For Better Or For Worse

Laura left this comment on today’s post, and I thought it needed to be shared right here, front and center:

I was married in 1979. Our area of the country was hard hit in an economic downturn. My husband and I were at times both without real jobs. We did yardwork for hire, we painted buildings, we grew our own food, etc. It was difficult but it was also a time I would NEVER wish had been different. When you are with someone you love, hardships are lessened and joys are amplified.

Oh, right! Right! This is the whole point!

(And a special note to all the parents reading this blog: I’m so glad you are here. Feel free to share your wise words of wisdom in the comments, no matter how young and tech savvy that seems. They are so good for all of us to hear.)

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  • Amen.

  • With my fiance facing bankruptcy and possibly losing our home, this post brings tears to my eyes. We both have our own businesses which have been hit extremely hard by the economy.

    Rather than drive us apart, the realization that things are as bad as they are has brought us closer and made us fight harder for what is important for our future together. Thank you for the reminder that others have made it through rough times and come out smiling on the other side.

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    Love it and brought a smile to my face.