Dress, Offered IV

We haven’t done a Team Practical dress giveaway in a long time (mostly because I… uh… don’t have time to post all the dresses you amazing women want to give away.) But! I got an email from Leah, and just had a sneaking suspicion that this was a giveaway I *had* to do. And then I saw pictures of the dress and I knew why:Sigh. Beautiful, no? So. I know this is some member of Team Practical’s future wedding dress, and that when you see it, you’ll get that little magic feeling and leave a comment. So! To enter you need to 1) Be a regular reader of this blog 2) Be getting married (obviously) 3) Want to wear this dress as your wedding dress and 4) Leave a comment telling Leah why you love it. Comments will be open for a few days, and then Leah will pick the winner. Normal rules apply: the winner pays for shipping, and then sends Leah a picture of herself full of joy, in the dress, on her wedding day.

Here are details about the dress, from Leah herself:
The dress is ivory and black. It is technically a bridesmaid dress although it looks very much like a fancy wedding dress to me. It is by Vera Wang and it is a size 4. I am street size 2-4. The measurements on the sizing chart are 34, 26.5, 36.5. I had it hemmed, I am 5’2 and wore 4″ heels, but other than that it fit. It has a slight train which I didn’t bother to put a bustle on because I didn’t think it needed it but if you wanted to be able to dance a lot you might talk to a seamstress about putting one on. As you can tell, I did wear it and although I had it dry cleaned there may be a couple of spots on the bottom that are still slightly discolored. I felt beautiful in it and I would love to be able to help someone else feel beautiful on their day.

Go to it ladies!

Photo: by Emily Takes Photos, who Leah found through APW. Whee!

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