F*ck Subtle

So, if you remember, we were originally going to put some sort of subtle statement in the back of our program about our support for gay marriage. But then as I was writing our program I realized that 1) Subtle was just not my gig. 2) That something worth fighting for is not something you bury in the back of a program. 3) That it was more important to us to signal to our many gay friends that we supported marriage equality, than it was to worry about sensitive feelings.
So. we used this statement in our program, right out where you could see it:

Meg and David believe that marriage is a universal human right, and will continue to fight until the day when each of our LGBTQ friends and loved ones has the same legal rights that we are exercising here today. To continue that fight for justice, we have given a donation to LAMBDA Legal in honor of our marriage.

This is what worked for us. I think what works for each couple is going to be very different, but the important thing is to consider the question.

(Comments off, because I can’t moderate them, and a well, this subject has been known to get heated)

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