Here Are 30 Ethical Engagement Rings You Can Get Excited About

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Part of what makes wedding planning so hard isn’t just that there are so many decisions to be made. It’s that each of the decisions you make throughout the planning process calls your values into question. Can you be a feminist and have your dad walk you down the aisle at the same time? Is it playing into weird historical crap if you wear a white dress? What if you care about where things come from, but still want a diamond engagement ring?


For the most part, you have to answer these questions yourselves (I know, I’m sorry, I wish I could help). But the engagement ring part? There I’ve got answers. Because today we’re partnering with Diamond Foundry to bring you ethical engagement rings that are not only responsibly created, but also hot as hell (literally and figuratively speaking).


There are lots of ways to ensure your jewelry is ethical. But most of those ways involve a lot of research and reference checking. Diamond Foundry, on the other hand, has patented a brand new hot-forging process that creates stunning eco-friendly diamonds, right in California. And unlike other man-made gems, Diamond Foundry’s handcrafted diamonds start as small slices of earth-mined diamonds. They then go through a process where a ton of heat is applied to that tiny slice, and layers of diamond build up around it (sort of like how pearls are formed). So the end result is a diamond that’s virtually indistinguishable from one that came from the earth, even to trained gemologists, except for the part where you know exactly where it came from and how it was made. Plus, because the technology is so new, hot-forged diamonds are actually rarer than traditionally mined diamond. We got to check it out in person when they sent us a necklace featuring one of Diamond Foundry’s hot-forged diamonds, so you can see for yourself:

Diamond Foundry (1 of 2)ME2_7703 Diamond Foundry (1 of 1)

And while Diamond Foundry specializes in loose diamonds (aka you can buy their diamonds and pair them with any jewelry you like), where they really shine is in their partnership with independent artisans and award-winning jewelry designers who create the kind of jewelry that makes me want to invent things like “seventh anniversary” rings. That’s totally a thing right? So with that in mind, here are thirty ethical engagement rings you can get excited about:

Blockette Three Stone Ring

The Decobee Halo Ring

Three Stone Rose Snake Ring

The Oyster Ring

Rose Gold Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

The Deco Engagement Ring

Seashore Cushion Halo Ring

The Sedona Ring

The Buttercup Ring

The Blockette Cushion Ring

White Gold White Diamond Ring with Pave Surround

Free Form Halo Ring

The Blockette Cushion Cut with Kites

Lossa Crown Ring

Etruscan Emerald Cut Ring with Halo

Six Pointed Terra Ring

The Treasure Chest Ring

June Ring with Vintage Diamonds

Empress Scepter Ring

Iris Halo Ring

The Simple Solitaire Ring

Thea Halo Ring

Bezeled Grove Ring

Hex Halo Ring

The Marquis Ring

Linear Slim Emerald Ring

Emerald Cut East to West Halo Ring

Tides of Time Ring

Ornate Halo Ring

Willow Twig Bezel Ring


This post was sponsored by Diamond Foundry. With their patented hot-forging process, Diamond Foundry creates eco-friendly diamonds that you can trace right to the source. And it doesn’t stop there. Diamond Foundry’s marketplace is filled with incredibly talented award-winning jewelry designers who are equally committed to using ethically sourced metals and stones in their designs. Click here to browse Diamond Foundry’s impeccably curated designer diamond jewelry, engagement rings, or browse for a loose stone to use with an engagement ring design you already have picked out.

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