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Eight Weeks Out, And I’m Feeling FIIINNNEEEE

So I just looked at my wedding list today, which I carry around with me everywhere, in a tiny notebook where I also keep all my post ideas, that looks like this: but blue, and very beat up. Anyway, I looked at the list and realized we could get married tomorrow and everything would be fantastic. I don’t mean this in the theoretical sense, like, all of us could go to the courthouse and get married tomorrow, and hooray! I mean it like, we could have our very own wedding, the one we’ve been planning tomorrow, and everything would be effing-fantastic. Yeah, I’d stay up a little late tonight whipping up a veil, yeah we wouldn’t have programs, and we’d have to get a Hebrew literate guest to write up a ketubah on scrap paper really quick, but we’d be set. The beer would arrive, we’d have a ceremony, I’d have a dress, we’d have two rabbis, we’ve even practiced the electric slide.

This is what you call being Type-A Squared and front loading your stress.

So from here on out, my attitude is the wedding industry and all it’s crazy minions can shove right off, because we’re getting MARRIED, kids.

We’ve got family to help us, bridal brigade, fantastic friends, and a blog-torage. That, and we’ve got each other. So the details, the WIC, etc etc etc? F* This.

P.S. of course I’ll get stressed again, but whatever, it’s going to be awesome.
P.P.S. If you’re feeling stressed, embrace that too. Tell people you feel how you feel, and they can shove right off.

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