Eight Weeks Out, And I’m Feeling FIIINNNEEEE

So I just looked at my wedding list today, which I carry around with me everywhere, in a tiny notebook where I also keep all my post ideas, that looks like this: but blue, and very beat up. Anyway, I looked at the list and realized we could get married tomorrow and everything would be fantastic. I don’t mean this in the theoretical sense, like, all of us could go to the courthouse and get married tomorrow, and hooray! I mean it like, we could have our very own wedding, the one we’ve been planning tomorrow, and everything would be effing-fantastic. Yeah, I’d stay up a little late tonight whipping up a veil, yeah we wouldn’t have programs, and we’d have to get a Hebrew literate guest to write up a ketubah on scrap paper really quick, but we’d be set. The beer would arrive, we’d have a ceremony, I’d have a dress, we’d have two rabbis, we’ve even practiced the electric slide.

This is what you call being Type-A Squared and front loading your stress.

So from here on out, my attitude is the wedding industry and all it’s crazy minions can shove right off, because we’re getting MARRIED, kids.

We’ve got family to help us, bridal brigade, fantastic friends, and a blog-torage. That, and we’ve got each other. So the details, the WIC, etc etc etc? F* This.

P.S. of course I’ll get stressed again, but whatever, it’s going to be awesome.
P.P.S. If you’re feeling stressed, embrace that too. Tell people you feel how you feel, and they can shove right off.

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  • The thought of being ready tomorrow brought me out in a cold sweat! I'm not at that stage yet, but hey it's 11 weeks not 8 :)

  • thats great :) im about at the 4 month benchmark and I'm a little frazzled.

  • I just want to tell you that I LOVE the way you write. I have a MA in English and I teach, so I like to think I know what "good" is.

    I honestly think you could fold this blog up into a publishable book. Exploit your nonexploitive blog. :) Hehe.

    Good luck. Our wedding is August 14. Your must be on the 15th!

  • woohoo no stress (for a while at least)!!
    my Beloved has been saying for months now (since I also do the front-loading stress and over-preparing super way in advance thing), "Hey, you're doing so good at getting this all together, we could even get married THIS summer!"
    Wrong. His dreams, I crushed them.

  • Dude, one of the very selfish reasons that I love your blog is that we seem to go through the same cycles at the same time. Oh boy, is it ever a relief. Two weeks ago I was stressed right along with you, right now I'm all "dude, this is happening. That's cool." I really appreciate that you're sharing all of this–it makes me feel a lot more sane myself. It's all about the ebbs and the flows.

  • Srsly. I love being Type A.

    Congrats, Megaroo.

  • LPC

    The glories of prioritization. True prioritization, not some list someone gave you.

  • Exactly! People keep asking me how the wedding stuff is going, and my answer right now is, if we do nothing else for the next little less than two months, we'll still be married, and there will still be a great party. So what if people would have to decide on their own where to sit? It's happening.

  • Yesterday was the 8-week mark for us, and my fiancee and I had a stressful wedding conversation that I think is a bit rooted in differences in expectations. I was having a hard time articulating why things are important to me. So it was helpful that you linked to the June 1 post again.

    Thanks for your blog. Even when we are not ridding the same ebb, it is so helpful.

  • Yay- congrats Meg! This happened to me too about a month away from the wedding. I was overcome by a crazy f*ck this euphoria where I accepted that after wedding planning for a year and a half I was finally done losing sleep over details.

    It's bliss.

  • That was the best feeling!

    One of the biggest blessings I had in the last few days, when I was utterly exhausted of thinking about anything wedding was my mom swooping in to take over the reins for things needing to be done. Your friends and fam will get you through the day now that you've brought yourself that far.

  • Hurray, you're getting married!
    I will forever be thankful for my wedding blog friends (who are more than that in my heart), because in the weeks before, it's them, and not my family or close friends who supported me and kept me sane. (Not that the other ones didn't care, but I didn't really want to bother them with it)…

  • I'm at 11 days away, and I work in a bridal shop… so it was actually freaking me out that I haven't been freaking out about the "OMG it's so soon, what about this, and this and this…" that a lot of our brides go through. But now, reading your post, I realize it must just be my good planning. Type A all the way!

