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Finally, Online Suit and Tux Rentals That Are as Hot as Your Partner

Plus a chance to win a free New Year's Eve Elopement in NYC (with a paid honeymoon too!)


One of the stereotypes I hate most about weddings is that men don’t care about them. First of all, it’s sexist. Also, I am pretty sure every APW staff member can put that myth to rest. But you know who hasn’t gotten the memo that guys actually kind of care about their nuptials? The wedding industry. Which is why, until recently, the standard fare for menswear, particularly in the rental space, was an ill-fitting boxy suit that suggested your partner’s attire was nothing more than an afterthought. But the folks at Generation Tux are out to change that with a new online tux rental store that acts like Rent the Runway and looks like Don Draper.

These Suits Were Made for Walking

Before we get into how Generation Tux works (because it’s actually set up specifically to make group ordering for wedding parties easy), let’s talk about these tuxes. Because they are not your uncle’s rental suits. The Generation Tux line includes everything from formal tuxes:


To more modern suiting:gX4iHBM5rwYA33YG8DJ9eqFW8B0j

And my new favorite jacket in the history of time:

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Renting a suit or tux from Generation Tux’s suits and tuxedos is just $95 (with a complete look including shirt, shoes, vest, and tie coming in at $150), and most of their styles are available in sizes ranging from 3T (for your very discerning ring bearer) up to a 66XL. And while each suit is tailored according to the measurements you give them, Generation Tux pants are designed with hidden flex-fit waistbands (and shirts have flex-fit necks) just in case you need a little extra room come wedding day. Why don’t wedding dresses work like that? Seriously.


I Be On My Suit and Tie

But aside from their hot modern aesthetic, what really makes Generation Tux different from other suit rental stores is that they are all about helping keep your event organized and your rental process streamlined. Oh and never having to go inside a store. Because while Michael cares about how he looks, he’ll wear a paper bag if it means not having to deal with retail. Here’s how it works:

1. ORGANIZE YOUR EVENT. It takes less than a minute to set up your event. Events can be created for individuals or for groups (like wedding parties), making it easy to keep all your people organized—even that one procrastinating friend.


2. create your look. Generation Tux has an amazing virtual studio that lets you mix and match any of their styles in real time on a mannequin, or if you don’t know what you want yet, just choose from one of their seventy pre-styled looks. The look below is my own creation. Any takers?

generation tux

3. Get Measured. Generation Tux is all about fit. So even though you’re renting online, you’re still getting a suit that’s tailored to your measurements. And to make that process easier, Generation Tux has a whole resource page dedicated to making sure you get accurate measurements. They even have style concierges available to walk you through the process and on-call tailoring in case adjustments need to be made before the wedding. Heck, they’ll send you measuring tape if you need it!


4. Receive and Return. You’ll get your Generation Tux outfit a full seven days prior to your event, meaning there’s plenty of time for adjustments if something isn’t working. Then they give you three days after your wedding to send it back, so there’s no rushing around trying to find a mailbox before your morning-after brunch. Generation Tux even offers free shipping both ways, just because.


Fit to Be Tied (Together)

While Generation Tux is new to the market, they actually come from a long history of menswear expertise. The Generation Tux founder is none other than George Zimmer (yup, the guy from the Men’s Wearhouse commercials). And to celebrate the launch of his new business, Generation Tux is giving one lucky couple a free trip to New York City, where they’ll be married in Times Square by George Zimmer himself, just before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve (and then whisked away to a killer honeymoon). All you have to do is head here before November 1st and submit a sixty-second video explaining why you deserve to be wed at midnight during the world’s most iconic New Year’s celebration.


So if you’ve been feeling frustrated at the lack of affordable, stylish, easy suit rental options out in the world right now, then Generation Tux might be the fix you’ve been looking for. If not for the streamlined ordering process and customer service that treats you like a real human, then for the velvet suit jacket. Obviously.

One lucky couple will win a free trip to NYC to get married by George Zimmer in Times Square just before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Click HERE to find out how to enter.

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