and I emailed you!)

    And to everyone, thank you very much for your kind comments. It’s nice to know I’m not alone out there. It’s amazing how we seem to be able to learn to completely embrace everything about ourselves until we’re standing in front of those 3 mirrors, and then everything you wished you could ever change about yourself in high school becomes so embarrassingly obvious – especially with the helpful bridal consultants pointing them out.

    Interestingly enough, however, when I asked if there was something with long-ish sleeves she told me to not be so modest, to love my arms and shoulders, and not be ashamed of them – of course, what she really meant is that she had no other dresses that weren’t strapless. Annoying to hear because I do love my arms – I was just asking because I thought it might get chilly. (Which is now, also, a problem of the past – I have a very similar wrap to Sarah and will totally be borrowing her idea to tie it around the back – so thanks again!)

    And may I just say… man does APW rock. For reals, Meg, you should take a bow. You’ve done something here.. this community is unlike any other.

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  • I am sure you will look beautiful, Nini!

  • TrailTart

    Oh, yay. I can’t wait to hear about Nini’s wedding. I’m also totally baffled, as a non-short person. I would think a dress like this would be perfectly scaled to a petite person. A giant gown has much more tendency to overwhelm and make someone look small. (I know, because even as a non-short person, I look small in ornate gowns.) Oh, well, evs. You’ll look awesome.

  • Alyssa


    And one day, someone is going to get tired of b*tchy bridal clerks and set them on fire.

    I’m not condoning this, I’m just sayin’…

  • ks

    Yay Nini! When I read that comment yesterday it instantly resonated with me as well. I had a horrible DB experience when dress shopping, but at the second shop my saleswoman was MUCH nicer and more helpful. And had a very positive attitude. Nice bridal consultants are out there people, I promise you! Even for us short and curvies.

  • Meg – I came to this post to wish you luck in getting through all the comments on the “other.” After reading what you wrote, I was ready to comment, but I like to read all the others first (to add to the whole conversation), but I admit I had to give up at 250. Phew – you are in for it. I hope that David is a master of the back massage, as my neck gets tense just thinking about being hunched over to read them all.

    And Nini – congrats on the dress – and the bonfire!! That was my favorite part of our wedding (well, one of – I never thought I was the type to have so many favorites). I can’t wait to see the pics from your turn as a graduate!

  • Jillian

    I am 5’3″ and I’m wearing a tea length dress too. I couldn’t walk in long ones. They swallowed me up. Tea length is definitely the way to go for us shorter ladies!
    I hate bridal consultants like that.

  • Nini – you’re SO not alone. I’m only five feet tall…and the dress that I’m making definitely makes me LOOK short. It makes me look short and plump, actually. Which I am (well, more busty than plump, but anyway). But that’s the point; I AM short, and I AM plump, and the dress I’m making is the dress that I’ve always always always wanted to wear for my wedding. I’m so glad you got this dress and are going to get to wear something that makes YOU happy, bridal shop salespeople be damned.

  • I was thinking the same thing as others have posted; longer dresses are more likely to overwhelm a short woman. Having said that, I’m short and totally going for a long dress. It didn’t make me look taller but it did look amazing :) My fiance loves my shortness. Glad Nini got won :)

  • I’m so glad to hear the results of this dress giveaway. I remember reading Nini’s comment and thinking, damn, that dress needs to go to that woman. I’m a fellow shorty by the way!

  • Sarah-Anne

    I’m glad to see Nini won as well! I think all of us read her comment and immediately empathized — I can think of countless times where I’ve thought I was ROCKING something, only for someone to knock me down faster than I could blink! I hope to see the chain of giving continue on APW :) love this site and community!

  • Congratulations! It’s a great dress and I’m sure it will look wonderful on you!
    Well done, all of you: this is an awesome community full of love and support! I’m so glad I found it and so glad to be a part of something that’s so cool as to be passing on wedding dresses.

  • A-L

    At 5’1″ I too fall into the short camp. And though I tend to think that styles that hit just below the knee, or all the way to the floor look best on me, I think it’s extraordinarily rude what many of the bridal consultants have told many of you. Thankfully I didn’t have that experience. But I will say that short people can also wear long dresses. It’s just not recommended that it be extraordinarily poofy. But if you like the look of extraordinarily poofy (or whatever it is you want), go for it!