  • Yea for you! I feel the same way, but mine is 4 days away! I also followed the Type-A formula of trying to get things done right away, and I am so glad that I did. Besides, we all know your wedding is going to be fab!

  • yay! i hope i feel like that in a month!

  • That is great! I am totally hoping to be exactly the same way.

  • Oh that is so good for you that you are feeling good about your day. I love the attitude of this post.

  • We are one month away. I'm so ready to be married to my s.o., I don't think I'd miss anything about the wedding that isn't fully realized yet.

    At 4 weeks out, I think we're pretty much done. There are a few last-minute DIY crafts to be finished, but that's it.

    P.S. Your blog has been a particularly fantastic find. I have three female cousins my age also getting married this summer. My outright rejection of the WIC has mystified them and caused them to say some slightly hurtful things. So, thanks for being sane.

  • Meg

    Uh huh, uh huh. I'm ALL ABOUT realizing when it's worth it to throw money at something to solve the problem, especially when you throw to a cool person.

    Flip side, I'm also all about realizing, UM NO, I don't want to spend money on X, because I have realized I don't care about it.

    I think a healthy mix of both leads to sanity. Heck yes for sanity.


  • I hear you! Sometimes I'm glad people give some advice about weddings and such…but then sometimes Im like ok enough…we're going to do this thing our way and Im going to wear my hair my way and get the things we want for our wedding….Shout it out!!! Leave us alone this is our wedding!!! But thanks away!!! :) But please come to our wedding and celebrate our love and thanks for being in our lives!!

  • Hellllll yes. I'm less than 5 weeks out now, and the only Big Thing I need is the actual marriage license. So, technically I couldn't get married tomorrow cause there's a 3 day waiting period, but still! All those fun projects on my to-do list? The programs, the paper cranes, the hotel packets, the icebreaker games for the rehearsal picnic, the cute nametags, the giant family tree poster… I am ONLY GOING TO DO THEM IF I AM HAVING FUN. No more stress. Hurrah.

  • I am finally at the point where I am finalizing our ceremony — picking music, choosing the final reading, hearing my singer dad's choice for what he will sing, and it's just so beautiful, I can't wait! I am finally past all the major hurdles, and now I'm just excited. My wedding is 4 1/2 weeks away and I'm so freaking excited I wish it was tomorrow.

  • HAHA This made me laugh. Thanks! I just got engaged on Sunday so it's just beginning. Um, and what is WIC?

  • April


    Love the post.

    I'm a Type-A "must own and manage the process" person who is only now, at 4 mos. until me and my boy tango down the aisle, starting to say, "Eff [insert WIC must haves]!"

    Either that or I just throw money at the problem. Was losing sleep over handwriting all the invitations… hey! Light-bulb moment. Remembered your featured vendor post about 'Neither Snow' and sent her an email and now calligraphy is taken care of by lovely, talented and affordable wedding elf. *Ahhhh*

    Enjoy these last few weeks Meg. You're going to have one heckuva wedding!

  • Anonymous

    I know I got a lot of eye rolling when I would say to people, "what's the worst that could happen?" As long as we were married at the end of the day…that was the end goal. Everything else was a whole lotta expensive, time consuming, stress inducing, b.s. Well, some of it was really cute & fabulous, but most of it was b.s. Prioritizing and keeping your end goal in sight is key. It's about the love & marriage…not that ONE big day.

  • heck yeah, electric slide!

    all the best, meg!

  • I'm only 16 days out, but I've been at that point for a week or two. It's a great place to be, but there's a lot left that I'd like to do still. I'm trying not to stress it, though. We're ready. We're really ready and this is happening, baby! Yay!

  • Cate Subrosa

    Woot woot!

  • That's so great! My goal is to get to that point as well, as I'm graduating from college only 2 weeks before the wedding. The more I can have taken care of in advance, the better!