Dress, Loved

Remember when we did a giveaway of that wedding dress I adored? Leah’s Vera Wang Bridesmaids dress with the black sash? You know, this Leah?Well, ladies and gentleman, the dress has been worn again! When I first saw pictures of Sam wearing the dress (I was just clicking through the comments, nothing doing) I stared at the screen frozen, and then it felt like my head exploded. The weird thing about blogging is that I have a hard time tying it to reality. In theory I know you guys are out there reading, and you seem real when you leave comments or email me, but otherwise you are just these numbers on my google analytics screen. So when I meet you, and you say you read the blog before your wedding and it was helpful to you, I am disoriented. But this, this blew my mind. There was a dress, that I facilitated the giving of, on another bride at another wedding being loved. That’s tangible, people. So, here is Sam, wearing the dress that Leah wore at her wedding. I’m hoping she’ll be back very soon as a Wedding Graduate.We ditched our guests to take a walk right in the middle of the festivities (the first time all day the rain let up) and yes, at one point I might have ended up sitting on the bar.The dress was fabulous. It fit perfectly, we didn’t even have to hem it. I did end up tearing the skirt on my mom’s dress (I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for the Father-Daughter dance in it) but thanks to Leah’s generosity I got to change right away into a dress that made me feel sexy and beautiful… and was so easy to move in! I am so amazingly blessed.Next up… the next Team Practical dress swap. You guys are the best.

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