Ember & Ben’s Bainbridge Island Wedding

As you might imagine, I see a lot of wedding pictures these days. But some weddings take my breath away. When I was reading about this wedding, I kept having to stop, because the tears made it hard to see! Ember and Ben’s wedding was thrown together in a month, and was shot by the bride’s best friend, the super talented Heather Gilson of One Love Photo. This wedding between two long time partners and parents was a celebration of an existing family, which is such a powerful reminder of what weddings are really about.
This picture sums up the way I feel about this whole wedding! Me too, Ember, me too!
Ember and Ben said their vows a day earlier then planned, when they discovered the day before the planned wedding that the judge wasn’t free the next day. This took some of the pressure off the vows, which were held in the backyard of a house they had rented for friends and family for the weekend. (talk about delightful imperfection).
This is, officially, my new favorite wedding photo. Their son Finn held the flowers they picked up at the farmers market that morning.
I’m not sure if there is a better picture to sum up family, love, and commitment.
Ember and Ben decided to finally get married after they saw the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island, Washington. I assume they felt what we felt when we saw our venue, that profound feeling of arriving home after a long journey. The only problem? The Bloedel Reserve does not allow weddings. But, our bride did not see a road block! The rented a house down the way where they said their vows (a day early, whoops) and then they dressed in their wedding finery, gathered their guests, and took a wedding walk.
Their son Leo was extremely excited by his bow tie.
And of course they had cake.
Here is to love, to family, to friends, and to knowing what matters!

Now go read all about this wedding, as written by Ember’s best friend, Heather.

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  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this. My fiance and I are in the same situation, we have a son who’ll be 3 when we tie the knot. Lately I’ve been thinking that it was really hard to find examples of how to plan a wedding where your children have a really special place. Everything I find seems to be focused on stepchildren, which has its own set of emotional issues and is not our situation. You’re so right, this is what weddings should always be all about.

  • Ok…yep! I got choked up with that one =) My fiance and I have 2 sons together (they’ll be 3 and 1 1/5 when we finally get married), so there’s even more emotional value than I see in most of the weddings I see on wedding websites. What a great wedding! I need to remind myself of these things while planning our wedding. It’s just so easy to get caught up with all the things the evil industry says we “must have”…

  • Thanks for sharing! I am a serious blog stalker of yours, even though my guy and I are in the pre-planning stages. But we’re both in your boat – wanting to be surrounded by people we love and adore without buying into the hysteria. I love the weddings you feature – they are all so inspirational and often tear jerkers.

  • How beautiful. I especially love the little wedding cakes.

  • Gorgeous pictures! What a great blog. This is my first time here, I found you via weddingbee. My sister is getting married in the fall so I’ll be sure to pass your link on to her. Smiles!

  • I adore this wedding. Low-key, and lovely! Those wee cakes are precious.

  • One Love Photo

    Thanks Meg!
    What a treat for us! You know, it’s so true that there isn’t much out there about couples who have children before the wedding. Ember bought her blue dress after Leo was born and was planning the wedding….. then surprise. Here comes Finn! A couple years later it all came together perfectly. I think just how it was suppose to, with all four of them together to celebrate! They are such an awesome family and I just love those little cutie pies. Thanks again!

  • Gorgeous! That one in the garden just got me all excited about saying our vows!

  • I am also in that situation. It seems there might be more of us than you’d think. This wedding was just so touching and beautiful. Amazing.

    I am in the very beginning stages of any sort of planning, and this post inspired me to start up my own wedding blog, although I am not sure I am ready to admit it to anyone else in the world. However, this post was so lovely, that I didn’t want to lose it, and I want to remember again how much of that event stuff we just don’t need to bother with.

  • I love the picture of Finn holding up the flowers. Childhood innocence and family love…what a perfect way to celebrate.

  • I’m very much in this situation. Me and the man have been together 9 years and have a 3 year old. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who have told me it’s not as important, or as special, or even “Why bother, after all this time?” Why? (I seriously had to ask myself!!) Because now we KNOW what love is! What commitment and family are! We’re not hoping to get married to find out… we’re getting married to announce that we already get it. And in front of our family and friends we can say as much with no trepidation and surrounded by the knowledge that this isn’t an if. Our love is a fact. And that’s awesome, even if we didn’t do it “right” (or maybe because of!)

  • Beautiful! thank’s for the interesting post

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