Can We All Agree Meg’s Husband Looks đź’Ż In This Suit?

A suit skeptic tries out online tux rentals

I know that when it comes to weddings, most of us are risk averse. Sticking with the thing you know feels like way less of a gamble than trying out something new (even if it might be better.) Which is why, even though I’ve been championing the online suit and tux rental company Generation Tux for years, I also know I’ve been facing an uphill climb trying to convince the people in my life to give them a try. (Except for Michael, who lives for anything to be delivered to our front door.) So to take out some of that risk for you, this month we asked Generation Tux if they’d be willing to put themselves to the test with our pickiest suit wearer: Meg’s husband, David.

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A person models a Generation Tux tuxedo

David Test-Drives Generation Tux

Unlike my own husband, who lives in cargo shorts and Hanes tagless tees, David wears a suit to work on the regular and has six suits in his closet (a number, he notes, that does not in any way encompass his sport coat and slacks collection). He’s the grandson of a tailor. He is a suit connoisseur. So, we asked him to try out Generation Tux as if he were an actual customer and compare it to the experience of renting suits and tuxes the old-fashioned way. This is what it was like for him:

The first time I ever wore a tuxedo was to prom. It was a hand-me-down. From my rabbi. And I made sure to rent the classic shiny vest to color match my date.

The last (and only) time I rented a tuxedo was for my best friend’s wedding fifteen years ago. I was living in New York at the time, and I think I sent my measurements to Gary’s Tux at the mall in San Bernardino. When I arrived for pickup, what I got was a slightly ill-fitting suit with interior pulls in the waist to cinch it in. I’m sure the thing had been worn at least fifty times before it got to me. If we had been really adventurous, we could have put it under a blacklight to see how it had really been treated… but did I even want to know?

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Close up of a models midsection wearing a Generation Tux suit

So, when Meg asked if I’d be willing to try out an experiment with Generation Tux, I walked into the experience with a little bit of trepidation. Having never rented a tux in the internet era, I can’t tell you what makes each online suit or tux rental different, but the Generation Tux site did put me slightly at ease. There were lots of choices, lots of customization, and snazzy pictures of men much more square-jawed than me (there’s a terrible and fascinating New York Magazine article about male plastic surgery right now, but I digress). So I figured at least I was going to look good.

But I was pleased to find that the ordering process was also very smooth. I appreciate that Generation Tux (understandably) is playing to the least common denominator—put in your height, weight, “body type,” and shoe size, and some handy proprietary algorithm tells me it has me covered. Which, for your average groomsman, is probably the safer bet than worrying if they know which part of their body to measure for their jacket.

When I got the tuxes, I have to say I was happy with the quality. Pulling on the pants, they were snug and giving in the right places. The tux jacket fit great. However, the shirt… not so much. When I looked at the neck size, I knew that Hal—I mean, the algorithm—had not peered closely enough into my soul to know that I don’t hit the weights at Venice Beach and therefore would need a slightly more snug-fitting shirt. (As an aside, a future version of Generation Tux might be wise to let men like me, who know their chest, neck, and arm sizes, enter exact measurements themselves. Although, really, how many of us are left?)

a man sits in midcentury velvet chair wearing a mystic blue wedding tuxedo from generation tux

But it was in this mistake that Generation Tux actually impressed me most. While I considered pulling out one of my many dress shirts to just make it work, I realized that I had finally gotten rid of the French cuff shirts I had been hanging onto but too embarrassed to wear on the regular. So, I hopped onto the computer and messaged Generation Tux. Without hesitating, they promised to send me a new shirt, now in the right size, which came only a few days later. You can actually see my conversation right here:

Screen shot of Generation Tux website A screenshot of Generation Tux website

My event was fictional, but in the real world, Generation Tux would have let me try on my tux twice before ordering, and made sure it arrived two weeks before my wedding, so I would have been okay waiting a few days for my shirt to arrive. But as a word to the wise, make sure to try on your rental right away, so you can ask for adjustments within their fit guarantee guidelines.

Once I had received my new shirt, I was impressed with the final product. With the final touch of shiny patent leather tux shoes (again, not something I would buy for everyday occasions, although I do believe I once owned a pair) and a pair of free socks (not a thing you want to get a used version of), I did feel snazzy enough for that mythical formal event I’m never invited to. Is there some formal blog awards ceremony in LA or NYC that I can walk the red carpet as arm candy/purse-holder? Do they do that on the internet?

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Generation Tux for Your Non-fictional event

One of the bigger misconceptions about Generation Tux is that they are just an online suit-and-tux rental place. Or like pizza delivery, but for suits. But they actually function much more as a customer-service business whose product happens to be suits, and there’s a lot built into their platform that is specifically geared toward making your wedding easier. For example, had David been renting his tux for… not a fictional event (aka a real wedding), he also would have been able to take advantage of:

  • Two free 48-hour at-home try-ons before committing to a look
  • Access to Generation Tux’s personal stylist (whose sole job is to help you pick out a suit or tux that’s best for you)
  • A suit that gets delivered two whole weeks before your wedding with ample time for adjustments if something isn’t perfect, plus a fit guarantee
  • The ability to coordinate your entire wedding party from one easy platform. No slacker left behind.

Feeling Good as Hell

The best part is that when David was done cosplaying as the Most Interesting Man in the World, we simply packed up the box everything came in, slapped on the pre-addressed label, and sent it back (which you get three whole days to do—no rushing to the post office the day after your wedding). Easy. Done. And as you can see from the photos, David looked snazzy AF in his tux. Which is, of course, the most important thing.

a man smiles while walking in front of a white industrial wall wearing a mystic blue wedding tuxedo from generation tux

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So, if you’ve got suit and tux rentals on your wedding planning to-do list, and were thinking of going back to the same old spot in town where everyone’s been ordering suits and tuxes for thirty years, I pose the same question I pose to anyone I know getting married: why? With Generation Tux, you get a high-quality suit or tux delivered to your door, risk free, with a 48-hour try-on, plus a guarantee to fix any fit issues that arise when the final suit or tux is delivered. And you never even have to leave your house.

And as David clearly demonstrates, you can rest assured that you won’t look like you borrowed your suit from your rabbi. The shiny vest, however, is all on you.

This post was sponsored by Generation Tux. Founded by George Zimmer (yup, the guy from the commercials), Generation Tux is a fresh approach to wedding suits for men, and they are totally hitting the mark in both the style and convenience categories. Generation Tux’s suits and tuxedos are modern classics, and the prices are affordable (starting at $69 for a suit or tux rental and around $199 for the whole outfit, including shirt, shoes, and accessories). Plus, Generation Tux will coordinate your wedding party so you don’t have to. Click here to see their full line of suit and tuxedo rentals, and schedule your at-home try-on today.

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