Dress, Given VIII

Ha-ha! You guys thought I forgot about you today! But not at all. I’m working from home today (bloggy, bloggy, bloggy) so I have the joy of writing this post in real time. How do like them apples?

So, today, I have the honor of giving away Melissa’s f*cking awesome brewfest wedding dress. The dress of grins and tears and dances and joy. The dress will go to Kelly, who said:

My name is Kelly, and I, too, am so very attached to peeing alone. Trains and petticoats are so beautiful on other brides, but the fella and I are planning on getting married in a state park pavilion this October in Georgia and we’re just not particularly fussy people.

He’s in the Air Force; I’m a writer. He gets out and goes back to school this August. Most of our thoughts and plans have been directed at that move. So, as far as wedding planning goes? Well, we’ve decided we should have one. We have some catching up to do, I guess. I seriously have been itching to go dress shopping but don’t really enjoy squishing myself into samples not built for someone vaguely my size. It’s so encouraging, Melissa, to see someone look so elegant and beautiful without a heck of a lot of fuss. Your dress is beautiful, and the color is just amazing. Thank you for sharing it.

And thanks, too, Meg for this. I love the community the swaps create and the priorities it encourages I love everything about this.

But beyond just giving her dress away, Melissa wanted to speak to the fear of wedding salons, when you’re not teeny.  She didn’t want you guys to think you had to be scared, ever (she’s fierce like that). She said, ” Just because you’re a bigger sized doesn’t mean you can’t find the dress that makes you feel beautiful at your wedding—it just sometimes takes a little creativity, or research to find shops with sample sizes above an 8.” Because she doesn’t want the WIC to win by making y’all feel sh*tty about your bodies, she’ll be back soon for more discussion.

But until then… the sisterhood of the traveling dress passes another dress on. Kelly, may you grin as wildly as Melissa did. And send us your story, yes?? We can’t wait to see you in it. Can’t. Wait.

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