Dress, Given

And Michelle’s lovely dress finds its perfect home with Kourtney who said:Firstly, I’d like to say how I literally gasped out loud when I saw this beautiful dress! I’ve looked a lot online and in magazines but it is the real bride in the real dress that is more impactful than the most experienced model in the most expensive designer gown. A photo of a real woman in real love is provocative and priceless.

I recently became engaged to a my fiancee, Matt, my first boyfriend, the giver of my first kiss and someone I’ve had the distinct pleasure of dating for almost 5 years. He asked me to marry him on the beach of our childhood church camp. He surprised me with my family, his family, all of our friends and a beautiful ring we picked out together. We are planning our wedding for next August and are currently diving into the endeavor of planning this wedding in the spirit of ‘A Practical Wedding’, creative, DIY, personal and SANE!

We are young (20 and 21) but have developed a mature and unconditionally loving relationship. They say “Love is patient” and we’ve been quite patient in waiting for this time of our lives and we are quite excited! Your beautiful dress would be an incredible gift as we are currently working toward our degrees and wishing to begin our marriage debt free. The style of your dress is my dream style, simple, elegant and classic. The size is exact and the dress exquisitely my taste. This kind of generosity is stupefying and I am moved that you would be willing to offer a piece of joy from your own special day with a perfect stranger. I would be honored to wear your dress.

Thank you Michelle, we all appreciate what your generosity inspires. And Kourtney, you’ve got yourself a wedding dress. Email me!

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  • Oh that is lovely. Can't wait to see photos of the dress take two!

  • Tammy

    Michelle, How sweet and generous of you to bless Kourtney with such a beautiful dress. I literally gasped out loud, as well, this morning when I learned of your generosity. Your joy and love are evident in the photos of you and your husband. May God bless your marriage.
    Thank you! Tammy (Kourtney's mom)

  • Kourtney you sounds so, so excited! I'm glad you got picked to wear this wonderful dress!

  • Anonymous


  • Brandy

    Okay, I hope she comes back as a wedding graduate. She just made me cry. Not a bad way to start a Monday.

  • Tammy! That's so sweet, it's great to hear from you. I can't wait for her to get it. It makes me so happy that we can all spread the love!