Dress, Offered IV

We haven’t done a Team Practical dress giveaway in a long time (mostly because I… uh… don’t have time to post all the dresses you amazing women want to give away.) But! I got an email from Leah, and just had a sneaking suspicion that this was a giveaway I *had* to do. And then I saw pictures of the dress and I knew why:Sigh. Beautiful, no? So. I know this is some member of Team Practical’s future wedding dress, and that when you see it, you’ll get that little magic feeling and leave a comment. So! To enter you need to 1) Be a regular reader of this blog 2) Be getting married (obviously) 3) Want to wear this dress as your wedding dress and 4) Leave a comment telling Leah why you love it. Comments will be open for a few days, and then Leah will pick the winner. Normal rules apply: the winner pays for shipping, and then sends Leah a picture of herself full of joy, in the dress, on her wedding day.

Here are details about the dress, from Leah herself:
The dress is ivory and black. It is technically a bridesmaid dress although it looks very much like a fancy wedding dress to me. It is by Vera Wang and it is a size 4. I am street size 2-4. The measurements on the sizing chart are 34, 26.5, 36.5. I had it hemmed, I am 5’2 and wore 4″ heels, but other than that it fit. It has a slight train which I didn’t bother to put a bustle on because I didn’t think it needed it but if you wanted to be able to dance a lot you might talk to a seamstress about putting one on. As you can tell, I did wear it and although I had it dry cleaned there may be a couple of spots on the bottom that are still slightly discolored. I felt beautiful in it and I would love to be able to help someone else feel beautiful on their day.

Go to it ladies!

Photo: by Emily Takes Photos, who Leah found through APW. Whee!

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  • i don't think i ever wished i was a size 2 so much as i do right now.

    dang it! that's lovely.

  • woah. i teared up a little at someone offering their wedding dress like that. so generous.

  • sam

    i feel bad even posting, because i have a dress. but then i saw that the measurements are almost exactly mine, and that no one else has spoken for it yet…

    you see i decided to wear my mom's dress and we have spent most of the summer altering it to fit… it looks wonderful. but the material is very old and very fragile. i worry about dancing in it, afraid if i step on the hem the delicate lace and netting of the skirt will tear. i've thought about getting a second dress to party in, but just don't have that in the budget.

    so i do have a dress, and if someone else needs it this should go to them. but i couldn't resist commenting because i would love to have it to dance the night away in!

  • Rianna

    I just wanted to say I love these dress giveaways, go Team Practical!

  • fcw

    oh my, those measurements are mine too! except I'm 5'0".

    The reason I would like to wear the dress is because mostly because it's absolutely gorgeous!!! we're having a casual affair by a lake and it would be perfect.

    I don't really have a good story to make you cry… the truth is, I was planning to buy a used and/or cheap JCrew dress anyway and craft it up all cute myself (i like to sew). This dress is beautiful though. Maybe I could donate my $500 dress budget to charity?

  • That is STUNNING!

  • What a pretty and classy dress! I love the detailing on top. We are leaning toward a small ceremony or a destination wedding so this dress would be perfect!

  • Leah, how very generous of you to offer your gorgeous wedding dress! My heart started beating faster as soon as I saw the photo. This dress is my dream dress! I love how elegant and classy it is.

    I read this blog regularly through RSS, but don't comment all that much. I lurk consistently though. :) When I saw your dress, I knew I had to delurk and post a comment to enter the giveaway.

    Our wedding is next June. It is rushing up so fast! The dress has been one thing that has been nagging at me. I would love to wear a gorgeous wedding gown like yours, but it's not in my budget. I know it’s supposed to be "our day" but we really want our guests to enjoy themselves, so the dress is one thing that I had to cut back on to fit our budget. I followed my head with that decision, but my heart longs for a beautiful wedding dress. And I couldn’t justify spending hundreds on a dress, even a gorgeous dress. I have no idea what I’m going to wear now, I have been looking through secondhand shops, but it’s so hard to find wedding dresses in the first place, and I’m sure you know how difficult it is to find clothes in our small size!

    On my wedding day, I know all eyes are going to be on me, and truthfully that makes me nervous! I am not used to being the center of attention. And I know everyone will be looking at the dress. If I had a lovely gown like this, I think it would ease my nervousness because I know I would feel beautiful in this dress.

    I would love to pass this dress on to another lucky bride after my wedding, or return it if that’s what you wish. Keep the joy flowing :)