These Engagement Photos Are Breaking The Mold #Sponsored

And if you think Dustin Cantrell kills it with engagement photos, wait until you see the weddings

Nobody needs engagement photos. That being said, lots of people want them. But even if you do decide to pay someone to capture the spark between you and your person, how do you make sure they don’t end up feeling stiff, fake, or somehow not… you?

The solution is simple: Dustin Cantrell Photography. He’s a storyteller, a vagabond who roams the world in search of the right moment. He’s been in the business for a while, and he has learned to make anyone feel comfortable in front of the camera (no, seriously). And when he shoots couples, it looks like this:

a couple lie in bedA couple embrace

How does he do it? Truth is, Dustin is big fan of engagement photos, but he’s not into how a lot of the sessions are executed. He’s taken it upon himself to offer something different, and he is putting a lot of energy into changing how we conceptualize these photos sessions in the first place. Instead of sitting at the park and holding up a save the date sign, he’s challenging couples to get deeper, find a bit of adventure, and mix it up. He’ll meet you at your apartment and the three of you will move on to a bit of a mini journey… doing whatever it is you want to do. As he said:

It’s not just about getting good photos. It’s taking time to appreciate this time in the couple’s life and to be able to have a memory associated with their final images. It’s also a great way for me to be able to really get to know the couple before the wedding day.

two people embracetwo people stand on a cliff

And obviously, after he’s taken killer shots of you and your partner, Dustin Cantrell will bring that same intimacy to your wedding day. Even though Dustin is located in Northern California (heeey, San Francisco), he travels all over the world for his clients. He’s worked everywhere—from Canada to Washington to New York to Mexico and beyond. Rates begin at $3,200, with a special APW discount for Friday and Sunday weddings below (yes, you heard right), and you can have wedding photos that look like this:

a couple is showered with gold confettitwo people smile at sunsettwo people sit in a treetwo people lie down in a fielda woman smileswomen help a bride put her dress ona man and woman kissa man and woman at sunset

And if you needed any more proof, here’s what a past couple had to say:

We can’t say enough good things for Dustin. Not only were his photos amazing, he was also incredibly easy going and helpful in every way. We loved the Polaroids he took. And he even handled our stressed-out moms well. We’ve already looked through the photos about a dozen times and they continue to bring us joy each time. Dustin did such a good job of capturing little moments throughout the entirety of our wedding. My wife and I were dumbfounded at how he seemed to be in the right place at the right time. We’ll be recommending Dustin to all of our friends and relatives in the area.

two people stand in the woodstwo people sit together

Dustin Cantrell is your photographer if you’re looking for wedding coverage that captures both the vulnerable quiet moments and the grand celebrations.

Ready to take the plunge? Dustin’s wedding rates begin at $3,200, and he’ll be wherever you are. DUSTIN IS ALSO OFFERING 10% off Friday and Sunday weddings (excluding Labor Day weekend dates). Offer expires Sept 10, 2018. Get in touch!

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