18 Free Deco Fonts for Your DIY Wedding Invitations

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Deco Fonts Layout

In the comments of our last fonts post, a reader made a wise observation about the use of decorative fonts in DIY wedding invitations: use them sparingly. You don’t want important information getting lost in a barrage of swirls and flourishes. Decorative fonts are mostly there to make your names look fancy, and to give your DIY wedding invitations some personality and polish. (And let’s not kid ourselves; they’re the more fun part of designing your own wedding invitations.)

In traditional wedding invitation design, that job goes to script fonts (and there are eighteen free downloadable script fonts right here if that’s what you’re going for). But script fonts aren’t going to be the right choice for everyone. You might want more modern, or a little less fancy, or just something… different. So today we’ve rounded up eighteen Art Deco fonts that you can use in your DIY wedding invitations. And since Deco fonts are more minimal in nature than script fonts, you have more freedom to mix and match and play around with these than with more elaborate fonts. Plus, nothing says “this party is legit” than seeing your names done up like Jay Gatsby’s (but you may want to make sure your party isn’t quite as legit as Jay Gatsby’s).

You can download each individual font here. Next up, we’ll be tackling handwritten fonts. If you have a request for a different font type, or other DIY wedding invitation advice, leave it in the comments!

Manbow Free Font Download

Non Belle Free Font Download

Kilsonburg Free Font Download

Drugs Free Font Download

Lemon/Milk Free Font Download

Riesling Free Font Downloadbetty noir

Betty Noir Free Font Download

Lame Free Font Download

Rewind Free Font Download

Raconteur NF Free Font Download

Hilo-Deco Free Font Download

Nova Free Font Download

La Piedrita Free Font Download

Marchesa Free Font Download

DK Kaikoura Free Font Download

Soerjapoetera Free Font Downloadpark lane

Park Lane Free Font DownloadPaulistana Deco Free Font Download

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  • Sarah E

    Sigh. Beautiful.

    . . .these are the fonts for my alternate-reality wedding.

    • vegankitchendiaries

      Do you think it’s sad if I start a secret pinterest board for my alternate-reality wedding?

      • Sarah E

        I follow more than one person on Pinterest who have labeled their public boards as such. No sadness required, secrecy optional.

        • vegankitchendiaries

          Really? ALREADY married people?

          • Meg Keene

            The standard name for that board is “wedding do-over.”

    • Maddie Eisenhart

      My whole JOB is for my alternate-reality wedding. ;)

  • FancyPants

    And of course, my favorite is Drugs….

    But also Lemon/Milk! Oh man, they’re ALL so GOOD- I can’t choose!
    The only DIY projects I’m looking forward to (and planning to follow through on) are 1) foil napkins, 2) signs for the bar and 3) maybe witty bathroom signs…not a priority. These fonts would be great for these me thinks.

    • kate

      yes! bar signs. i’m totally excited to make those too.
      and i’m so into these fonts, i want to start NOW (even though we don’t have any of the bar details decided yet…)

      • FancyPants

        Bar signs sound like almost everyone will need and use them, so the visual impact is high. I’m not diving into effecting the whole room’s ambiance with decor, but imaginative, happy little sign that took me little time and $$ and EVERYONE will read?

        It almost sounds too good to be true…

    • Anon

      no apologizing for drug jokes

  • Kayjayoh

    woops. wrong thread

  • Stacy {Woodsy Weddings}

    I love the Art Deco era, there is so much inspiration in it. The DK Kaikoura is my favorite of these, I adore that ‘o’!

  • Whitney Kippes

    Please repeat immediately w/ camp-wedding themed fonts. #pleaseandthankyou from my half-successful efforts to assemble a wedding invite on my own :)

  • nikolila

    Yes! I used Raconteur in my wedding stationery (which my brother incorporated into his hand-drawn invites he did for me and it was awesome). I also used a couple not listed here but are also free and Art Deco: Champagne and Limousines and Nite Club. The mixing! The matching! Oh my.

  • These are so great! Thank you! I love posts like these.

  • oooh Perfect – I really like Riesling one – elegant yet modern at the same time

  • vinprom

    Nice font. If you want, submit this fonts in http://fontsdir.com
    This is cool fonts directory, over 91 000 fonts for download.
    Best Regards.