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Did You Procrastinate On Finding a Wedding Photographer?

Then today's your lucky day

You know that phrase “Beggars can’t be choosers”? I always want to cross out beggars and write in procrastinators, because I am one and I have suffered the consequences. That means that I often have to settle for what’s available when the thing that I actually love is sold out, unavailable in my size, or has tripled in price since I first found it. But if what you’ve procrastinated on is booking a wedding photographer, then today you don’t have to settle. Like, at all. Because one of our absolute favorite wedding photographers recently reached out to tell us that she’s opening up extra dates in 2019 just for you. That means your search can stop here. I mean, you see that photo up there, right? Yup.

A woman stands on a mountainside in her wedding dress - photo by Evangeline Lane

Here’s the deal: the photographer in question is Los Angeles’s Evangeline Lane (don’t worry, she also travels), who you might recognize from some of our all-time coolest real weddings, like this legendary bridal jumpsuit wedding, this Newport Beach brunch wedding, and last Friday’s Shakespeare Club of Pasadena wedding.

two people kiss in a pool overlooking a valley

Evangeline’s been working with APW couples for years, but decided to strictly limit the number of weddings she took on after becoming a single mama in 2017, as her number one priority (after her adorable baby girl) is giving all her couples heartfelt personal service—the kind her clients call “loving, caring, and meticulous.” (She also carves out time to volunteer with the California Innocence Project as their go-to LA area photographer, because of course she does: APW people and social justice work just go together.)

But, you guys, she just can’t quit you. Evangeline recently opened up some extra availability in 2019 to APW couples, because she really wants to make magic with you like this:

A couple walk atop a wall while holding hands - photo by evangeline lane

And this:

A woman wearing a white dress, dances in a room.

And this:

a couple jump into a pool dress in their wedding clothes

At this point, you may be thinking, “These photos are perfection, but me and my partner are… human.” To which I say, friend, that’s what everyone says. Evangeline Lane’s clients are not actors or models; they’re real people that she manages to capture all loved up and glowing and having the best time, and boom, epic photos. As she told us:

My clients often tell me they are uncomfortable in front of the camera and are concerned about looking awkward. When I tell them that literally 99 percent of my clients before them have said the same thing, they remark on how everyone looks so natural and comfortable in the images. I assure them that they will too, and a large part of that is because of connection.

By connection she means not only getting to know her couples so they are super comfortable around her, but also learning about the connection between her couples—so that she can capture all the subtle interactions that show how your love feels, and not just how your wedding or elopement looks.

A man kisses a womans hands as they sit on a couch.A couple walk along a beach as one of them drinks from a champagne bottleA man cries as a woman reads to him.Two people laugh and embrace while in a California desert

Basically, Evangeline, takes the kind of photos that will have y’all falling in love all over again ten years down the road:

Relationships grow and change, so my goal is to capture my clients’ love at this exact moment in time—to freeze time, so to speak. If they are silly with each other, I want to capture that. If they are more serious and sultry, I want to capture that. To me, the beauty is in the little moments, the imperfect moments, the real and honest moments between the couple and the community that supports them. Those tend to be the images that end up being the most meaningful to my clients. Because in five or ten years’ time, chances are they will be in a completely different stage in their lives and their love will look different than it does right now. I want them to be able to look back on their wedding day and really be transported to these moments and remember, “Yes, look at us! That was us back then.” I think these types of images are what evoke emotion and become powerful family heirlooms with the ability to allow you to relive the day both in your mind and your heart.

A woman on a beach holds her large bellyA dog looks at the camera ponderingly as his humans kiss behind him.

That may sound like a tall order, but Evangeline’s clients will tell you she delivers. As Jessie says:

Finding a wedding photographer that totally gets you and translates your story beautifully was a daunting task. The conversations with photographers began to feel like a string of terrible Tinder dates, but as soon as we spoke to Evangeline, we knew she was “the one.” But honestly, even if she wasn’t as loving, caring, and meticulous as she is, we might have still hired her based on the unbelievable quality of her work. Evangeline turned the happiest week of our lives into true, honest-to-God artwork. I’m still not sure how she did it, but she truly encapsulated the outrageous amounts of love and fun that made our wedding so joyous with a sophisticated, fun, and wry twist, as well as tender moments shared between us and our friends and family when we thought no one was looking. We will cherish these images for the entirety of our lives. Plus, she made me look DAMN good!

And I mean, see for yourself.

A woman touches a man's ear as they sit in an art gallery.A man is helped with his tie. Eclectic guests walk down a sidewalk.

Evangeline Lane’s rates start at $2,500 for local weekday elopements (four hours), and $3,400 for small weddings (six hours), with packages with more hours of coverage and the option of a second shooter and/or adventure engagement session readily available. Evangeline has always been a destination wedding photographer, traveling from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree, VermontMexico, and beyond, but here’s where all you fellow procrastinators are about to luck out: Evangeline is offering 20% off to 3 local LA-area APW couples or free travel (within the United States) to 3 non-local APW couples who book her for their 2019 wedding or elopement. Tell her more about your wedding here so she can suggest the best package for your needs and apply your special APW pricing. 🙌

Two people feed each other pieces of cake.

So why are you still here? Go reach out to Evangeline Lane right now to confirm that your 2019 wedding date is available and revel in how your procrastination finally paid off. And then, you know what to do—please, please, please send us the photos.


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