February 2021 Planning Open Thread

The pandemic planning maze

What is there to say, that hasn’t already been said? What grandiose word of wisdom or helpful thought could I possibly offer in this impossible in-between season? Honestly. There’s nothing. I don’t have a magic wand (or a magic vaccine)… but I DO understand what you’re dealing with. I’ve been in the wedding industry, professionally, for 10+ years, and I’m engaged and *trying* to wedding plan, myself. Suffice it to say… I get it.

I don’t know where each of you is in this pandemic wedding planning maze—perhaps you’ve canceled, delayed, eloped, postponed again, cried, laughed, cried some more. Maybe, like me, you’re stuck in some odd purgatory wondering what the right thing is to do. Will your families be vaccinated by then? What about your vendors? (You love them, too.) Do you feel okay asking people to get tested and wear masks? Does that mean all your photos will have masks in them? Is your venue even going to let you host a wedding? Can you afford to delay and put off combining financial and legal lives with your partner any longer? Can you afford to postpone or cancel and lose those deposits? The spiral is long, wild, and impossibly frustrating right now. At least it is for me.

And while I don’t have any magic or brilliant words of wisdom, I will just remind you take a few deep breaths, pull your shoulders away from your ears, go for a walk, take a warm shower… do whatever you can to bring some calm into your day. You, your body, and your mind deserve at least that.


So, COVID couples… how the heck are ya? Do you have logistical questions I can try to help answer? Do you want feedback on the choices you’re facing, from other COVID couples? Do you need a place to vent and scream and KNOW that the people who read it are going to get it? This is the spot. It’s your open thread.

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