Dress, Given VII

I’ve hosted many dress giveaways now (seven to be exact!) and none of them has broken my heart like April’s did. Because there were so many of you that I wanted to give a dress too. I wanted to be like, dress, dress, dress, dress, hug, hug, hug, hug. But April only had one to give, and then April and I and all of you with your “exactly’s” seemed to be of one mind. April said, “It’s Amy’s post that has my heart and made me straighten up in my chair this morning and say, ‘DAY-UM, girlfriend. I feel you.’ Because, yeah – I was pretty much where she was last year: outta time – outta ideas – outta energy. And no frikkin dress (well, besides the one that wasn’t working).”

So the dress goes to Amy, who said:

I’m getting married in 59 days (yup, I’ve reached the point where I’m counting down the days) and I seemingly have nothing to wear yet. A few months ago I made the tragic mistake of buying a gorgeous Nicole Miller evening gown that I am in love with — for the amazing clearance price of 71 bucks. Since it was a clearance sale, there was only 1 size available — a size too small for me to wear. I (stupidly? misguidedly?) bought it anyway thinking I could somehow figure out a way to cram my body into it over the next couple of months. It was only $71, after all! However, here we are less than 2 months from the wedding and the dress (of course) still doesn’t fit. I’m a little heartbroken because I really do love the dress — but also exhausted by the idea that I have to now start looking for a new dress when I really kind of just want to coast into the wedding.

We’ve also pretty much maxed out the limit of what we can spend for this wedding. (We’re paying for the whole wedding ourselves). We’re getting married in New York City, of all places, which I think is possibly the worst place on earth to get married on a budget.

Throughout the getting hitched process, I’ve been patting myself on the back for all of my thrifty/practical decision-making. I thought that my $71 clearance dress was my biggest victory of all — until it became apparent that it was my biggest mistake. (Who knew I wouldn’t drop 2 dress sizes in three months? I know. Duh).

Anyway, based on your measurements, I think I’m pretty much EXACTLY your height/size. And I think that dress is beyond gorgeous. I’d love to be the lucky lady who gets to wear it this July.

Amy, email me, and we’ll make it happen. And you’re coming back as wedding graduate right? SOON too. Because we’re all ready to see this dress in it’s rightful home, being grinned in.

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