Dress, Given VIII

Ha-ha! You guys thought I forgot about you today! But not at all. I’m working from home today (bloggy, bloggy, bloggy) so I have the joy of writing this post in real time. How do like them apples?

So, today, I have the honor of giving away Melissa’s f*cking awesome brewfest wedding dress. The dress of grins and tears and dances and joy. The dress will go to Kelly, who said:

My name is Kelly, and I, too, am so very attached to peeing alone. Trains and petticoats are so beautiful on other brides, but the fella and I are planning on getting married in a state park pavilion this October in Georgia and we’re just not particularly fussy people.

He’s in the Air Force; I’m a writer. He gets out and goes back to school this August. Most of our thoughts and plans have been directed at that move. So, as far as wedding planning goes? Well, we’ve decided we should have one. We have some catching up to do, I guess. I seriously have been itching to go dress shopping but don’t really enjoy squishing myself into samples not built for someone vaguely my size. It’s so encouraging, Melissa, to see someone look so elegant and beautiful without a heck of a lot of fuss. Your dress is beautiful, and the color is just amazing. Thank you for sharing it.

And thanks, too, Meg for this. I love the community the swaps create and the priorities it encourages I love everything about this.

But beyond just giving her dress away, Melissa wanted to speak to the fear of wedding salons, when you’re not teeny.  She didn’t want you guys to think you had to be scared, ever (she’s fierce like that). She said, ” Just because you’re a bigger sized doesn’t mean you can’t find the dress that makes you feel beautiful at your wedding—it just sometimes takes a little creativity, or research to find shops with sample sizes above an 8.” Because she doesn’t want the WIC to win by making y’all feel sh*tty about your bodies, she’ll be back soon for more discussion.

But until then… the sisterhood of the traveling dress passes another dress on. Kelly, may you grin as wildly as Melissa did. And send us your story, yes?? We can’t wait to see you in it. Can’t. Wait.

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  • Congratulations! This community is the best!
    If my cousin doesn’t end up borrowing my dress, I just might have to offer it here for one of you!

    And I’m looking forward to Melissa’s future posts!

  • Sara

    Congratulations Kelly!

    I’m definitely not sample size and was dreading going to a bridal salon to try on and buy a wedding dress. So, I bought one dress online that I ended up hating. Then I bought another dress online that I also pretty much hated (I just hated them on me, the dresses themselves were beautiful!) but I decided to just wear the 2nd one because I didn’t think I had any other options. 2 weeks before the wedding my sister finally convinced me to go to David’s bridal (GASP!) because they had plus sized wedding gowns I could buy off the rack. I found a dress that I could take home that day that fit me well. Most importantly I ended up with a dress that flattered me and made me feel gorgeous. I know that most people in this community don’t love the WIC, but my point is that the larger ladies do have at least one place they can try on dresses that make them feel beautiful. I hope to give away at least one of the dresses on this site someday.


  • Jamie

    You know, DB gets a bad rap but they carry every size in the store. And their plus sized dresses aren’t just bigger versions of smaller dresses. They actually change the cut and proportions.

    It’s also really helpful for bridesmaids dresses. My friend had us go to this fancy boutique for bridesmaids dresses where they only had a size 8 sample size. So I was the only one who could try it on because everyone else was bigger, way smaller, or pregnant. Everyone was super nervous about dropping $200 on a dress they had never tried on. And if the bride hates trying to squeeze into the sample, the members of the wedding party aren’t going to enjoy it either.

    I swear I don’t work for them!! But I’ve been in 8 weddings in the 2 years, with 8 brides of all different sizes, and we always had better experiences with David’s Bridal (they were even different David’s Bridal locations!)

  • Liz

    i won’t get started on ranting about db. because too many lovely posts on here have turned into rants.

    (but the damn store didn’t have a SINGLE dress in my size. and those “clips” are an effing nightmare, when the sales woman isn’t interested in helping. so yes, i understand the david’s bridal flack. but we all have different experiences, no?)

    sorry, couldn’t help myself.

    this dress is lovely. and these dress giveaways are the most “damn the wic” thing about this site.

    • Casey

      Mmm, yeah. I think it totally depends on the location you go to. One store wouldn’t stop trying to sell me stuff long enough to listen to me (tried to talk me out of beading my own veil – ‘but honey, this one only costs $196!’ – refused to order my bridesmaid’s dress in the size she wanted because ‘you never know what might happen with her weight in the next, uh, month, so you need to order a size bigger…’). But the store in the next city over was nothing but wonderful, exchanged the bridesmaid’s dress with sincerest apologies, never tried to sell me shiza I didn’t want. Different employees = a different experience, eh?

  • ddayporter

    yay Kelly!! I love how we all kind of get to vote via the exactly button. who knew exactly could have so many different meanings?

    October is pretty soon, looking forward to that grad post. congrats again!

  • In my personal experience, it is always better to call around by phone and see which shops carry plus sizes before you go shopping. It cuts down on a lot of frustration when trying to find a dress.

  • The more I read Dress Given posts, the more I want to do this with mine. I lovelovelove the idea of passing on a dress to someone who’d appreciate it. And thanks, Meg, for giving us the community and the outlet to do it.

    Lotsa grins, Kelly; can’t WAIT to see pictures. :)

  • Kelly

    You GUYS!

    Thank you! Thank you so very much!

    I can’t tell you how flattered I am. Melissa, I wanna be fierce like that, too. We will be certain to send in pictures!

    • Tegan

      Kelly, I’m sure you’ll look great on your day. :D If the dress is still up for it, you should definitely post it up for grabs again. My wedding’s not till Jan 2012, and I’m a size 16….

  • Andrea

    I am definitely not sample size (a 26W) and I went to three bridal salons that all carried many plus size samples – I didn’t have to go to DB at all. I called all the salons before making appointments (or walking in – two of them were very self service) to make sure the trips were worth my time.

    I was really dreading trying on dresses because I just knew I was not going to find dresses I liked anywhere near my size, but I was pleasantly surprised. The last salon I went to, I was in there for 2.5 hrs trying on dresses in samples from 22 to 28. I was able to try on dresses by Bonny, Venus, Sophia Tolli, Alfred Angelo, Mori Lee, Private Label by G and Dere Kiang between the three salons.

    Yes, I do live in Chicago, but its just as hard to find a dress here as it is in smaller towns. The salon I eventually got my dress from was in South Bend (Not because I didn’t want to buy my dress here, but because I wanted my mom to come with me and I didn’t want to pay 10.25% sales tax on an $800 dress). I went with the Alfred Angelo dress, which surprised me, because I really had written off all of their styles as being too traditional.

    • KD

      Ugh! Can we talk about Chicago sales tax!! Holy nightmare…because of the trunk show I got 15% off my dress…basically covered the sales tax.

  • Debbie

    Congratulations Kelly!

    Whilst I am sad not to get to wear that gorgeous dress, I am happy that you will!! Can’t wait to see the photos!